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  1. Assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu :) stimulating and informative article.
    Besides participating in deeni halqahs, learning and teaching and generally helping out, starting a “ladies only ” therapeutic health group that tackles nutrition and exercise infused with inspiration from the Qur’an and Sunnah would be an entertaining iman refresher and a way of giving da’wah.

  2. @ sister Afsana, an invalid sister is one suffering from disablement or chronic ill health; a sister who is a patient confined to her home due to the constant care she requires.

  3. Salaam, thank you for the article. Please don’t refer to people with disabilities as “invalid”. That term has double meanings, and has been historically used in a demeaning way towards people with disabilities. Can you please change this part of your article?

    • Jazakallah khayran for informing us. We have edited it accordingly to say “disabled or chronically ill sister”

  4. Jazaki Allah kheir sister for the tips. Just regarding point 5. ‘Photocopy dua books or pamphlets’- it’s important to point out that we could do so only to free books that have no restrictions on their republication- otherwise this would not be right.

    JazakiAllah kheir