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  1. I personally tend to have a lot of ideas of good things to do, projects, etc but for some reason (ie hesitation, doubt in myself and whether it will actually succeed, and possibly a million other things!) they stay in my brain and never come into fruition! Meanwhile time and opportunities pass. So thank you for this timely reminder, and jolt.

    “Do not construct your morality upon momentariness. Do not let your hesitation be a hindrance to your doing a good deed.”

    Will definitely remember this. Du’a that I become a VERY productive and efficient Muslim.

  2. Jazak Allahu khayran for the article. Just a a clarification, was it not the Prophet Muhammad saw who said “Indeed Islam started out as strange….” And not Abdullah Ibn Masood (point 6 under the title ‘moving forward’..’

  3. Jazakumullah khairan kaseera for this very well written post. I especially appreciate the direct and conversational tone of the article. Very comprehensive. Thumbs up.

    Now if only I could find the Productive Muslim presentation on the importance of Surah Kahf which is what I was originally searching for…

  4. Jazakumullahu khoiron for everyone who contribute in this post :) This reminder is really what I need right now. I strongly agree that we need to study about eschatology, or at least know some things about it. That knowledge has very important role for me not to get overwhelmed with the beauty of this dunya, especially in this last age. May Allah blesses us all :)