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  1. Masha’Allah this is a brilliant article! Keep them coming insha’Allah, looking forwards to the next one (insha’Allah) already!

  2. Mashaallah its a great way to start my preparation to ramadhan. Make most of this time to make my salah stronger and better. Jazakhaallah for a great article. :)

  3. Masha Allah this was a very beneficial article and truly an inspiring reminder. I especially like how you incorporated the psychology of the brain into the various elements of Islamic prayer. Baarak Allahu feeki sister, and thank you.

    • JazakAllah khair sr Dena. It is always interesting to know what goes on behind the scenes! SubhanAllah, there is always great wisdom in Allah’s commandments, :)

  4. Al amdulillah

    When I was reading before miserable mind because some personal problem I have just hear but after I read the true message about post one above, Now I am happy for the reason I believe allah he will give all the things because he knew every things.

    Thanks For Sharing to the Society.

  5. Definitely! Ramadan is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to prepare for it. A great place to start is by perfecting our prayers, In shaa Allah.

    I hope that this article can especially benefit us all, during, and in preparation of Ramadan.

  6. Jazakallah, it is #excellent… Masha Allah. Allah’s bless you taught me the best way to heal ourself in this busy world, that’s awesome, I just realised now. Alhamdulillah.. Pray for me, and I.t is the best way to heal… Jazakallah once again..:)

  7. Thinking about the angel of death behind me and my feet on the pulsiraat. Jannah to my right and jahannum to my left and the ka’baa in front of me. Then praying the prayer as my last helps a lot

  8. Masha has helped me a lot. May Allah bless all of us and we go in the right path to reach Jannah. Allahumma inni audhu bikka minal hammi wal huzni.Hasbi Allahu La ilaha illa hua alaihi tawakalthu wahuwa Rabbul arshil Alleem..

  9. Assalamou Aleikoum, my prayer secret is the qiyamul lail, in the last third of the night. Du’aas after this prayer are answered quickly, subhanAllah. I made this prayer to my “extra” deed, to gather not only good deeds, but also to feel Allah’s near. The prayer of the night has something very subtle, direct, plain, and silent. I feel there is only me and Allah swt. Try it out.

    • JazakAllah for the tip Noranne, it is true there is really something amazing about the blessings of the night!

  10. Another great article,May Allah bless you.
    The reminder for Ramadan is superb.
    I benefited greatly from the concise videos on Ramadan last year.
    I hope you repeat the series again for the others to benefit.
    By best wishes for your future endeavors.

  11. Assalamualaikum I really feel blessed to have read this article because even though we pray regularly we somehow lose sight of the immense blessing in this “duty” that we perform and so need constant reminders to be able to appreciate and be grateful to Allah that He allowed us to connect to him by these actions and words… sunhanAllah.
    About three years ago my son went missing in a terrorist attack on a Masjid in which he had gone to pray the friday prayer… it was the most painful yet the most profound experience of my life in which my only help and hope was to pray… and Alhamdulillah He guided me to pray and gave me solace and peace through it… I wrote an article on it on my blog… you can read my story on the following link… I hope and pray that many others can benefit from it… ameen:

  12. Thank you for this article. It is very well written and a wonderful guidance to make our connection with our Lord Almighty through our daily fardh and optional prayers stronger and meaningful. May Allah SWT bless you and guide us all towards the right path.

  13. Assalamu jzk Allah khair sister for this wonderful article. I’ve beentrying these days to have Khushu in my prayer, its been long since I’ve had khushu and I wasn’t pleasant how the prayer became just a habit without spiritual feeling. Your article encouraged to put more effort in having Khushu in my prayers. Jzk

  14. JazakAllah khayr sister .. May Allah bless you … <3 found it very beneficial & iman refreshing alhamdollilah :)

  15. Syukran. This is remarkably inspiring in helping me to be a better Muslim and working on helping other Muslims.

  16. JAZAKALLAH KHAIRAN. The article has boost up my IMAAN. INSHA ALLAH I will make the best to apply it to my daily life n share it to others.

  17. may Allah swta Reward you in both world. During my course in Holistic Hijama. I have spend more time in sajda. What a impact it had on my mind, body and soul. I learn to enjoy my prayer. Alhamdolillah

  18. well done sister ….. sound advice …….. i think it is quite hard for sisters in this day & age with all sorts of rubbish going on around them, i say sisters because i have found it is mainly the sisters who get put into difficult situation when the matter of marriage arises, be it a sister as a mother, who has to fend off an uneducated or stubborn husband, or a sister who just has to additionally fight for the rights that Islam has given her in terms of saying “no” to a marriage that is being pushed onto her , it is precisely at times like these that the brothers who fear Allah swt should give the support that these sisters need by just simply telling them to stand up for their rights against family members or who ever that try to push this across ………. in this process , you can not begin or end without emphasizing the importance of Dua & Salah …….. upon the application of your article into the said Salah & Dua, inshAllah Allah swt shall bring ease & Justice to our sisters & in some rare cases, brothers

    • It is true, and that is the beauty of our religion. Allah has given us the greatest tool for such situations – Prayer.
      We can seek guidance in such difficult times through dua and through prayers such as Istikhara. We can seek support from the greatest source, Allah swt.

  19. As Salamualeikum wa rahmatULLAHi wa barakatuhu! Thank you very much for your constant updates, though I don’t leave many comments, but I’m thankful to you. Jazzakum ALLAHu khairan. Abu Productive initiative is a very useful one which we, current Muslims, need Soooo Much! Thank you for relevant articles that affect our day to day life, hopefully in the future we can get the same information in other common languages, for example Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Malay,Tagalog, Chinese etc. So we can share it with our international friends. Hopefully we can witness our Ummah to be united and helping each other in “Enjoining Good and Preventing Evil”. May ALLAH Bless you and reward you enourmously in both worlds for your sincere intentions and deeds. Ameen

    Sister Ayisha Erkaiym from Kyrgyzstan

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Sr. Ayisha,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. JazakiAllah khair. :)

      We’re excited to have a a reader from Kyrgzystan!

      We do have an Arabic and French translation ( of our website. They’re managed by different teams. The Arabic website has been down for some time due to technical challenges; however, here’s their Facebook page:

      In addition to the above, there are also other volunteering teams out there independently running their own translation projects of – in Bosnian, Russian, Malay, Spanish, and Danish to name a few. If you’d like the links to any of their websites, please let me know.

      Also, if you or anyone you know may be interested in starting your own translation project of our website into another language (not already being translated to), please contact us on


  20. As Salaamu Alaykum Sister,
    This was an amazing post! Ma Shaa Alaah, Is there a way to contact you?

  21. Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

    Jazakillahu Khair for the article.

    Adding to what has been said, I felt a great change in my Salah experience after I read little by a little (and applied what I read) a file I found online which contained translated episodes of a program by Sheikh Mishary al Kharraz. I would recommend people to read it and benefit through it in sha Allah.

  22. AAlhamdullilah and this is a great article, it infact helps me more to understand the power of prayer. May Allah Subbuanna-watahalla grant u more wisdom & knowledge. Barakkalahufih.

  23. Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’Ala bless you for a very good article ,I mean Allah really blessed you to present so many important facts of salat and it’s profound importance for us who are trying to fulfill our shadahs and sincerely trying to live our lives completely to attain to Allah’s love and pleasure and preparing sincerely for the Day of Judgement which I pray will be good day for all of us,InshaAllah. And what was also very very important and helpful was the evidence that you provided from Holy Quran and our beloved Nabi Salallahu alayhiwassalam lJazakullah again,and may you achieve success in your productive endeavors,My Salaams,Muhammad Khalil

  24. Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
    very nice article,i have a request,can you write or give me some advice about concentration??
    it will be helpful.

  25. Mashallah! So enlightening, this is exactly what I needed to get motivated. Knowledge is power! SubhanAllah! Thank you for this article.

  26. Masha Allah, this is very nice article. May help us and guides us on the right path.

  27. subhan allah..its really a beneficial article..hope we will have more in future.jazakumullahu khyra

  28. JazakAllah for this beautiful is doing such a great job.May Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala grant you peace happiness and everything you want in this life and grant you and your family and all Muslims Jannah in the Hereafter Aameen