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  1. So true and so powerful. Only when we bring excellence into all our intentions, actions, and deed will be prosper. Really liked a lot of the points, intention, love, and above all practice. Very concise and all inclusive.

  2. MashaaAllah, great and beneficial.
    As an extra point: QUALITY SUPPLICATION (DUA) as another tip to create TQM.
    This may fall under QUALITY PRAYER but as Dua is the Most Powerful Weapon Of A Believer, I give it a special place in my understandings af TQM.

    Jezakhelah kulu kheir for the great job and efforts.

  3. excellent notes..briefs.. dedicated and spent time for the explanations.. Keep going…
    The only the thing is the author should be a productive and practicle for the same. not for the fame. In my observation thru the muslim brothers and sisters .( in Masjid row for salah and wholy Ramdan Month.. rest days .. 5 time pray.. where ever – uae, uk.. usa.. educatated uneducated.. Allah Saying iN Quran – — At-Takathur.— Rivalry in worldly increase distracteth you( 1) Until ye come to the graves.(2) Nay,but ye will come to know!(3)–it’s Really true—. I found very few may follow the true Islam basics.. Others all in the gimmic world.. for exposure of the knowledge. following the passion!!.. It’s not critic it’s true analysis from Uae – GReat Allah’s Humble Servant…._ Allah Bless All of Us– here and hereafter..

  4. Jazak Allah khairan kaseeran…..
    Its a very Beautiful And Helpful Article
    May Allah Bless sister Zainab Khan for this Beautiful Article…

  5. Masha Allah. Jazakallah Khairan sister.
    One of the main things for TQM is Time Management. Now a days the muslim youth not at all interested in managing the time.
    Better to add Thahajjud and other nafl prayers in the prayer section
    Love and help not only to fellow muslims, non muslim brothers and sisters also to fulfill our Da`awah intention

    Best Regards,

  6. MashAllah.

    A really great article.

    I think that we should not just read it once and forget about it, because there are too much advice here and we cannot start to implement all of them right now.

    May Allah swt give us quality and sincerity in our actions.

  7. Alhamdulillah, I’ve finally found a guide for me to be an awesome and productive Muslim. I am a 22 years old from Malaysia, and I found this article is pretty amazing. Thank you very much. May Allah guide us all. Assalamualaikum wbt :)

  8. Jazaak Allah Khairakum for this beautiful and Iman boosting article. It really encourages for having a Islamic conduct and behaviour.