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  1. Jazak Allah Khair.
    A well written and most needed article.
    I am a new mom and my 3 month old son is in the routine setting and entering learning phase. I want to use his keen observation in the best way. These tips are quite healthy and can help me to come up with good routine.

  2. MashaAllah Sister, I really enjoyed your previous articles on Productive Muslim during Ramadan and as a mother of 2, including a 2 year old baby, I totally agree with this article and love the ideas cited too. I also love your writing style!

    I run a parenting page on Facebook at – and I invite all Productive Muslim fans and readers to come join me and my fans in our parenting journey. Although this is a general group not restricted to Muslims, we have a lot of Muslim women (and some men!) who admit enjoying our posts (which are motivational, thought-provoking, informative, fun and enjoyable) and also benefitting from them. So please pass by and if you find this page infotaining, don’t hesitate to join us and interact with us!

    Jazak Allahu Khairan and Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

  3. jazaka allah khair ooooohhhhh allah swt !!! i stay in my pyassss all day long i need to change that! really! soooooo usefull post allah give you khair in all times!

  4. JazakeAllah kheir sister! I am a new mom and went back to work after maternity leave and now after a month I gave my 2 weeks to stay at home with my 4 month old but I am terrified of becoming lazy and unproductive because I’ve never not worked. Your article really helped me gain some great tips. Do you have any suggestions for breastfeeding mothers schedules during Ramadan? I’m just concerned that I won’t be able to keep my milk supply up if I’m fasting.

    • Miranda, I am by no means an authority on this topic but my understanding is you are not required to fast if you believe it will be harmful of the baby, and you may just make it up later just as if you would if you were ill and unable to fast. I have come across this in lectures from prominent iman’s, Islamic q and a’s etc. but please do your own research, as there are differences of opinion. I’m also a new mom and have trouble producing enough milk despite frequent nursing and pumping. I do notice that if I do not eat and drink properly my supply goes down even more, and given the many benefits of breast milk for babies I am probably not going to fast this Ramadan. And Allah knows best. If you do not have a problem with supply and do decide to fast or at least try and see how it goes, I would suggest double pumping frequently throughout the day with a good quality electric pump, and hydrating and nourishing yourself as much as possible from sunset to sunrise when you’re not fasting, as well as eating foods or herbs that promote milk production. There are lots of websites dedicated to this type of info.

  5. Asalam Alaikum sister can you share the details of the sister who transcribed Urdu lectures? We’re the lectures by Dr Farhat? Or Dr Israr? I love Urdu but have to struggle ALOT but the world needs access to some amazing Urdu scholars. Please please share who the sister is or access to her work.

    What a nice article. Jazak Allahu khairan. Keep going sis.

  6. Jazakallahu was indeed Allah’s mercy that He guided me to this page.. Alhamdulillah..I was just wondering how I could keep up with my Deen while struggling to keep the things in place being a new mother.. Alhamdulillah..the tips mentioned are very practical..may Allah reward u immensely.surely going to share with shaa Allah

  7. Assalamualaikum,

    I want asl, if i want publish one of the articles from this website do i need to do anything?

    Im designing a planner for mother and i want share few article from thid website. Therefore what should i do?

    Pleadr enlighten me kn this issue.


  8. The best advice I have is to sleep when the baby sleeps, which can be a struggle because there are always a million things to do. But if we don’t sleep enough, we are not going to be productive at all. But, if you are awake for a feeding close to fajr, use the half hour for quran and dua and extra prayers. Pray fajr on time and then go back to sleep. If you don’t wait for it, you might miss it completely.

    And please don’t be ashamed to ask for help with the baby. Sometimes, we need to get away from the baby so we don’t feel helpless and overwhelmed. It’s OK to leave the baby with their Dad once or twice a week for an hour or two to go grocery shopping alone or to attend a woman’s class. It will help you keep your wits, and rejuvenate you to be a more productive mother overall.