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  1. the student took a simple areptty much atheistic way of tackling the big issue of a stress. 1stly there are absolutely different types of stresses and they should be tackled in a different way. 2ndly Quran and sunna of the prophet SAW gives good answer to stress situations.
    Just adding at the very bottom “and read the dusty quran” which means the author gives it in every sense a little meaning is unfair.

    • Agree … No1 and No2 are great advice BUT No4 is totally wrong,and part of No5 – we DON’T need alpha or so to feel relaxed, there is Qur’an (that ISN’T dusty at all), and there is salah, and there is dua … and all other things that re-connect us with The One

  2. “We live only once “?? Need to fix this sentence .. Author has it all wrong .. All seem like tips for mostly non-Muslims

  3. it is unfortunate that (a) such articles get through and (b) that muslims are so hungry for any info that they try to digest whatever has been pit before them. This article is simply a copy paste and a very light look into the very complex issue of the stress. Further, it should have been checked for compliance with basic religious principles. And finally, we all need to enhance our knowledge by obtaining knowledge from right sources and by applying what we have learned.

  4. Masha’Allah, a very enlightening article. Would like to add that stress at times results from (as the writer mentioned) an incorrect perception of priorities. As Muslims, we need to remember at all times that our aim is to attain the pleasure of Allah (swt) and Jannah – so essentially, if we have been (or about to get into) a situation over which we are stressing too much, to the point that it is affecting our productivity, we need to sit down, remind ourself about our ultimate goal and renew our intention to focus only on what helps us achieve that goal. Praying supererogatory prayers and supplicating to Allah is a HUGE stress-buster! Sitting down for a while after obligatory prayers and taking deep breaths helps also. Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

  5. Assalamu alaikum all

    Sorry for the delayed reply, and thank you for all your kind words! :)

    I only write things I have actually APPLIED in my own life that’s proven to work. No first-hand experience, no writing stuff like this. ;)

    I’m a college student doing my thesis, having part time work, and (newbie) entrepreneur dealing with day-to-day stress from juggling all those roles. I do these 5 things regularly they all become my habits, so I just share it to you. Nonetheless, God knows it’s not perfect at all, and I’m not an expert hence my experience is very limited.

    For this, I thank you for your support and your feedback! Every criticism and every thank you are precious. :)

  6. Oopsie! I’ve left something! To (brother/ sister) Emran : I usually downloaded all my binaural beats here : http(dot)free-binaural-beats(dot)com. They might be not so pleasant, like listening to UFO engine or sort lol! But they’re music free.

    Youtube has many Binaural beats audio covered with random white noises to make it less irritating. Depends on what is your definition of music, these random white noises don’t sound like music for me. But I don’t know for other people. Or you can type keyword phrases in Google like “free binaural beats audio download”.
    Jazakallah khair everyone for your comments, criticism, and feedback :)

  7. asslmkm guys u all r really doing a good job.i really appreciate this. and pray to ALLAH swt that every muslim shud be like this .ur techniques of productivity is really awesome .this was abt stress was a very good one and abt listeng to some stuff i wud really go to verses of quran .this is my way . thanks

  8. Dhikr or listening to the Quran with understanding, to me gives more relaxation to your mind and soul…sister as for the Hadith you quoted “Whoever among you wakes up physically healthy, feeling safe and secure within himself, with food for the day, it is as if he acquired the whole world.” [Ibn Majah] could you give more reference like hadith number etc …than just saying ibn majah…on a whole the advice was fantastic…

  9. Awesome article ! Guys everybody knows that prayer and listening to quran is relaxing but the purpose of this article is to learn something new such as listening to alpha beats and the deep breathing technique ^_^ jazakiallah khair sister :)

  10. A Novice writing the subject of Mufti Psychiatrist ?

    With Her first name Fatima which is Islamic and Second name on contrary ?

    We suspect the notion of the author. Islamic ideology and its sources are Strong enough to withstand any kind of threats.

    • @Kadayanallurnews – We appreciate your views. However, we’d encourage expressing them with respect and not judging a person by their name. The author intended to share her opinion/what works for her on the topic and in no way intended to present it as an expert’s work.

    • Your judgment is unfair. I come from a mixed Christian and Muslim family.
      I’m a muslim convert myself and I don’t choose my birth name. My writings are based on my imperfect experiences and I’m not a psychologist, never claim to be one. Take it or leave it.


  11. Masha Allah sister Fatima. May Allah reward you. Good job. I wonder if there can be done some research on these binaural beats and qur’an recitation. I feel like there might be some correlation.