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  1. Salaam; i have signed up for productive mind thinking with 6 phases course and i haven’t received any sign up or worksheets, downloads etc for me to get to the next stage. I received an email that said i will receive it within 15 mins of purchasing the course. I have received an email of receipt of confirmation.

    • Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu Sister Farnaz,

      I’m sorry for the problem you are having with the course you are referring to. I am not familiar with this course and do not know anything about it.

      Your Sister in Islam,
      Grandma Jeddah

  2. Plus no email address for me to query regards mind thinking with 6 phases course or no phone number to enquire.

  3. Assalamu alaykum,
    Mashallah great article. It seems as though this article is talking to me. Subhanallah it is very difficult but I should try to control my anger when my kids do something naughty. My first reaction is to shout at them. Then after a while I ponder and regret I behaved that way. Inshallah khair. Thank you for a wonderful article. May Allah reward you all.


  4. Alhamdulilah, I don’t always get a chance to read these e-mails, but from time to time, I check in, and skim through what topics are helpful to me. I’m also well aware that whatever topics I don’t read, must be helping someone else, somewhere else in the world, so Masha’Allah, keep them coming! May Allah collect us in the Best of His Jannah.

  5. Salaam alaikum, I need advice on how to talk to our parents and bond with them. My dad and step mom never show love and affection and we barely feel connected. I find it hard to approach them and talk to them. There is always this type of tension in our home. I don’t know how to improve our relationship when they push us away, not openly but by their body language and how they speak to us. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but I don’t feel they give me the opportunity to fix and improve our relationship. Please provide an advice on what can I do to improve this situation.

    • Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu,

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your parents not showing affection. Of course I can’t possibly know what the problem could be from simply reading your letter and not speaking to your parents, but I will present a few ideas for you to ponder, insha’Allah. And Allah is the All Knower.

      There could be numerous reasons why your parents don’t show affection.This may sound strange, but It could be that they truly don’t know how or haven’t learned how to show appropriate affection toward their children. As a rule, parents tend to parent in similar ways they were parented. This is the case unless they encounter information to do otherwise or are taught and encouraged to parent in a different way. And even then it can take time for them to begin practicing the new parenting behavior, as it is uncomfortable and foreign to them.

      Other reasons could be that they are depressed and experiencing some difficulties that you may be unaware of. Severely depressed parents often lack the emotional energy to give appropriate affection. You mentioned that you have a stepmother. If your father has had a divorce or has been widowed recently, he could still be morning either loss.

      Another reason could be that your parents have the belief that you are older now and not in need of their time and affection.

      The best way to handle this initially would be to tell your father that you would like to talk to him. when he is available to talk, in a mature, non-judgmental and calm manner, express what you have mentioned in this letter. In fact, you could even write him a letter explaining how you and your siblings feel. Let him know exactly what type of behavior you are missing from him–conversations, listening, time together, outings, hugs, smiles, etc. Explain to him that your failure to receive this type of affection causes you to feel that he doesn’t love you. This would be a good start, insha’Allah.

      And also remember to always make dua to Allah asking Him to help your parents to change their behavior toward you and your siblings and to guide them to show more affection. Never give up asking Allah for His favors.

      May Allah reward you and your siblings for your patience with your parents. May He bless you to grow closer to Him as a result of your difficulty. May He bless you, your siblings, and your parents to have a warm and loving relationship. May He bless you all with the good of this world and the hereafter and protect you from the hellfire.

      Your Sister in Islam,
      Grandma Jeddah

  6. Very good tips MashaaAllah .
    May الله سبحانه وتعالي give us ability to understand our kid’s problems and to raise them according to the teaching of Islam.

  7. Assalamualaikum
    Jazakallah khair for the article unknowingly i follow all the tips mentioned by you and my 4 years old son and 2 year old daughter good both at islamic and worldly education both i handle along with school but i feel the rudeness is increasing in them please suggest they both are good they dont lie, recite surahs, duas accordingly but rudeness is bothering me