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    • Mashallah I read this article to and I’m going through a difficult time .I did choose to walk away but some how something is bulling me back . Subhanallah .

      • Allahu-akbar, please bless the Prophet sm.

        Ya Allah help all the muslims over the world.
        Ya Allah help me being a stronger muslim.
        Ya Allah help me overcome all my problems, financial, physical, social- all kind of problems.

        Ya Allah due to immigration problems I am in a different country far from my wife. Ya Allah make things easy for us to be together sooner and being both of us more stronger practicing muslims.

        Ya Allah have mercy on me and my family my ammu, abbu brother and all the muslim brothers and sisters.

        Ameeen Ameen Ameen.

        • I am going through the exact same thing. My husband was rejected his visa and we are now appealing. Oh Allah please give me the strength to get through this faze in my life. Ameen. Please keep me in your precious duas.

          • also in the same situation here.Im so depressed today as my visa got rejected and currently appealing..i read this article n it has made me more stronger..May Allah help me n my family to get the visa and reunite with my father very sooonn..InshaAllah.Ameen.

        • Salam Alai kum Everyone,

          I have been very depressed in quite some time. My husband didn’t have a green card until after 15 yeras i got it for him.he’s been married twice before he go married to me. I gave him green card, children and helped him pay half the bills all his life.Now, i’ve been getting anxierty hes going back and he has mentioned to one of his friend hewill screw around. he does drink and smoke weed too, what should i do? :(

          • Walyikumasalaam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh.
            Sister, I can understand your situation. But don’t give up. During trials, you should pray 5 times salaah, and Istekhara salaah, for every single desicion you take. Your husband is all into Haram stuff, besides we are no one to judge him, so your first priority is to let him change. Make dua, in case he go away from your life, it means Allah swt has planned something or someone better for you. Keep faith in Allah swt, keep praying and keep making dua.

        • I am also going through same problem.. my husbands visa application been refused 3 times now.. keeping myself strong Allah always has better plans for us.. May Allah help us with our visa application may Allah help our brothers and sister with our visa application Ameen please pray for me brothers and sisters jazakAllah

      • I am going through the hardest time of my life I feel dead sometime I wish I was dead I can’t deal with it anymore

        • Asalamu Alaikum, may Allah SWT make you strong and successful. Live life such a way that even life feels amazed at the strength of your faith in Allah. Best wishes. Allah Hafiz.

        • Don’t wish death upon yourself. You were given the precious gift of life. It is so short, but you can fill it with much. The things that will make you Alive again are those things closest to our Creator. Nature. It is free, but take time to be quiet and appreciate it. Soon you will understand that just as everything in nature is here for a purpose, so are you. You should love yourself, as you were created with loving hands, in the perfect form. Be kind to yourself as you are to others. You are not alone. We are all your brother’s and sisters and love you

          • Inn Shaa Allah, our creator, Ya Rabi will solve all our problems in this world and the here after,lets keep the faith more an more strong inn shaa Allah we will all one day say Alhamdolelie…prayers are the key to life

      • Ya Allah please help me with my results and I can not forget what I have been through please make Duaa I pass and get into the school.

      • Dear brothers and sisters, I am having problems since two years now, I lost so much money, my business is dead. I am in debts and police and court due to losses. Please pray for me to get out of this mess. Or what dua to do. I am prayful person , I am reading Quran, Ayat Al Kursi.

        • Dear Jamal
          May Allah SWT make it easy for you. Remember in the Quran Allah SWT states after hardship there is ease twice in one go. Keep firm and watch how things turn and you will loo back and reflect on ALLah’s mercy.

          With respect to Duas to read, the best book I ever found was Remedies from the Holy Quran by Hazrat Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. That book has really been a blessing for all kinds of things life throws at you

        • Dear brother I have read on the web sight you were facing problem did your problems go away I have problems of my own and are prying they go away.

        • May Allah bless your situation, pls read this dua.

          Recite the following du-a’a on Friday to have means for repayment of a debt


        • Don’t give up my dear brother. keep fighting and have faith in Allah. This world is designed to break hearts. we came to this world naked and we will go naked as well, only your good deeds we will help, but not your business, money or status. our aim is next life, not this temporary world. As long as you have Allah with you, no power can destroy you dear brother. May Allah ease you problems. Ameen!!!

    • allah is GREAT, i have been a really bad person till now, i didnt pray, and never remembered god till i faced a traffic situation, and i pray from god to make me strong and a great muslim. due to not praying and not remembering god, i went through hell, friends betrayed me, ppl lied stuff about me, going to depression, and anger gets me easily. please muslim brothers and sisters pray to god to help me in my bad situations and i will do as well.

      • Subahannah these are the only reasons why I come on muslim websites and read the comments. I went through similar situation and dealt with most of what you mentioned. May Allah swt give us ease and may we be the once who return back to Allah (swt) during hardships and not be the once who complain, ameen ya rab stay strong

    • assalamu alaikkum, ….iam running through most difficult time of my life till now i lost my baby at 34 weeks of my pregnancy through placental abruption. me,my hus,my family and mostly my elder son was eagerly waiting for her arrival.iam praying to allah all time to overcome this situation and plz everybody dua for me

      • Salaam sister, I am so sorry for all the suffering you’re enduring. May Allah swt grant you and your family sabr ad infinitum. You’re in my dua, insha’Allah.

      • Sister I am very sorry to hear this.But you should than Allah That u can conceive.I have been trying to conceive for the past five years now but all in vain.I am a orphan I have no body expect my husband.and I am in depts and going through a very confusing poverty.I am almost getting heart really scary.pls prey for me brothers and sisters.

      • May Allah swt grant saber to you and your family. If He takes something from us He will give something more better. InshaAllah He will bless you with a beautiful healthy daughter soon ameen

      • I am also a mother. My heart is crying for your loss. I hope it is okay to say this, I want to help heal your heart.. Not upset you more.. But Allah has plans for each of us. And although in times of such desperate pain and sadness, we cannot see reason or understanding, we must TRUST. Trust that you are not being punished. Trust that Allah is with you even though you feel that he cannot be or he wouldn’t let you suffer so…trust that it was not time for your beautiful baby to be on earth just yet, but you will be blessed again. Trust yourself, and your bodies ability to carry another child to full term. That is why we were made, to create and spread goodness. Please post again when your blessed gift arrives next. I will pray for you. Mother to mother, until I hear news. Xx

    • My muslim brothers and sisters. Please doa to RabbulAlamin for shifa of tmj disease. I hv 2 kids t to look after and my beloved husband is equally down for me. Pls pray for me and my family shifa. Insha Allah, your doa could grant me help for shifa. Ameen.

      • Inshallah u will pass but pls pls also make sure u are praying ur salah 5 times a day, u will see the miracle

    • Assalamoalaikum brothers and sister
      Plz make dua for my elder sister.she is facing a very difficult situation.I am not with my sister to help her but Allah is and always.make dua so that she face the problem with strength.May Allah bless us.Ameen Ameen Ameen

    • Subhañnallah / aslam alaakum ,/ myshallah,, thank you all for your post.I need I want to be a great Muslim I have failed, I am begging Allah to forgive me and to have mercy upon my soul…my Allah show me the way the vway to Islam,show.
      me to forgive myself,and to go forward with patience and wisdom to be kind, I ask Allah to be with my sisters and brothers ñ help them to mend. Be here in Arizona in the morning and always, for in morning after fajr, the people will riot n complain, right next to the mosque in phoenix Az Allah ßho2 them patience, to please protect my Muslim àiaters n brothers so they may also teach me dua and more of Quran, may Allah bless all, wàlakium sàlam

  1. Salam. The link to surah ar-ra’d is wrong. It links to surah yusof. I hope the writer do something, yeah? :D it should be [13:28] instead of [12:28] :)

    Jazakallahukhayran! :)

  2. Salaam,

    JazakAllahu Khair for a wonderful article. After sharing this post with family and friends, I got a query seeking specific reference for reciting Surah Yusuf during times of hardship. Barak Allahu Feek.

  3. Mashallah good article, concise and to the point. Everyone should put these points on paper and stick them on the fridge so they can be seen frequently as everyone goes through hardship at some time or another.

  4. Jazakallah khair !
    ProductiveMuslim has been a great source of motivation and inspiration for me. I have become Positively Stronger and more productive as a person.  Barak Allahu Feek.

  5. Salam
    Im having a hard time, i im 25+ unmarried and have not complete my Uni studies. My family is upset with me. Cause untill now Ive been good but the last 3 years it is like Satan has taken over controll over my mind. Nothing seem to go as i plan. And yes i know it is my own fault, and the Satan makes me think “you will not manage that” . Im so depressed and cry for every little thing. And i cannot control my crying anymore. I pray that Allah will forgive me and that He will show me the right way. I sure want to finish what i have started and get married insha Allah.
    I had to write my mind out.
    Thanks for a great page.

    • Walaykum Assalam sister, 

      First of all I would like to encourage you to not lose heart or faith in Allah’s mercy towards us. Being unmarried or not having a degree is no reason to be sad at all! The best of the woman whom Allah created, Maryam (may Allah be pleased with her) was unmarried! Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) never had children, Asiya (may Allah be pleased with her) was married to Pharaoh and many other examples! SubhanAllah, we don’t know what Allah is protecting us from. Sister, remember marriage is not everything and those who force you to think otherwise are not on the straight path. Remember what Allah (swt) said, “”Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds that last are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope.”
      [Surah Al-Kahf: 46]”

      Read lots of Quran, understand it and apply it then you’ll be so content you’ll forget all the worries in this world inshaAllah. You’ll come across several materialistic people in this dunya whose focus is only on these exterior requirements while completely rejecting what Allah (swt) has asked us to focus on. Ignore them and pray that Allah (swt) guides them. Remember that this dunya is only a test and our final result lies with Allah (swt). Remember: The Hereafter is far better for you than this first (life). [42:20] 

      Pleasing Him should be our priority over pleasing people or our own nafs. We won’t be asked about how many degrees we got, but we surely will be asked about how many salahs we prayed and how many salahs we missed and how was our relationship with Quran and how much was our commitment towards learning the deen of Allah and applying it in our life. 

      You’ll come across people who’ll do their best to bring you down, but your istikamah (steadfastness) towards Allah (swt) is exactly what’ll keep you up and above people like that inshaAllah. You have to be strong and keep relying on Allah (swt). For when Allah is your source of strength, people can not bring you harm as much of an atom’s weight: Or who is it that could be an army for you to aid you other than the Most Merciful? The disbelievers are not but in delusion. (67:20). So sister, what exactly do we have to be sad about :) 

      It’s ok to cry as long as it is to Allah (swt) alone, people can provide us nothing and they can take nothing from us – only Allah can. What matters is how much effort we are putting in making things alright in the sight of Allah and not people. People come and go in our life. They’ll keep us comparing with others forgetting their own faults and shortcomings. Let Allah (swt) deal with them. Pray for your family, love them and be by their side because at the end of the day, no matter how they are – they are the only real people who’ll be by your side. All others will desert you in time of need and it’s Allah’s guarantee that you’ll not be sad as long as your righteous: Verily, those who have attained to faith and do good works, and are constant in prayer, and dispense charity – they shall have their reward with their Sustainer, and no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve. (2:227)

      Hold on to patience, truly Allah is with the patient :) Sister, you’ll be in my duas. 

      •  Abdul Malek
        W.salam dear brother/sister, 

         I underwent the same situation you go
        through, and believe me, I will give you the knowledge Allah helped me
        with.Let’s start with this:Allah has said in the Qur’an, S65: v2-3 (V2)
        “…And Whoever fears Allah and keeps their duty to Him, He will make a
        way for one to get out(of every difficulty)”(V3) “ And He will provide
        one from where one could not imagine. And whoever puts one’s trust in
        Allah, then He will suffice him/her. Verily Allah will accomplish one’s
        purpose. Indeed Allah has a measure for all things.”

        Why should one fear
        Allah? It is because one fears Allah’s punishment. And why should one
        fear Allah’s punishment, except it be for one’s sins. Is there a way out
        of one’s sins?

        Of course as, Our Prophet Muhammad(SAAS) said, “Whoever
        constantly prays for forgiveness, Allah will relieve him/her from all
        adversities, make a way out for him/her from all hardships and provide
        for him/her from means which he/her could never have expected.” (An
        Nasaai, classed as Sahih by Al-Albaani).

        In the Stories of the Prophets by
        Ibn Kathir, one of them was of Prophet Yunus(A.S.), where he was given
        the responsibility of giving the message to his people. He was sent to
        warn his people of Allah’s Punishment and Mercy, but he became really
        frustrated with his people’s indifference by the end of it, and went
        away angry from his people against Allah’s command.

        While he was on the
        sea with a ship’s crew, the seas become stormy and a big fish was
        circling their slowly-drowning ship. They threw away all their luggage,
        but still wasn’t enough to stop the ship from drowning. So then they
        began drawing lots among themselves to be thrown overboard, to save
        weight. To their surprise, Yunus(A.S.) was chosen three times, and so he
        was thrown overboard, and immediately the fish carried out Allah’s
        command and ate him, and the ship was saved.

        While in the depths of the
        fish’s stomach, surrounded by darkness upon darkness, he humbled himself
        before Allah, knowing full well this was Allah’s punishment. And
        immediately his tongue began moving with remembrance in humility and
        regret, which is“Laa ilaaha illa anta, subhanaka inni kuntum minaz
        zalimeen.” So Allah, the All-Hearer, the One who knows everything,
        listened to his Dhzikr and saw that his heart was full of regret of what
        he did, and commanded the fish to remove him from its stomach.
        Allah saved him from his distress and he returned to his people.This
        must be you First priority.

        Turn to Allah and ask him forgiveness
        regularly. Ask him as much as you possibly can. Say Laa ilaaha illa anta
        subhanaka inni zalimeen.

        If you live in a non-Islamic country, try to
        find out an Islamic Society, or place, or any masjid near your place.
        Get a contact number, and find out if there is a sisters’ group. Look on
        facebook and join them.

        You are in a university inshaAllah, so there
        must be support groups. Put your trust solely on Allah and find a
        Islamic social life.May Allah help and preserve you with your
        ever-increasing Iman.

        • Alhamdulillah for your words.
          Only Allah kan help out of this, it might seem like it is the hardest Ive been through, but there could always have been worse…

      • Alhumdililah very inspiring advice, due to hardships in my personal life, my imaan has been severely affected it wasn’t overly strong to begin with. I feel alone sad depressed anxious and desperately wanting somebody to help me process what is going on in my personal life.I am very tearful, but i find it hard to get myself out of feeling like this. My ex husband has remarried and i feel anger because he has moved on especially as he was the main reason why we separated. I have no peace never have i dont think, how do i trust in allah and see the light.

        • Alhamdulillah, it’s good to know you found this article inspiring. You may find more inspiration in the story of Prophet Ayub (alaihis-salaam), in sha Allah.

          Read about him here:
          and you can hear an inspirational story about him here:

          May Allah give you the strength, perseverance, and patience in your trial, shower you with His mercy, and reward you for it.

          • Alhamdullilah very inspirational article. It helps me out to think positively in my hardships period from which i am going through now a days. The most convincing point you have mentioned in this article at the end that Allah never forget or over look the opression and injustice. So we shouldn’t think abt the revenge Allah is a best planner He will do the best in sha Allah

        • salam 3alikoum oukhti rehana,
          it is okay to cry but you just have to remind yourself all the time that what I do that this is just a test and that afterlife that counts and that stay forever. sister life is just temporary do not care if your ex husband or anybody else who can mistreat you. ALLAH soubhanaho wa ta3ala knows and see everything and just pray to ALLAH (S.T) and trust me once you start you are going to feel very free and like you do what you have to do and ALLAH is very raouf bi3ibadihi and remember all those poor palestinians and our muslim brothers and sisters who suffer everyday and they have ALLAH (soubhanahou wa ta3alah)To rely on and that s all they need. so everytime you think about your ex immediatly change your thinking to ALLAH ( read a sourat or thank ALLAH (swt) )and by doing so you will find yourself just after a small amount of time not thinking about him because you change your thinking every time he pop up. anyway ALLAH is with you do not forget you are a muslima and you should be proud of it because not every one is born muslim. here read this:
          قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : (( لأن أقول : سبحان الله , والحمد لله , ولا إله إلا الله , والله اكبر أحب إلي مما طلعت عليه الشمس
          twakali 3ala ALLAH and forget about your past and May ALLAH soubhanahou wa ta3ala bring you a nice husband in the future InchALLAH there are a lot of nice muslim men don t worry. just forget about the past and focus on ALLAH soubhanahou wa ta3ala the one that give us to eat and drink and protect us every day and find a new thing to do something that makes you happy.

      • salam alikoum, i am lamiaa and just would like to thank you for advising many readers who read your post in need. jazaki ALLLAH khayran inchALLAH soubhanahou wa ta3ala. chokran okhti lmuslima.

      • Today bad thing happen to me after read this I know Allah swt will help me also after read this I cry and cry and cry u just wrote this for me thx.!may Allah help and me .

      • great this page has become an eye opener for me today…I thank ALLAH for directing me to this page.

      • Sister Nabila,

        Allah has given me the best advice through you, sister. Your words spoke to me so deeply. May Allah bless you always.

    • W.salam dear brother/sister,   I underwent the same situation you go through, and believe me, I will give you the knowledge Allah helped me with.Let’s start with this:Allah has said in the Qur’an, S65: v2-3 (V2) “…And Whoever fears Allah and keeps their duty to Him, He will make a way for one to get out(of every difficulty)”(V3) “ And He will provide one from where one could not imagine. And whoever puts one’s trust in Allah, then He will suffice him/her. Verily Allah will accomplish one’s purpose. Indeed Allah has a measure for all things.”Why should one fear Allah? It is because one fears Allah’s punishment. And why should one fear Allah’s punishment, except it be for one’s sins. Is there a way out of one’s sins? Of course as, Our Prophet Muhammad(SAAS) said, “Whoever constantly prays for forgiveness, Allah will relieve him/her from all adversities, make a way out for him/her from all hardships and provide for him/her from means which he/her could never have expected.” (An Nasaai, classed as Sahih by Al-Albaani)In the Stories of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir, one of them was of Prophet Yunus(A.S.), where he was given the responsibility of giving the message to his people. He was sent to warn his people of Allah’s Punishment and Mercy, but became really frustrated with his people’s indifference by the end of it, and went away angry from his people against Allah’s command. While he was on the sea with a ship’s crew, the seas become stormy and a big fish was circling their slowly-drowning ship. They threw away all their luggage, but still wasn’t enough to stop the ship from drowning. So then they began drawing lots among themselves to be thrown overboard, to save weight. To their surprise, Yunus(A.S.) was chosen three times, and so he was thrown overboard, and immediately the fish carried out Allah’s command and ate him, and the ship was saved.While in the depths of the fish’s stomach, surrounded by darkness upon darkness, he humbled himself before Allah, knowing full well this was Allah’s punishment. And immediately his tongue began moving with remembrance in humility and regret, which is“Laa ilaaha illa anta, subhanaka inni kuntum minaz zalimeen.” So Allah, the All-Hearer, the One who knows everything, listened to his Dhzikr and saw that his heart was full of regret of what he did, and commanded the fish to remove him from its stomach. And Allah saved him from his distress and he returned to his people.This must be you First priority. Turn to Allah and ask him forgiveness regularly. Ask him as much as you possibly can. Say Laa ilaaha illa anta subhanaka inni zalimeen. If you live in a non-Islamic country, try to find out an Islamic Society, or place, or any masjid near your place. Get a contact number, and find out if there is a sisters’ group. Look on facebook and join them. You are in a university inshaAllah, so there must be support groups. Put your trust solely on Allah and find a Islamic social life.May Allah help and preserve you with your ever-increasing Iman.

    • Alhamdulillah for your answer, brother and sister. I appreciate it. And it is like a sign, cause Ive felt like a mess, worse than usual. May Allah help us all. Salam

    • salam sister,
      hey just reading this made me cry coz this is whats happening to me right now and its like no one knows where im coming from or how i feel till i saw ur article.
      inshallah Allah has better plans for us

  6. Beautiful …may ALLAH swt shower HIS blessings on all of us.. and take us out successfully from our hardships ameen…

  7. i am facing hardship of my husband planning to marry another woman. 

    i needed this article at this time it is like you have pored out here what is in my heart

  8. Subhan’allah,

    Im going through a hard time and have been for awhile now and allham’dul’ilah and reading this artical has helped my imaan even more.. May allah (swt) help us in these troubled times


    He is the all knower and wise, ‘the best of planners.

  9. I have just lost my job but my remembrance of Allah and Salah have given me a strange tranquil feeling and and times when I am alone I am at peace with myself because the reason I lost my job is very interesting and I would be surprised that after listening to my reason anyone would probably think I am CRAZY.

    The reason I lost my job is that my boss told me to remove my beard or quit. And I finally after much deliberation quit because most people think that keeping a beard is sunnah but its not. Its wajib for all muslim men to keep a beard and I believe that the beard is like Hijab for men.

    • Salaam brother i am proud of you Inshah Allah you will soon find another job, if you have Imaan on Allah then He will definitely keep you away from hardship

  10. i just found out that i am pregnant!! i ve no idea how i am going to get through this! Allhamdulillah i ve two boys who go to school. i don’t want to get into diapers and sleepless nights again, just when i thought everything was on track, nothing is…right now i am so depressed that i pray for a miscarriage all the time. i am not strong enough for this responsibility, the taking care off part isn’t the problem. the problem is the grooming and training of this individual, the task of making them a good muslim and a decent human being…i just want to get out of this situation, no matter what.

    • Allah test each person according to their abiliy. Your under going a test. You just need to be patient. Children are a blessing in the family

    • dear sister, its true you have no idea!! do you know that it is a sin to pray for a miscarriage? its like taking a life (an innocent and unborn life) which is against the principles of islam, As sister Tasneem said it is a test, Allah will only give you the amount of hardship that you can tolerate, you just need to be patient. Our prophet (S.A.W) adored kids, Do not think of them as a burden, there can’t be any problem in raising kids they will follow what you do, and if you are on the right path Inshaah Allah they will too.

    • Sister i think you need to be grareful. My husband and i can not have children, it is one of the hardest things to go through in life. Allah has given you a blessing! You can always give the baby away to a muslim couple if you feel you can not handle the situation but never ever pray or hope for a miscarriage, that is a life you want to end and only allah is in control of this.

    • Sister i think you need to be grareful. My husband and i can not have children, it is one of the hardest things to go through in life. Allah has given you a blessing! You can always give the baby away to a muslim couple if you feel you can not handle the situation but never ever pray or hope for a miscarriage, that is a life you want to end and only allah is in control of this situation.

    • try not to be too depressed. It may be your hormones that are making you feel a little crazy at times during pregnancy. Children are a blessing. Really. Just be tawakkal and Allah will provide. In syaa allah. Try to make time for yourself and enjoy some time alone to think and keep calm. I know pregnancy can be tiring and painful. Most of us will not be getting that rosy happy glow of expecting mothers. Only a few will and so far I have only seen this in the movies. I though i could’nt handle another baby at my age and to think of waking up at odd hours for nursing and diapers and crying, but alhamdulillah…Allah gave me courage that I never knew i had and i am grateful. Don’t do something that you will regret later on in life and just try to relax and don’t expect too much of yourself. Go with the flow and eat chocolate :D

  11. Saalam I’m facing hardship being single mother of three daughters my ex husband has very mean and Nasty to me. I never have any peace of mind I don’t know why my eldest daughter is giving me a very hard time please let me know what I should read to protect myself from shaytan thank you very much I need to talk to some

    • Hi Rose.
      I guess you must be going through a very tough time right,.Allah tests who He will.
      It is not easy to be patient and hopeful. But pray that Allah will give you strength. Maybe your eldest daughter misses having both parent around or maybe she thinks that this is your fault only coz sometimes that is the only way to tell that they are hurting as well, by being mean to their parents. Kids can be be affected as well by all this. I would advise you to go and take a holiday away. Just you and your kids. Just spend time with each other and of course away from your ex. He is an ex for a reason right. By the way, have you tried talking to him if that is even possible? Sometimes communication goes a long way.

  12. Salaam

    I’m 23 Years old male, I have been doing so much sin in my past as with drugs, clubbing, friends. i have moved away from it Ahumdulliah, Moved over sea to make a new life for my self since it been a year and a half and i’m still in the place where i don’t want to be, i have build my self a few account, had two great jobs and lost it. had Boss that had evil heart lost my Job two Time, Last one lost it a week before xmas and now still looking, I can’t do anything but to fly back home asking mum for help, it make me sick because i have so much Bills like Ya Allah take me home at least my life insurant will cover everything and my parent can get money. Why so much problem, Mum ask me what have i did with all my money in that year, it make me feel like i haven’t got anywhere in life just hate my self but i know inside i did many right choices and have followed the past of Allah but it just get too much to control. I hate Money in this world. I’m getting older and i’m already moving backward, Have a car that will still need to pay off at least 8Grand since i’m still giving it back as i can’t afford it. So much drama.

  13. Assalamualaikum
    I am not a practesing muslim of which i am very ashamed about so i do not know how to go about this, i was robbed one day and i am very scared that they will get me again could someone please tell me what i should read to make this hardship go away inshallah i will start praying from today

    Thank you

    • When Allah wants someone to pray to him then He gives him some difficulties so that he prays and wants from Allah.But if you remember Allah in ur happy moments,Allah will remember u in ur sad moments.So start remembering Him from now,He will remember u if u fall in such kind of situation again.

  14. I simply want to mention I’m very new to blogging and actually liked your web page. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You definitely come with incredible articles. With thanks for revealing your web page.

  15. SubhanAllah what I read sounds good but with my situation is that I face too many problems in life. I face so much difficulty and so much hardship. Everywhere I go I feel pain and then I work on my heart then feel in difficulty, worry or concern. I am in need of serious help. My heart feels weak at times just after I done something good for Allah. I would like to know how to maintain the good feeling for longer and avoid facing anxiety and stress.

    What I do in life is I study at University, I do not work at the moment, I mostly study at my free time and also pray but I also would like to balance things a bit more so I could work on my heart towards deen. I do not want lack or lose anything.

  16. assalamu alykum

    mera naam faeza he or me jise pasand karti hu uska naam ashish jise pasand karti hu wo bhi muje pasand karta tha hum dono 2 saal tak sath rahe fir wo ladka mujse dur ho gaya ab wo mujse bat bhi nhi karta or me ph ya msg karti hu to bhi bat nahi karta me bahot dil se use pasand karti hu bas me itna chati hu k wo wapis mere paas aa jaye..plz dua karo mere liye..wo ladka ab muje ph bhi nahi karta he or agar me samne se ph karti hu to cut kar deta he me uske bina nahi ji sakti hu plz allah k liye mere liye aap dua kare…

    • Huh how funny this world is.tum jise payer karti ho wo tumhe dekhkar bhag jate hein.Aur hum dono ek dusre se payer kartethe,but payer humko dekhagar bhag gayi.This is a test for you.Every people gets completely differnt types of test.May Allah show you the right way.

  17. I have had a relationship with a girl.We always prayed to Allah as He help us to be together.I wanted her from my every prayer that I prayed to Allah.And I was always dependent on Allah only.I was going through a bad time of my career.I tried to go abroad as I could want her from her parents.But I saw my every attempt to go abroad was dismissed through some silly matters.I completed all requirements but I was failed to go abroad unbelivablly.I lost my everything that I hoped to be.I only prayed to Allah,”O Allah,I know I did many sins in my life,I seek forgive from you,but please don’t give me the test of losing her.I can’t pass this exam.If you give me this test shaitan will force me to lose my path.This world is full of evil things.I am very much emotional and I can’t bear it.I always keep trust on you.Please give her to me.Make my way to get her easier to me”.But don’t know why Allah didn’t pay any heed to my dua.At the very biging of this month her parents forced her to marry another one.Now I lost everything,my golden career,my love,freedom to live without this mental torture.Okey,Alhamdunillah then shaitan couldn’t bring me towards him.I stared praying regualrly.And my next pray to Allah is,”Please give her to me once again in this world and Jannah”I want to go to Jannah,I want to make Allah happy,I want to be the lucky one to go to Jannah.But I heard that I can’t want her from Allah even in Jannah if I was not married to her in this world.So waht should I do???…I can’t control myself thinking about this.I went to washroom and cry.I cry when I’m in sejdah.I can’t do anything.Feeling so helpless…And the more I try to be patient the more the shocking scenes come to my mind.When I’m in salat,it comes to my mind that ,the girl whom I wanted is now with someone.Once I decided to search someone who is shocked like me to talk and be mentally free.But I can’t imagine anything without her….I know I have a long way to go.But in this world,most available sins like Alcohole,jeena,drugs are calling me towards them.How can I be patient and complete my test which is given by my Creator??????????

    • I go through so much difficulty and struggle in the last few weeks. It is like something is not working out but I still try my best to pray, seek for forgiveness and make du’a to Allah. After that I am still facing difficulty and I feel in a bad state. I just want advice on how to make my university life work out. I have tests coming up soon and with the state I am in I do not want to drag that on. I want help and make things be how they were before. Also, please du’a for me I am trying my best to be dutiful throughout the day.

    • Dear brother helpless Hasan: Remember brother, everything in this world is temporary and is a test. It may be that one thing you desire is not good for you and it may be tha t u don’t like what you get but in the end Allah knows what’s best for us and He always gives us what is indeed best for us but we dont know. I can understand the pain you’re going through but Allah doesnot burden a soul more than it can bear. You have more strength than you can realize and if you try you can change your life for better. Whenever you get distracted by the thoughts of your past and sufferings think of the less fortunate and of other people who are suffering more than you are. Think of how hard it must have been for people who lose everything from their dear ones to their hard earned belongings. Brother, you are still young and you have a long journey to conquer. You can change your own fate: their are two choices for you: good or bad. The choice to choose one is yours and you know which one to choose. If you choose the good one, one day you will get relief from this pain and suffering but if god orbid satan makes you choose the second one, eventually you will make your life and your lived ones life even miserable… As a Muslim alhumdulillah we have a constant guide in the form of Quran which is the best source of knowledge for us. Let me give you some quick tips to overcome your depression and find a way through life… Lead a balanced life, everything that we do in extreme leaves us exhausted and with abundant hopes which may shatter our dreams one day. Remember Allah all the time. Read Durood shareef and pay attention on each word. Spend more time with your family, we forget how much they suffer because of us and our neglection but if you bond with them you will not need an outsider to fill your loneliness. Read good books, cook, you can even help with house chores there is nothing of shame in it. Apply for jobs if you do not have one. Start sports, stay active and keep yourself occupied with good work to do.. Until you find a job, get yourself involved in volunteer work at a local NGO or start teaching orphans or street children. Why do you say that there is evil calling for you brother when you have the soul f a Muslim and a Muslim has to promote positivity and never be hopeless. If you look for ways, there are many ways out of this suffering but if you want to suffer, satan will throw oil on this fire. So think rationally and in the light of Quran. May Allah be your guide and help you through his time of test. I hope my comment will reach you and you will act on it. For sad times and moments of despair you should read the dua of hazrat Yaqoob a.s, which is given in surah Yusuf and it is like this: innama ashkou bassi wa huzni iallah. Also, the dua of hazrat Yunus which goes like this: laa ialaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzuwalimeen. Also read Ya Mughnio which means Aye Laparwah karnay walay, slowly and gradually your love for Allah will grow and you will be filled with so much love for Allah that nothing of this world will affect you. May Allah bless you with inner peace and help you through every step in life. Amen. JazakAllah.

  18. To Helpless Hasan,

    Brother, I know where you are coming from and I am facing difficulty as well but these things do come in mind like temptations of doing wrong.

    Throughout your day, you can possibly do more ibadah. I do not know if you have tried this but do Muraqabah. How to do Muraqabah? You don’t move your tongue, talk loud or whisper but in your mind say “Allah… Allah…” This could be done for 10-15 minutes or more if you wish. It is natural when you do Muraqabah things will come in mind or distract you. The purpose of Muraqabah is to empty your mind and say the words of Allah.


  20. Assalamalaikum I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

  21. love! thank you very much! :)) masha’Allah to the max! and alhamdulilah, may we all be relieved of our hardships

  22. Assalamalaykum brothers and sisters,

    After reading many of the tests faced by muslims, I would like to advise all of you that FIRST LEAVE the path of sin and then pray to Allah for what you seek . Secondly, continue being OBEDIENT TO ALLAH even if you do not get what you are asking for as Allah knows that it is not good for you. Thirdly, whatever GOOD comes to you easily take it and BE SINCERELY THANKFUL to Allah for it as THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE AND BEAR !

    There are billions of people who did not get what you got, hence whatever good comes your way be it even simple things like a healthy wife and kids ( they may not be very handsome /beautiful, they may not be engineers or doctors , but they may on their two feet earning their own money etc;) etc;
    By being sincerely obedient to Allah ( a must condition ) your “unanswered” dua is rewarded by the GOOD that you get as I mentioned above or will be given in future in nay GOOD form or will be rewarded for in the aakhirah.But just being obedient and being thankful to Allah conitnuously will make you the winner spiritually and mentally as money , fame and power even PHAROAH could not handle and had it taken by force with disgrace by Allah azzah wa jal.

    And to continue to being obedient to Allah is to be around righteous people and seeking help from them after you first aks Allah to help you as these are external factors that bring you clsoe to Allah, even then Allah will test you to see if you would still be obedient to HIm but these tests would make you handle them differently once you are seeking knowledge of Islam and be always on your guard to be away from sins.

    When ever you feel depressed PUSH yourself , get up pray two nafil with sincerity thnking Allah is watching you or you are watching Him and then go play a sport you like, plant a flower and share it with your wife or kids, read a joke form the internet ( a clean one lol) and share it with other, speak to your children and help someone out and BELIEVE IN GETITNG YOURSELF OUT IF IT RIGHT AWAY , do not wait or lie down to have tears of depression overtake you. LEAVE that place where you feel depressed and mentally engage urself with anything that is permissible.

    Salamalaykum warahmatullah

  23. asalam o alaikum all brothers and sisters!

    i have a son and a daughter, my son is autistic. you can imagine the hard time i am facing as a mother. i love him so much, i try so much with him, just to make him speak, do something, my daughter and husband also get neglected. we dont have proper support system for this problem as i live in KSA. i try to focus on prayers but my mind distracts so much, i loose patience, then i cry and pray to Allah, emotionally im attached with him so much i always worry about his future what will he do without me. i know my whole life will be spent with this problem. i dont know what i did wrong to face such a huge problem. i was never a bad person atleast to my knowledge. other parents also have children with disabilities, but i dont know why im not strong enough. we are so blessed with other things in our life, but life has lost all charms for me. but i never loose hope with Allah, this article helped me calm down a lot. anyone reading this message please pray for our family and specially for improvement of my child, and for me that Allah gives me strength and my heart calms down. jazakallah

  24. asalamu alaykum
    I want to thank you for this wonderful article. I need this for more than one reason. I also want to thank the readers who have shared their knowledge and information


  25. Salam brothers and Sisters! I just want you who read My message to pray for me. I have been SAd for long time and dont know what to do. I keep prayinng and reciting quran so Allah can make My dreams come true. I got engaged and after 4 years , we got divorced. Just some months later, i got à proposal and i Said yes and we were about to do neekah but i dont know why, it didnot feel good. I was so happy and Said yes but just arter à time, i regret that i Said yes. My family and he and his family are so worried. Im also worried, Im so afraid. Dont know what to do. Plz give advice and pray for me. Im not Young. Everyone in she are already Mariried and have kids. I also want to Marry and be happy and have kids but st the same time i want to be happy too. I dont know whats wrong with me. Why i change My mind. Its the 2nd time. Plz give advice and mention me in ur prayers

  26. im a 23 yr old male when i was younger 16 i was in my deen and i always believed in allah and the last day but when i would go to my local masjid there would be school friends outside standing on the block and for some reason i just chose to sit with them instead of praying my salaat.i missed my salaat except on occasions and lost my way sining in all different ways now ifeel stuck can anyone giv me some advice

  27. Salam admin! May Allah bless you for answering mé. I get very happy when someone give advice. I will inshalla dó istikhara. I just know why i All the time change my mind.. It should not be Like That. I treat family and friends good. I have just problem with husband. Hopefully Allah Will help m through this. Today i Walked to the Beach and threw Allahs mane in the sea and also read 7 suresh Yasin ón 7 leaves and threw Them in Water. i want to mary for my Own sake but also for my family. Their wish is to see mé happy. if you have more advice, let me know. Thanks

    • Salam. as far as my understanding permits, I believe reciting Allahs name on leaves and throwing them in the sea is bidi’ah. The Prophet (SAW) never did that and we shouldn’t do so to. Just make dua my sister the way the Prophet did and you’ll be fine.

  28. Subhanallah! Allah sent me to this page. I am in the process of writing a motivational essay for my facebook page. I was actually googling the dua to say before addressing a crowd to ensure that whatever I say to my friends on my page is with Allah’s Barakah.
    I didnt know you existed before today. I shall like your facebook page and recommend it to the people on my friends list.
    I started a support group and motivational group as I wanted to summarise and present practical ways to achieve ‘ultimate Ma’rifullah’.
    Jazakallah for the above. I am asking your permission to use some of the material I find relevant to my discussions from time to time. Of course, I shall name you as the source. Will this be in order? Insha-Allah

    Well done and Well written.
    May Allah reward you for every person that has benefitted from your articles. Insha-Allah.

    Best Wishes with Ikhlaas
    Fee Amaanillah

    Wahi Lillah

  29. Well I think that number 5 is the main point of whole discussion. I just don’t understand what does Allah get out of keeping Muslims poor and short of means to sustain life. I mean if Allah could provide Monsalwa to Bani Israel why can’t He provide us with a bag of hard cash every morning. This will really help us focus on our daily prayers. If Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was alive today, I would have asked him how to pay for all the bills for 21st Century facilities which were not available 1400 years ago.

  30. PRoductive Muslims You are doing a very good job , May Allah bless you all ! :)
    Salaam from a Muslim brother in Bahrain

  31. I really need Allah’s help since I did my IGCSE’s this year and am waiting for the results. I feel like I am a failure already even though I did not initially think the papers were difficult. I want to make my parents and teachers proud of me and I want admission into a good uni. I don’t want any gifts or celebrations, all i want is good grades and I am willing to donate all my pocket money to charity. I only want good grades. Please pray for me and my whole class that we will be successful in the IGCSE’s.

    • May Allah give you sincerity, the best kind of success, and enable you to fulfill your purpose. Ameen! Ask Allah (SWT) to give you the best of the dunya and akhirah and trust that whatever He brings your way is best for you. Having this sort of faith in Allah helps one deal with all sorts of outcomes, in sha Allah. I pray the best comes your way. :)

      • Insha Allah, may Allah help us all in times of distress and hardship. Thank you again for your dua. May Allah be merciful on all of us and and remove all our anxieties for He is the only one who can. Allah has already been very generous with me and fulfills my duas. He has already given me so much and I pray He accepts this dua of mine too.

  32. alhamdulillah brother,
    may allah fullfill your needs in both duniya and akhirah.
    one of the simple and easy to understand explanation i’ve read, may allah grant you more ilm to you and rest of the ummah.


  33. Asalamu alaykum,
    thank you very much for such concise and inspiring article. I had a miscarriage over a month ago and I still can’t get over it and move on. The scariest part is that I’m afraid my faith has been shaken, and I don’t know what to do to shake that feeling off. This article showed me where to turn for help, although I still have a hard time going through this. I never thought “why me” when I found out that my baby’s heartbeat stopped, (let’s be honest, I’m not an angel, probably it was a punishment from Allah), but I can’t stop thinking that it must be some sort of a sign, it must mean something, cuz I learned about my situation on the first day of Ramadan this year.. So, Thank you very much for this article. Like someone said here in comments – this article needs to be printed out and put on the fridge. InshaAllah, I’ll get through this hard time of my life.

  34. It`s so hard! I never thought I would be laid on my knees and begging like a child. Here I am, weak,fragile and with tears running down my face. As Allah swt says in quran chapter 90 verse 4 “We have certainly created man into hardship.”

    I´m hoping for a way out…

  35. This may sound silly, but it is a reality. I suffer clinical depression, and whenever I get a depressive bout, salaah is furthest from me. I do feel exytremely great regret for not performing salaah, but the depression is overpowering. I become a recluse. When people come to visit me due to my depression, I turn them away. I just lie on my bed day in and day out brooding. This is what depression does to a person. Now tell me, depression is an involuntary illness. It’s symptoms are explained above. Hence will Allah Ta’aala punish me for the salaahs that I miss? When one is depressed the first thing one should turn to is salaah, but ironically it is the first thing that you become distanced from AND YOU CAN’T HELP IT. Please advise. Jazaakallaahu Khair.

  36. JazkaAllah
    Needed this
    Please remember me in your Duas please
    Allah to make my heart tranquil in every situation and the truth to Manifest in this world and in the next

  37. Salams! I really appreciate ol des articles, giving me strength and courage to believe, I plan and you plan But Almighty Allah is the best of planners! Jazakallah do remember me and my family in your duas!

  38. Salam,thankz for the beautiful post it’s very encouraging and yes I belief tht every muslim should have faith in Allah n be happy with watever he has planned for us bcoz he does the best for us,may Allah s.w.t guide us on the right path ameen.
    My family had always suffered a lot and still facing many hardships in life,my father is a very strong believer and always says tht we can never complain to Allah n always try to b happy but my mother she gets very troubled after all she is a mother,she had faced many things in her own life but now when we her children r also facing hardships she seems to broken,my elder brother is facing a very tough time got job after 1 yr of hunting but lost after 5 mnths again after 2 yrs of hunting got job but lost in 1 mnth this time after 6 mnths he again got the job in Saudi but not getting transfer papers n job visa as he went there on azad visa.pls is there any particular dua or surah which I can read for his financial stability n job.

    Please everyone out there pls pls pray for my brother as my family is facing financial difficulties now,may Allah help everyone in their difficulties ameen.

  39. sorry… I hate spelling mistakes… just to pointout the right spelling for stay calm is PATIENCE not PATIENT as quoted in the below quranic verse.

    “He that is righteous and patient,- never will Allah suffer the reward to be lost, of those who do right.” (Surat Yousef, Verse 90)

    • Assalaamu alaikum Brother,

      Thanks for voicing your concern. I’d be happy to correct the typo; however, I believe it isn’t one in this case as the verse is describing the ‘person that is patient’ and not speaking about patience itself. Do you see what I mean?

  40. beautiful…and jazakAllah for sharing.I have a question if some one is cheated even then he does not need to ask for justice?

  41. Assalamualaikum i am a student and looking for a job all of my friends got the job except me how much ever hardwork i am doing i couldn’t get it.. I dont understand why is ALLAH swt doing like that to me

  42. Brothers and sisters salaam to all very inspiring read which has helped calm my mental status. Please make dua for me I’m in the brink of losing my job, at the same time losing my wife I’m facing so much financial hardship I’m drowning with debt. I try and keep myself on straight path however I believe I’m being punished for previous mistakes I have made and do not have the courage to ask Allah for forgiveness although I repent and will never follow the evil path that I was on. Please can you all pray that Allah make my difficulties easy for me keeps me away from satan. Jazakallah khir

    • Inshallah I will pray for you brother.

      Last week I got caught up in a car accident. Basically, another hit from behind which resulted in no damage. I didn’t want to do anything about it as both drivers do not want to do take it further. So person in my car wants to claim for injury. I am stuck in what to do. I do not want things to fall on me and I am stressed about. It affects me with everything such as; study, work etc.

      Thing is I am caught in a mess. I request duas please.

  43. Please pray for me in a 17 year d muslims girl and constantly feel like I’m a bad Muslim. I pray and do so much but my anxiety makes me feel depressed all the time! Whenever I’m happy I get scared that ill be sad again! I think about little sins so much that I feel like I can’t even do anything without thinking I’m sinning! I know Islam is supposed to be easy but my habit if over thinking and anxiety is making me die inside! I’m asking whoever is reading this to please make dua for me, I’m so young I want to be happy and enjoy life while still praying and remember Allah! Inshahallah! Thanks

  44. Masha Allah, great reminder. I like this section the most “Whenever a ProductiveMuslim faces hardship, he/she takes a step back from their difficult situation and thinks about it from a higher level. They step back from their life with all its worries, anxieties, problems, and thinks about it from an Akhira perspective, then they ask themselves the question: what does this ALL mean when compared to the Hereafter? What does this ALL mean when compared to eternity in Jannah?” It really make me thinking. Jazak Allah khairan.

  45. Assalamu alaikum wr wb
    am 21 years and a student of engineering
    I am going through a hard phase of my life and I need someone to talk to..if any sister is willing to help me out please give me your email id so that I can inbox you..
    jazakallahu khair

    • hi i hope your okay sister just keep on going and remember allah. Always know that allah only tests those he loves and know that allah always has a better future for us than we could ever think of. i will leave you with this in mind that aving Allah on your side doesn’t mean sailing the ocean with no waves, but having Allah on your side means sailing in such a ship which no storm can sink.

      i wish you all the best in life sister take care

  46. Salam..jazakallah..may Allah repay u for the kind words and wisdom u have shared and full filled Ur duty as a is hoping we do d same now.

  47. Assalamu Alaikum! I’m a girl from Sri Lanka. My family is trapped with many sorts of problems. My parents are in dept now, my dream was to study well. But now my parents are not in the situation to spend for my studies. So now I’m going for a job and earning for my parents and my brother. My parents are suffering in debt, they want to give me in marriage but they aren’t able to search for proposals also, because of the expenses. We always pray to Allah (swt) to give us Barakath and to clear our debts very soon, In Shaa Allah! Please make Dua for us, Allah’s Dear Slaves!!!

  48. aslmualaykum…… i have two children 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son…… i live in belgium my husband was illegal here in belgium during financial problem he was working in black with out any papers…. for his family to survive…… he got arrested 1 month ago and been put in close center where other illegal immigration people are…. now im left alone with 2 children and 7 months pregnant i have no one i have no hope left for him to come back home as he will be deported back where he came from……im facing alot difficulties no one is helping me even the lawyer cant do anything as my children are not registered on his name….. i read i pray i read wazeefa i read khatham i do everything what ever comes in my heart to please ALLAH…… but none of my prays have come true….. im just waiting for a miracle to happen……dont know what to do?…….

  49. Thanks for this article, after reading this my iman gets fresh,stroger, once again thanks and jazakallah………….

  50. I had an uni exam today and my mother keep shouting and fighting with me, that i was barely able to study in the previous days, and now she blames me for no studying when i was trying my very best while her fighting .
    This is really injustice i don’t if i failed or not but i really would have passed if i was just capable of studying without my mother being around.

    • Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah,

      Yesterday I got my second year uni results. I was in such a mess throughout my second year of study and there is a list of things but I just don’t want to talk about it. The thing that I want to raise is that I failed two modules which I got referral in both so I can re take this month. In other two modules I have got below a 2:1.

      In semester B made up for the mess but it was not enough to turn it all around. Alhamdulilah I at the right time reacted well otherwise would have saw myself in a tough situation. I tried not to stress and after receiving results today just was happy but not stressed out.

      I see myself in a tough situation and I do want to apply for jobs, graduate schemes etc but my grades don’t look good.

      I always see myself struggling sometimes. This could be when I am stuck I waste time on the internet, I end up falling into bad path, there are family problems which tends to distract me, I don’t get work done when I am supposed to, I am sometimes tired and so on. Also, I get things done in the last moment whether it is revision or assignment work.

      I am asking for advice on how to move forward and to make sure I actually do well from September for third year Uni.

      I need help in life. I am not fully sure what I want to do in my future career in what I am doing as part of my degree.

      I request duas and it would be greatful if someone can advise me on certain things. I feel I am stuck in life.

  51. I am a soon to be 32 year female and have been reading all the posts. I am single never married and don’t know if I ever will. I am so despondent about the whole fact and my entire family has given up on me. They have turned me into an outcast. My mother’s criticisms are taking a toll on me. She sometimes tells me that I have a big mouth and I will make no man happy, that I will rot in my room and die a hold hag. I am also studying so this affects me a lot. She tells me I waste my time studying. This has caused me to feel very inferior and lose all confident. I read salaat and make so much dua but I meet all the wrong people. Those that lie, cheat, say they are even divorced in the mean time they are married or separated. I have had very near misses but one cheated on me and the other…well lets just say I wanted to live on my own and not with in laws. I wanted my privacy and to keep the peace. Yet Allah still bring guys into my life who want to live with parents. I am not saying that I do not want to look after his parents. I am saying that I grew up sharing a room with 3 other siblings and I always thought when I get married I will live on my own. I am not saying I am a saint. I even went out with a non muslim man and he didn’t want to convert when he found out that my parents would not accept a revert. My parents are all about social status. My 3 brothers don’t even worry about me or care they have a sister. I am so lost. Its affecting my life, my whole world. Sometimes I can’t even make dua because I am so lost.

    • Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah Sr. Anisa,

      Your despair is definitely understandable – especially when much emphasis is placed on the lack of hope an individual has in getting married, more so when they pass a certain age. Of course, while we are encouraged to get married at an early age in Islam, know that no matter how much we plan for our life to be a certain way, Allah also HIS own plans in the works and more than anyone, “Allah is the is the best of Planners (8:30). So while you may feel like losing hope and believing what is being said to you, remember these verses from the Quran: “And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah [God] knows but you do not know.” (2:216).

      It’s sometimes hard to know why these things happen to us, but what we CAN affirm with certainty is that there is wisdom behind them. Perhaps those “near misses” were meant to save you from getting into a relationship which would have ended horribly, thus broadening your perspective on what to look for in a potential spouse. Remember that when we make dua to Allah, it gets answered in three ways, one of which is that the dua-maker is saved from something evil! You can read more about duas here:

      This is the dua of Prophet Musa (as) that you can make specifically for marriage: “My Lord, indeed I am in need of whatever good you send down to me.” (28:24). And of course, if you don’t have the words to express yourself, know that Allah knows what is in our hearts – and He is aware of the sorrow and pain that you are feeling.

      Additionally, have you considered exploring other avenues to find a suitable spouse? For example, online websites (, and matrimonial sessions at your local Islamic Institution are definitely a good place to start.

      When feeling lost, it sometimes helps to reflect on our purpose in life: why are we here and what were we created for. While there is no doubt that getting married is something we should strive for, remember that our ultimate goal in this world is to worship Allah: “We did not create the jinn and men except to worship us.” (51:56 ). So in the meantime, ask yourself whether you are doing this through the things that are currently taking up your time. More importantly, take the opportunity to strengthening your relationship with Allah. Not just by praying five times day, but by doing it with kushoo, for example (, purifying your intentions, engaging in constant dhikr, and reading the Quran daily.

      With regards to your mother saying those things to you, perhaps that is her way of venting her own frustration and anxiety at your current situation because in her own unique way, she is expressing that she really cares about your well being and happiness. I understand that it is disheartening to not have your family’s support at a time when you need it most. However, don’t let that be a reason for you to disrespect her, because above all people, our mothers are most deserving of our kindness. When you find yourself getting angry, try your utmost best to respond calmly and if that is difficult, remain silent and/or walk away. In the jist of a hadith, the Prophet advised us that when we get angry and are standing, we should sit down, and if we are sitting down we should lie down.

      To end, I hope you can find comfort in these beautiful and consoling verses from the Quran:

      “…And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.” (65:2-3)

      May Allah make easy for you your difficulties, reward you for your patience, and help you find a righteous spouse, in sha Alllah!

  52. Assalamu alaikum

    Dear Sister Anisa and those all who all are depressed

    May Allah swt ease your ways. May he relieve all your worries, anxieties. May he grant his peace upon you all.

    May Allah swt solve all your problems and make all your life fruitful here and accepted in hereafter.

    May the peace and blessings of Alla swt be on our prophet Mohammed.

    And our final prayer is All praises and thanks to the Rabb of the worlds

  53. Subhanaalahi I read this article ,and it surely hard but who Allah guides nobody can misguide.ameen.

  54. Subhan Allah, I read this article and chose to do one of the following and Insha’Allah you can help me

  55. I am desperately in need of duas, I have very important exam results coming soon and I can’t let my parents down. They expect so much from me. The exams were hard and so was the whole year. I had to teach myself and I don’t know what to do now. I feel like a failure and extremely useless. I can’t let my parents down especially my mother, she’s done so much for me. Please pray for me, I know there are lots of people whose problems make mine look like nothing but I’m desperate. Please.

    • Assalaamualikum wa rahmatullah,

      First and foremost, while its understandable why you are worried and feeling anxious, remember that there is khair (goodness) in all that Allah’s puts us through. If you do poorly in your exams, then the outcome will surely be of benefit to you in some way or another, whether immediately or in the long run! As Allah reminds us – “And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know” (2:216).

      Of course, its always easy to think negatively and fear the worst! But with your exams already done, that type of thinking is not going to be of any benefit to you. Alternatively, think positive – if you tried your best, whatever happens will be for the best too. Doing poorly is surely not a sign of failure, nor is it a reflection of your self-worth. Rather think of it as an opportunity to reevaluate your study habits and reflect on what went wrong so that you can do even better next time :)

      In the meantime, here are some duas you can make:

      “O Allah, set right for me my religion which is the safeguard of my affairs. And set right for me the affairs of my world wherein is my living. And set right for me my Hereafter on which depends my after-life. And make the life for me (a source) of abundance for every good and make my death a source of comfort for me protecting me against every evil.” (Muslim 6565)

      “O Allaah benefit me with what You have taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and grant me knowledge which will benefit me.”

      Hope this helps, in sha Allah :)

    • In the name of Allah
      I’m going Thorough same thing I had tooken my test 3 weeks ago and find out I failed I was really sad I was crying for one week I was really mad at Allah I ask Allah why he wasn’t there for me. I was working hard I study so much. The test was very hard now I’m taking it again in 2 weeks. If I failed this time I can’t get a job in medical field. I have 4 kids on top I was going home work and taking care of my kids studying everyday it was really sad when I failed. But inshallah this time Allah will help me I will pass. Please pray for me. And inshallah you will pass too. So don’t worry there is always another chance. Good luck

  56. Besmallah alrahman alraheem, it’s my first time here and allah only knows what I’m going through.
    وَلَنَبْلُوَنَّكُمْ بِشَيْءٍ مِنَ الْخَوْفِ وَالْجُوعِ وَنَقْصٍ مِنَ الْأَمْوَالِ وَالْأَنْفُسِ وَالثَّمَرَاتِ وَبَشِّرِ الصَّابِرِينَ * الَّذِينَ إِذَا أَصَابَتْهُمْ مُصِيبَةٌ قَالُوا إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ
    . رَاجِعُونَ أُولَئِكَ عَلَيْهِمْ صَلَوَاتٌ مِنْ رَبِّهِمْ وَرَحْمَةٌ وَأُولَئِكَ هُمُ الْمُهْتَدُونَ

    I am literally going through through what this holy verse describes, I am facing a really hard time and I have no solution in my hands, its all in allah’s hands. Ya Allah I need your help so much please don’t forget me, don’t give up on me you are my only resort my only savior I beg you help me out of this hardship I am so lost already and can take no more. Help me allah stand up on my feet, help me find a job help me get my life back together again please I have nothing ya allah, I beg you help me find a job and make a living, please please help me make up for my sins and mistakes I need your forgiveness and mercy beyond words. I know my faults and want to fix them to have your love and mercy again, give me the chance ya allah I am so lost now I have nothing but what you said the fear, the lack of money, I have no job and I am alone… its Ramadan the month of mercy and forgiveness
    I beg of you to forgive me ya allah help me through this desperate time – la ellah ella ant swbhanak eny kont men al zalemeen – I have strayed away and I need you to take me back, you said you will please do. Please whomever reads this make a duaa for me. May allah grant us all his mercy.

    • Walaikum salaam. I’ve read the post. This got me thinking I had similar problem last year. I had great difficulty plus pressure for job. I found it hard not having job. I kept looking and something came along. I’m working now. Law of averages says for example apply for 50 jobs or 100. At least one will come to you. I’ve got to few useful job websites which were useful. Inshallah may Allah help you, guide you and make whatever is difficult for you easy.

  57. Great Article, I am now under a huge mental & physical stress but I believe in Allah that he will find best for me, my family and my parents Insha’Allah. We all do work hard to make this life and hereafter pleasurable. Allah is Kareem. SubhannAllah.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Br. Sajid. Keep up the faith. May Allah strengthen your iman and make you firm upon it, and may He ease your affairs and reward you for your patience. Ameen.

  58. Plz pray for me brothers and sisters m going through a great difficulty!! In this holy month plz make dua for every person of saw(let peace be upon him) ummah!

  59. Salaam alay kum,

    Dear brother and Sisters , I come from a big family that now are no longer together. This was mainly due to the faults of the head of the family my so called father.
    My father was the worst type of bully that you could ever meet. My mother passed away over 20 years ago I have never really got of that. She died of cancer and was a highly principled woman, a simple woman at heart and a Allah fearing righteous woman. During her sickness my father persisted in being aggressive to her and even cast her out of the family house . What kind of man does this to her sick wife. This so called man was praying 5 times a day. I cannot even mentioned some of wickedness this man has done to my family. Can there exist a man who is jealous and bear nothing but hatred for his children??? This so called five time praying man. I lived with him for over 15 years after my mother had passed away giving him dowa and hoping that he would come correct on the straight path. During these 15 years I was living under this tyrant and I began to develop a way to try to escape his oppression by smoking weed to try and escape from this mans demeanor.
    I m forty years and he has re married again and does not care not a cent for any of his children . Alhumdilla I have broken the circle of smoking but I’m homeless now.
    I wanted to leave but could not due to my love for him and trying to do the right thing in dean.
    I wish that I had left sooner and just got on with my life. now he has children and is trying to make amends with them by giving them all his wealth that he has acquired through the assistance of my mother and other family.
    I have never made any duals against anyone as that is not in my nature , but today I m tempted to ask Allah to bring punishment to him today , I don’t think i will but that is what I feel like to do .
    Brothers and sisters why has this fitna landed. Sometimes I ask Allah why he had to take my mother and not him .
    I will never forgive him for his wanton hatred for his family, all affairs ultimately return to Allah but why do I always feel helpless in trying to get justice with this man.

    Salaams Mohammed

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Br. Mohammed,

      Thank you for trusting us to share your hardships here. It’s truly sad to hear what you’ve been through. We pray Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) rewards you for your patience and changes it all to something better than could have imagined. Ameen.

      Perhaps the reason why you cannot bring yourself around to ‘seeking justice’ or praying against your father is because deep down, you know it’s not the right thing. Justice is for Allah; He – Al-Aleem (the All-Knowing), the Al-Khabeer (the All-aware) truly knows what each of us has been the through, what is in our hearts, and what each of us deserves. May Allah reward you for your patience.

      I understand your situation is difficult and it’s hard to be positive in the circumstances. But it may help to remember life is short, really short. Rather than expending your energy and peace of mind & heart on these negative thoughts, I would strongly advise you to recite the following dua in abundance:

      The Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) said: If any servant (of Allah) who suffers a calamity says: “Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raj’ioon. Allahumma ajurni fee museebati wakhlif lee khairan minha” — “We belong to Allah and to Him shall we return; O Allah, reward me for my affliction and give me something better than it in exchange for it,” ‘ Allah will give him reward for affliction, and would give him something better than it in exchange.

      He taught this dua to Umm Salama. You can read more about it in the above link.

      Have yaqeen (firm faith) that Allah will help. Pray for your father’s guidance. In sha Allah, He will help.

      This article may also help you, in sha Allah:

      May Allah bring ease and happiness to you. Ameen.

  60. AA everyone, i’m 26 years old female, i was about to get married after 3 months but my fiance recently passed away in a car accident, it was totally arranged by our parents, we had never seen eachother live, were in contact from 2.5 years we both loved eachother madly, he was an ideal soul mate he loved me like mads, i know its a test n im trying to pass it but i miss him way too much, can i pray that Allah unites us in Jannah? My family would look for another proposal for me but how will i give his place to someone else? Will i get someone better thn him? My parents r old n have been through alot so thr happiness would be to see me happily married, but im his amanaat how can i marry someone else? Really upset n depressed, Allah gave me the best soul mate n took him away just months before my wedding

    • Hi I am going through a really rough time my farther recently passed away me and him were so close so am feeling not very good but my biggest problem is me and my husband we have been married for nearly 11 years I am 27 recently we constantly have arguments and i feel like he dosent understand me and sees them diffrently in his head and belives that he is rite he always threaterns me with divorce “if you dont shut up i will divorce u!” he know i love him madly and so he always uses that against me i really cant say anything to my family cas they alwaus argie and gets bigger please please help and advise me what i should do am feeling very depressed and i have 3 children and dont want it to effect them!please someone help me????

      • Sister i will pray for you inshallah, i can understand what you are going through.
        Its difficult but remember in whatever the situation you are Allah is watchful over you, let me tell you again ALLAH is WATCHFUL OVER you constantly every sec or millisec or wateve there is that realization is more than enough my sister.

        Allah loves you inshallah
        And infact you are actually purifying yourself and ascending in ranks trust me


    • Waalaikumasalaam wa rahmatullah,

      May Allah accept his good deeds, forgive him for his shortcomings, and grant him a place among the righteous, in sha Allah. Your feelings of despair are completely understandable, and I pray that Allah makes this trial easy for you, in sha Allah. I would like to share a verse from the Quran with you which reminds us about the inevitable difficulties that we will face during our lives: “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits; but give glad tidings to the persevering and patient” (2:155). Yet at the same time, Allah consoles us by mentioning: “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship]. And to your Lord direct [your] longing” (94:5-8). Remember that Allah is Al-Qadir (the All-Powerful), whose abilities are unmatched. Surely if He was able to grant you someone as wonderful as your fiancé, He can without a doubt, grant you someone better, in sha Allah. To illustrate this, I’d like to share the beautiful and comforting story of Umm Salamah, which I hope will provide you with the reassurance and hope to believe this:

      As such, my sincerest advice to you would be to channel these emotions into making dua to Allah, because as Allah promises us: “verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (13:28). He is aware of the pain, sadness, hurt, and hopelessness you are feeling, so call out to Him, and admit you are in need of Him, having full faith that He hears you. Because as Allah also mentions in the Quran: “And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me” (2:186). Lastly, remember that Allah is the best of planners. In sha Allah, when the time is right, He will grant you a spouse once again :) Until then, believe with certainty that there is wisdom is Allah’s plans for you and lots of goodness as well. It may not be apparent right now, and it may not be easy to accept, but just remember this: Allah is capable of anything :)

  61. please pray for me. My name is marufa. Pray i get into a dental school this year. I have been trying for two years along with two pregnancies consecutively :)…funny but was difficult for me to give exams and do everything along with it and no help for quite some time. It will mean the world to me. Any muslims dua for me could change my life. And please pray for palestine syria iraq and all muslims who are in difficulty.

  62. I am a teen and as every teen I have temptations in my heart. But sometimes I cannot control myself and commit sins, ! When the temptation comes it is as if it is not me, and when I commit the sin I feel very bad and make tawbah, but after some time the temptation comes again! I pray 5 times a day, read the Quran almost every day, I am trying to be a good Muslim, but when I commit this sin I feel that Allah forgets me and I feel very depressed. I don’t know if this is a test.
    I need some dua or wird or something that will help me strenghten my faith!

  63. السلام عليكم

    Thank you so much for this article, I really needed some positive reinforcement. Can someone please clarify whether wanting and thinking of money when you have little of it, is a sin? I tend to do this often. It is not that I am ungrateful to الله or for what I have, there are simply things I need/want to buy and do. Some of them are necessities but some of them just really materialistic things (story books and such). Is that a sin, please? Thank you and may الله bless you all.

  64. I am I need of guiadance. I am so confused by rececent events. People that claim they represent Islam and killing other people. I really want to believe we are all God’s/Allah’s children. Why do we have to discriminate against each other that believe? There is only one God. If we all believe in God, why must we have problems?

  65. Assalamualaikum,

    My name is Sameer Ahmed and I am from India. I am into great depression unaware as what to do. I came across this website when I was doing a Google search by typing key words “Islamic ways to face difficulties. In the year 2006 I joined engineering and during the course I had faced lots of ups and downs. I lost my dad and I had to work while studying. I am from a lower middle class family hence had to make our family living by my own. In Jun 2014 I completed my engineering and unfortunately got 2 subjects back. Now the university under which I studied is saying that I cannot write anymore exams because I have completed the maximum course duration. Now I have no other option and my past 8 years of effort has got shattered. I don’t know what to do and I have no other option to make my future bright. I already have lots of family problems but even then I managed to somehow study but now I cant write exams anymore. I am totally depressed, i don’t have any bad character, I never think bad of anyone. I always try to help people and do good to them but i don’t know why such a situation raised in my life. I have no hopes other than praying to god. I see many posts here in which people have faced so many difficulties and have managed to fix it. I request all my brothers and sisters to pray for me also to suggest some prayers to keep patience and move forward in life. I trust Allah and have left everything on him.

  66. The man I loved was meant to marry me (he proposed and made me promise), cared for (cleaning after him even washing the towels sheets he and his mistress used, treating him when he would come back sick and injured after sexual escapades), cherished and made dua’a for, betrayed my love, my humanity and my faith, deen and iman all at once by abusing me emotionally, mentally and physically in public and private. The humiliation, the bullying, the threats. He broke my lip, swore at me and my family. Destroyed my property. Got me fired from work. Coerced me into zina once and left me to deal with the pregnancy alone. He just disappeared. Then reappeared and because I wont let him touch me is now sleeping with eight different women behind their husbands and children’s back. I hate the idea of revenge. It is very destructive to the self, corrosive, consuming, acrid and harmful. But I can not forgive this narcissistic, pathological, evil, conniving, lying, cheating low life sorry excuse for a human being. He has ruined me. I am on a sickness benefit undergoing psychotherapy whereas he is growing his business becoming successful. Tell me what do I say in dua’a. The story you are reading is just a very small slice of my endless suffering. For these women he has destroyed my life instead of just honestly telling me truth and setting me free. How do I forgive him? I’m destroyed. When is Allah’s justice? What can I say to Allah? Which dua’a? Will you please also make dua’a for me? I nursed him through his drug addiction. Gave him character reference for immigration purposes because no one else would.

    • How i feel you sister :'( i am also used and abused by a person i gave my all. May Allah(swt) grant us patience and give us our justice. Ameen

  67. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I don’t know what to do anymore. I am a girl in the last year of school and my only dream was to be a commercial pilot. I have the required subjects but everyone refuses to let me and I’ve been asked who would ever hire me and what makes me think I can pass the exam to get the license. Even when I was little, I used to get excited whenever I saw a pilot and this is the only career I considered. I didn’t just think of it as a career, it was my whole future. Whenever I thought of a shortcoming or problem in this career, there was always a voice in my head reassuring me. Now, all I want to do is hide in my room and never go out. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I don’t want to watch TV, read a book, study or talk to anyone and whenever I see or hear a plane, I remember all my plans and I just cry. That’s all I want to do; cry. Now my only dream has shattered, I don’t know what the purpose of my life is anymore. What do I do?

    • Waalaikumasalaam wa rahmatullah,

      When we are faced with an unexpected change in our plans, remember that Allah tells us in the Quran that He is the best of planners (8:30). While we may make plans thinking that something is best for us, it is only by Allah’s will that these plans come to be. His plans may not make sense at the moment, but know that there IS goodness in them and benefit for us. Remember as well that when Allah takes something away from us, He also replaces it with something better. As such, ask yourself how this sudden change in career plans for you is a blessing from Allah. Perhaps it has made way for a career opportunity that will enable you to draw closer to Allah and make better use of the precious time that Allah has granted you. When we realize that our life on this earth is temporary, and our ultimate purpose is to serve Allah and use this world as a means to prepare for the akhirah, its important to remember that sometimes, some things in this world are not worth pursuing, no matter how appealing, satisfying, or fulfilling they may seem. Allah tells us in the Quran what our ultimate purpose is in this world: “We did not create the jinn and men except to worship us.” (51:56 ). I would highly encourage you to read this article which talks about how our career can be made into a form of worship, and encourage you to think about them in relation to your dreams of being a pilot: Its definitely understandable why you are feeling the way you do. To hope for something for so long and to suddenly have it taken away from you is definitely not easy. But rather than focusing on what could have been, exert that time and energy into discovering other routes and opportunities that can lead you to having a fulfilling and successful life :) To help you with this, I would like to share this article which discusses different tips on how we can deal with sudden changes that come our way: Hope this helps, in sha Allah!

      • Thank you for all you have told me, I understand and had completely forgotten in my initial shock that there is goodness in everything Allah Subhana watallah does. I thank you for reminding me of this.

        • Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah..

          I am on the verge of going into my final year of University. I feel up for it and want to go back. The last two years has been very difficult for me. More difficult that anything else in my life. I made mistakes in the last two years. I want to make up for it. I on the other hand was sinful. I face a difficult task, having acheived 47 overall last year grade. I want to make this coming year count and pull up my grades.

          I feel pressured as my family want me to get int training or employment. I have not applied for placements and I spent whole year wasting time. Uni i faced problems too much work to handle and things got out of hands.

          I use to waste time on social networks and I want to give up. It is hard. I just want to get my life back on track. I sometimes feel weak and stressed. I sometimes feel down on myself. I feel nothing comes my way. I dont know who to even to speak to when I face problems. Also, in my family there is family disputes and sometimes it just hits me the fact others are not getting along.

          I just want help in uni life and how to overcome this year

          Anyone has spare some advice please?

  68. Can you please help me? I did something very sinful and i am going to get into trouble tomorrow for it. I send nude pictures of me to my best friends boyfriend and i really regret it. My mom doesn’t know, but she is going to call the school and figure out this rumor. I really need help and all the prayers that can help me out of this situation. I really need help. If Allah helps me out of this situation, i won’t be dirty anymore. Please help me out. InshAllah, i don’t get into trouble with anyone

  69. I had lost all hope and I had given up on life. I was slowly dying inside but I read this article and many more which helped me regain confidence and imaan on Allah and his reasons for such tests.
    I just want all of you to pray for all of us “O Allah, you’re all knowing, all loving and caring, I ask you, I beg you and I plead you to solve our ploblems as we know none else who can.”

  70. AoA brothers and sister! As many people around the world i am sure go thru a hard time. I am as well. Though Allah has blessed me with food and health, there is just a part of my
    Life that is not going so well. I just want to ask all of you reading this that please just once maybe just pray for me and that i just not only get thru this hardship but defeat it and succeed into the future that Allah has held for me. I Pray that Allah blesses you all and may you have a healthy and happy
    Jazzak Allah khair

  71. Dear brothers and sisters
    I have been worry for two months now. i borrow money and put in to my school now i have not yet start paying the money and it is because i don’t have the money now and the loan date will expired on 30 october 2014. Muslims brothers and sisters help me with prayer to pay the money back
    mobile 00233240507995

  72. Ya Allah you know all my problems.I’m suffering a lot.I can’t study anymore.I’m totally shattered .I don’t know what to do.but despite all this I have full faith on you and I know you will make all my duahs qabool.

  73. life is easier without god in man life for the stress of god can cause man to loss hope i had everything i need in a family, but Allah wasn’t happy with that all he care about is his felling, never care about what my father did for me what my mother did for me and what i was feeling all he cared about was what he wanted, sometime i say i’m glad it grieve him in his heart because he doesn’t know what it feel like to be killed taking a children away from their parents i will never agree with god for what I’ve had to go thought was crazy because his feeling is the most important thing in life then don’t make world for human to be shot and kill for man was god image and the lord became humanity downfall because of Adam, this was meant to be humanity home not a world of killing, if Allah want people to be murdered then he should have made a world where he was the 1 fight and killing all the time not human, i think of Allah and i think you have let humanity down for your own glory all this suffering just to make you face the must important thing within the universe how sad, Allah never gave me freewill he a pressed me abuse as if is was a murder sad, i never asked for the world and i don’t care about the world all i care about is my family my mother who rise me with love my father who look after me with care and love, but god(Allah) only cared about his feeling and in that i may never want to see his world or his kingdom because he had to put his feeling first before the right of my birth right, he really messed up in this world and the life that he made i’m not a kufr, just someone who does like how someone can abuse someone life and make a world of such suffering who want the afterlife maybe i don’t maybe all i want was love from my mother and father and my brother and sister not the world that god made to gloryify his own image

  74. and sorry but i can hear Allah, there a time in every person life when you can hear what he got planned for a person, he will send an angel to say how long your going to live where you going to die and how much money you will have within this life, i know that and he know that I’ve heard him, i was discriminated from my birth right because of Allah, he didn’t give me life i have to thank my mother for that and i will always give thank for with out her i would have been born, but with Allah i became a fool and stupid, without Allah i went to other country, now because of Allah i suffer, that not my fault it because he wanted to test me, i live within poverty because of Allah, i have 2 lovely girls and because of Allah i don’t even support them because he is so self centered, how could someone, say he full of love when he made a world of bloodshed, for his own glory not for humanity glory we kill each other because of Allah, but what does that do for the human race just show we live in a world of hatred all because of Adam Satan And Allah all for his own glory, Allah let himself down because of his own pride, if he had given me life then i would give thanks but my mother gave me life, you have ruined her soon life for your own self ego

  75. Jazakumullaahu khairan wa ahsana ilaikum Jameen. I’m really happy wit this wonderful article may Allah make it useful to all Muslim.

  76. Ya Allah i startted building a new house,i haven’t done much so far…Allah please complete this project for me.let helpers locate me from everywhere so i can complete this project and bless save me.

  77. Slmz….dear brothers and sisters

    I really would appreciate all your duas. My husband and I have been seperated for over 2 months. He doesnt feel the same towards me anymore and is contemplating divorce. Please make dua for me that, that does not happen and he thinks clearly about this situation and that he does nt treat the marriage so lightly. If he is gud for me..let him come back and if not…Allah ta ala gives me the strength to move on. Ameen

    Jazakallah khair

  78. Assalamu Alaikum!
    Dear brothers and sisters of Islam!
    May peace and blessings of ALLAH be up on all of us.
    I have been living in a western country and really did not feel right and I was all alone! I could have got married and settled to non Muslim who does not believe, but I did not want to loose my soul just to live in a western country! After all the real judgement is on the day of quiam! I was Working and studying hard, there was a time that I went in to deepest depression, injustice, made mistakes and came back to my home country just with a pure belief on ALLAH! Expecting to get married, start a new life and practice Islam and be around and look after my beloved parents till the end. Things has not been so easy, I have been rejected marriage proposals on materialistic things from brides parents, it is sad to say that Our own fellow Muslims who are expecting to be rich and wealthy to let there daughters to be married and they leave Islam to the end or never bothered to know if I was a practicing Muslim,
    I must I am not perfect! I have done things what every young person would or might have done without knowledge or with knowledge because saitan could lead us on a real bad trip towards taking the Iman from our soul, I kept praying for two years and and I was sincere in My Dua and was trying to get closer to ALLAH Swt as much as I can, I need a practicing Muslim Wife to go through this test of life to and I still keep praying and trying hard not to fall in to saitan straps, recently I had trouble with my business and so many issues and distractions,
    I would like to request from all my dear Brothers and sisters in Isalm to include me in your prayers to ALLAH Swt to grant me with Iman and strength to deal with all the shortcomings !
    I have not given up on hope and I just saw this because I typed the key words on on google to seek ALLAH Swt’s help. I hope and pray this day change my life for good! and May the Almifty guide me to be a better Muslim and to please him through every moment in my life and grant me and all of us Jannathul Firdouse!

  79. Asalaamualaikoumm everyone please I’m going through a hard time causing my viza problem ,my husban two children under stress ,my children couldn’t join their education like going uni ,,as a mum I’m worring for my children ,everyday living in suspense still waiting for an answer ,,,what they will decide ,,,please everyone make dua for us we get all four same answer,,,,jazakallah khair

  80. salaam ,
    i have been a good muslimah , alhamdullilah i pray salah and love my religion
    i have got evrythimg in my life that i have ever wanted but i dont feel satisfacted with these things. i cant stay at my home i am a girl i m doing my corresponence studies from home . i just hate saying here i feel like going to some other country othr place i feel lonely here for no reason i start crying in my room i feel i have lost evrything in my life ithough i have evrything i still feel empty and hopeless
    i want to do something good in my life but evrything can not be done by home my parents just dont care about my ambission and dreams they are busy with their own problems i feel like i left all alone to cry
    i hate living here , i think my life has become completely hopeless and prisoned and no good future here
    i want to get rid off this life i always pray allah to show me the way but i just cant take a thing out of my mind that i cant live this place and go somewhere i always keep thinking of leaving this place
    please tell me why is it happening to me
    why i m not happy at my home
    why i always think of living this place this country
    i dont wanna get married also i just want to live my life alone with my own wishes and demands
    i just hate staying here

    what do i do??

  81. Salam,
    This is what I need right now. I try not to questioning why is things happen to me. Now all I have to do is praying and hopefully Allah will show me the right path to walk through.


  82. I am not good Muslim but i never harm anyone as i can remember. i meet with Egyptian guy last year and got married without documentation. We had ups and down and keep fighting for every single things but i never intended to leave him. We are from two different country and most of the time we had to apart from each other due to Visa problem. After all this problem, we intended to start a new life in a different country and finally we meet and i become pregnant.

    I am truly believe that i am married(I told all my family members and friends) and there is no harm to be pregnant even my marriage was not documented till now after asking him many time. Now he asked to abort my child and i can’t kill any child. He stop talking with me and he said to contact with him only after abort the child. He is in Egypt now. And i am still in the other country waiting for him.

    Please help me..what i will do now? its going to be two month of my pregnancy.

  83. While going through a tough time in life, I almost lost all my hope. While searching on the internet, I stumbled upon this article. And, it has really helped me get back onto my feet and take things with a whole new perspective.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  84. Thanks you, assalamualikum thanks you for the ideas and understandin subahanallah I have a clear understanding and targets to complete in life and help my life become what is most best, this information is very helpful May Allah bless you

  85. i am 26 yrs, my parent don’t have feeling in my education background likewise others. but i keep my faith in ALLAH premises. some years after i proceed to polytechnic Alhamdulah , and got government JOB. now went for University Programme to hood my because Nigeria civil service recognise First bachelor digree. inshort needing financial assistance to continue my program,now in 200L. also dont have anybody to share my problem with except ALLAH.
    every Muslim brother & sister put me in your prayer toward this challenges…….

  86. Praibe to aAllah tlord of the wworld. I am tototally ththankful and delighted to become a member in this article reading of muslims. I had had found so many of my answers I have been looking for ages. May continue blessing us with such a beautiful wisdom. Am honored

  87. Praise be to Allah the lord of the world. I am totally thankful and delighted to become a member in this article reading of muslims. I had had found so many of my answers I have been looking for ages. May Allah continue blessing us with such a beautiful wisdom. Am honored

  88. Salam
    My dear muslim sisters and brothers
    Me and my husband are facing really hard time
    Right now. We open a business 3 years ago we put everything
    We have in it. Now our business is filling down we have
    No one to help us to stand only allah
    Please pray for us we need your help
    Thank you allah bless you all

  89. May Allah bless all of you…and get you through the difficult times you are facing…God says in the quran…With hardship goeth ease…so have sabr and make lots of duas…The almighty is hearing and seeing.

  90. Nice article. Jazakallah khair.. after reading this finally I stop crying pls everyone make dua for me I am in great trouble.. Not so big in the sense of the world but yet big for me. And I can’t tell it to my family also. I hope everything will be fine in a few days..

  91. Reading all these even I think I can open my mind to yourl my sister’s and brothers.
    I m also facing truly difficult situation since 8 years.still I am not able to get out of it. I am doing my prayers and duas.I hope a prayer from your side may help me a lot
    So plse pray for my family .

  92. In the name of Allah
    Salaams my brothers and sisters please ask allah to help my wife she’s sick and get me of debt ameen

  93. Assalamu alaikum. I am a new muslim, im european and i was a christian before. I started reading the quran some two years ago… at that time i was reading it just for my knowledge. With time i started undrstanding it better and then i met my husband who is a muslim and explained to me many things. I read most of your messages and thus article made me tear. I am facing nowa lot of problems . My husband is far from me and we are trying to settle our life togwther but is very hard for him to get the visa. I pray to allah that he finds a solution for us. We are both poor but we are honest and trying to be good. He is now far from me and i am facing a lot of problems. Im having finanial issues, at work my boss and coleagues are treating me very bad and its so hard for me, also at home things are not good and im facing all these problems every day. Seeing all your messages makes me feel hopefull that i will find eace soon and live apeacefully with my husband. I pray to Allah for you all that u find peace and solve all your problems Incha Allah.

  94. Salam ma bht musibat ma hun 8 saal sy ak jga rishta hua tha Ghr walo k Against ja kr ma ny us larky k lye stand lia Uski waja sy mery apny bhaiyo ny mug sy hr rishta khtm kr dia ma phr b us k naam pe bethi rhi ye soch kr k woh muge kbi dhoka nai dy ga r us sy shadi ho ge r meri sari problemz khtm ho jaiy ge us ny b mug sy bht promise kiye sath na chordny k jis k lye ma ny mery bhaiyo ki hr sakhti brdasht ki meri study rukwa Di mery bhayo ny mra Ghr sy niklna bnd krva dia ma phr b chup rhi sabr kia bhabyo ki b hr zidati brdasht ki r Jb shadi ka time aya toh us larky k Ghr walo ny ye bol k rishta khtm kr dia k larki syed nai ha r hmy koi syed larki chaye hamary bety k lye larky ny Kuch arsa toh sath dia r bola k apny bhayo ko manao ma akela akr tum sy nikah kr lu ga usk baad toh mery Ghr waly tumy accept kraiy gai ma ny usk kehny pe apny bhayo ki Mintaiy kr k Unsy zalil ho kr unko kisi trha agree kr lia ictrha nikkah Pr but Jb time aya toh us ny ye keh kr mna kr dia nikkah sy k ma tumhary lye apny Ghr walo ko nai chord sakta usk bad toh jaisy qayamt toot pri mug pe charoo trf andhera ho gya ma ny 8 saal usk lye wait kia pori family ma zalil hui badnaam hui mery bayo r bhabyo ny meri zindgi mugpe tang kr Di ma hr time roti but koi puchny nai ata mery pass koi chup na krvata muge ma hr Roz us larky ko call krti wasty deti Allah k but us ny mugsy hr contact khtm kr dia meri callz tak pic krna chord Di ic bat ko b ab ak saal ho Chuka ha ma ab bhi usi larky k wait ma hun din raat Allah sy ro ro kr dua mangti hun k koi mojiza ho jay woh wapis ajay mery pass r meri shadi ho jay us sy kici time Sakoon feel nai hot muge sleeping pillz khari rehti hun basss mery bhayo ko meri koi fikar nai ha r na he meri shadi ki r Waisy b usk wait ma ma ab 30 saal ki ho chuki hun koi shadi nai kry ga is age maugsy r na he mentally ma kisi r k kabil rhi hun hr naamz ma ma Allah sy dua krti hun K Allah he us insan sy mera bdla ly. Jis ny bech Rasty ma muge mrny k lye chord dia but lgta ha Allah mug sy bht naraz ha kyok woh insaan bht khush ha r usy ehsas tak nai woh kya kr k gya ha pechy ma kya karo koi Rasta nai ha mery samny siwae andhery k

  95. assalam alaikum
    mashallah its a really good article. It made me think on the other side of my problem.
    recently i lost my mobile which was more dear to me than a.ything else because my dad gave it to me .its like i lost his trust plus it was the loveliest thing i had. I dont know what ti do,is thi allah’s test .???
    Should we readily accept such tests or pray to lord to prevent us from any such trials?
    I mean can we pray to allah to prevent us from such tests and problems and calamities???

  96. My name is Shehzad and my ages is 29, still I am single and I want to ask to everyone please help me and guide. Basically, I proposed one girl in 2005 she was my best friend and we had communicate in yahoo messenger and she was my classmate after one yeas, she has gone and she rejected my than i was full in depression, than live moved on in 2007 I got new friend same i proposed her but my parents rejected her because of family problems, I accepted my parents decision than my parents selected one girl but i like her but not as a life partner, than in 2011 to 2014 again I got new friend after 3 years i send proposer but she refused me now I am in full out of mind. I always pray if i awake and ask dua to ALLAH PAK. but I am totally confused my half life is gone still i am looking someone but the problems is i dont have confidence to how can talk to the girl and impress them I just believe on My ALLAH that’s it and have patience.

  97. I have been facing a lot of problem since till now even that I think of killing my self but once I realize that if I killed my self I will end up in he’ll fire (fal hauzubillahi because most of my elder brother and sisters were in various institution so people use that against me that I also feel ashamed of my sell
    there was a time not soon that jamb text me that I was admitted to a university I have buy every thing needed but to my surprise on getting to that school they said I was not admitted can’t go back home simply because I don’t know how to say it to people hearing so I need to take another jamb till know I was in that school doing noting but preparing for jamb I am vocational but no one to finance me or set up for me because they keep promising .me since 2 years know

  98. Salaams brother and sisters. Make sure you make prayer for people everyday because when you pray for peopl the angles pray for you. So if you say o allah please help so and so the angles say May Allah help you wow that’s Allahs mercy. Say glory to be to Allah 100 times you get 1000 rewards mercy

  99. Reyaz- dear brothers and sisters, please pray for me. I’m in deep professional problem. Allah will bless you all- Ameen

  100. This article is really useful, thank you.

    I have to admit it has been difficult for me to follow through though.

    Ever since I was a kid, my mother has been suffering from witchcraft issues, now as her child, I am a regular target as well. My mother and I keep accumulating enemies. What’s even weird is people harm us and then seem to consider us as the ones guilty in situations. I do not complete any stage of my life happily, I end up losing what I have each time. My reputation is often affected in the process, I feel like I am trapped in a vicious cycle.

    As a child, I have grown in an unhealthy atmosphere- my parents keep fighting, my father is violent and keep swearing. I no longer talk to him since our conversations end up is swearing at each other. My mother is very controlling and argumentative with me, though she can be supportive as well. I want to live alone but unfortunately I do not have the means to. I usually feel like I will become mad because of the situation at home plus all other external issues.

    I used to pray a lot, I no longer do. Sabr is what I lack I guess.
    I kind of do not like to live in this world. I am angry because I did not choose this life and there is no way for me to get out of this. Again, I feel trapped in a vicious circle. And no matter how much I try to get back the faith, it’s always difficult for me.

  101. Salam allykom I’m a teenager and having a really big huge problem I realized that in school days m not praying well and sometimes stopping it I don’t know why and I don’t feel good for that, even my studying is getting worser and m wasting my time for nothing important I don’t revise any more or plan my time and even sleeping I don’t sleep early or well anymore everything is going wrong and I really want to fix that I don’t want to die like that life is short and I don’t know when m gonna die I don’t want to die like a kafer m really feeling awful and ashamed of my self so plz plz someone help me and give me advice

  102. O Allah, please forgive my sins and turn me into a better Muslim with Your strength! I am worried as something horrid has gone wrong so please help me, Jazakallah!

  103. My daughter is getting married in a few weeks and I am totally devastated by my younger daughter leaving home without warning with a white Christian man , she refuses to talk to us or meet anyone at all and says she’s made her choice , I am a Muslim mother who taught my daughters what muslim children should do eg namaz , observe ramadhan and zakat etc as well as halal and haram , all the happiness for my other daughters wedding has been replaced with tears and shame and heartache , I think now what do I say to my daughters in laws and when she’s not at the wedding and people ask what do I say , i wish ALLAH swt never gives daughters if like this , my husband and me and my other daughters cry all day and night and make dua to ALLAH but I don’t know how to describe this pain , is she had died I would have done sabar that she belonged to ALLAH and he took her , Allah did not grant me a son and now this daughter has tortured my soul , please Allah help me , please sisters and brothers make dua I beg you , your very broken sister

  104. Ya Allah please help us all..I do bussiness in different state far away from my family..I have have a baby boy who,he is of 3 months and I see him only for 15 days..I m stuck because of economic crisis..ya Allah please help us all and me so I can bring my family..

  105. Salam to all my muslim sisters and brothers
    Were facing very hard time now
    My husband Business is not doing well at all
    We have Morgage and bills from her place and my
    Home we can’t afford to pay them it’s been all most 3 month
    We have not payed our Morgage because we have no money
    Or no one to help us. I called my sister in-law to help us just so we can get on our feet
    She was our last hope she also put us down saying she don’t have it
    When we know she’s does but it’s ok allsh is big
    I don’t want anything I don’t want to have money I don’t want nice car nice house or gold
    All I want is to pay our bills on time that’s all I want from allah
    Please please please pray for us pleas
    I have it’s ya allah not for he please help me for my kids

  106. Im 36 years old and have been in a relationship that’s really bad for me I love this girl but we are toxic for each other she is a girl that is confused about her religion she wants be a muslim and a Christian recently I got in trouble with the law im in the military and my life is in distress with the military and with the law I put myself in this situation and I don’t know how to get out of it i want to pray but im ashamed I don’t know how my mother has passed away and my father I have not seen in 17 years I have no one to teach me and I don’t believe there is a majit near me I want and need a prayer please someone pray for me and my difficult time

  107. Salam my brothers and sisters in Islam
    I am grateful to come across this forum as I need duahs and advice. I was married for almost two years when my husband left me when I was 6 months pregnant and communicated with me on the phone that he divorced me. While I was pregnant he traveled, partied with different women and used social media as a platform to show what he was doing. I worked until my labor month to pay all the unpaid housing bills he left me with. After my delivery he came to the Hospital to see the baby and signed the birth certificate. To make a long story short… He used to come every week to see his child but now he stop, I just found out that he drinks now, my husband used to pray all the time, I don’t know now. , now he have women he is flashing on social media and call them his girlfriend and the best that happen to him. I see it as a blessing that Allah has removed me from such an individual who is not sincere, walk out on his family that he built with me. Now I’m still hurting inside, to see him drink, havé lther women abd have our mutual friends approve of his acts. My son and I have been discredited by his family and friends.please make duah for me to be removed completely from this situation. May Allah ease my situations, grant me Iman and Sabr and reward me for my patience and endurance of this harsh up. May Allah ease all problems of all Muslims. Please give me advice. Thank you

  108. Salam alaikum, after I read this article I think is God sent at d rite time,I got a job in Dubai d company said I should go back to mine home country dat mine employment visa will sent to me .pls I nid a pray to facilitates d process,thank you.

  109. I just wanna say.. That sometimes i cry becoz of happiness..becouse i love bein muslim iam glad allah made me muslim

  110. Asalam alikum wrwb,

    I am currently in hardship, where my own flesh and blood are putting me in severe hardship.

    It has got so bad that I am considering to leave my home. As a Muslim woman this is it not ideal but I am constantly treated awfully and I have nobody to help me.

    I am under constant pain and have resorted to taking medicine to calm me down.

    As a Muslimah, I do not know what to do. I keep on being advised to have sabr but it has become so bad that I cannot work or plan my future projects.

    Please advice.


    • My my dear sister
      Please be patient Allah is with you I know inshallah he will make this better for you. I am sorry you have to go through that. But remember Allah is with you all the time. Keep pray for him. I will be praying for you

  111. Assal o Allaikum Bro & Sis

    A great soothing article in tough going, May ALLAH bless all of you and cure yours & mine sorrows and worries. I request you all to pray for me too I am facing hard time , May ALLAHA keep me out of it safe & secure and bless me as well all muslims relax life.
    Plz specially pray for me.

  112. Assalam Walikum , I am a student in Mumbai and i was confused that which course will be better for me in future and i was very glad about my career bcoz i do not have much money to pursue my study in best college but now i have decided that i will study and work hard and Allah is always with me and i think that ‘UNIVERSITY DOES NOT MAKE OUR CAREER,IT’ DEPEND’S ON OUR HARD WORK AND SMART WORK’ !!! I Thank the person who post this Dua and make my aim and spirit more..

  113. This is a wonderful article. We often forget to look at the bigger picture. May Allah (SWT) grant us success in both this life and in the Hereafter. Ameen.

  114. Assalamu Alaikum.
    I’ve always seen that Allah has been kind to me throughout my whole life.He has accepted all my prayers except few which I later figured where bad for me.
    My faith in Allah is so strong that nothing can pull away my trust on Him.InShaAllah.
    He is the one who listens to me when i’m alone,depressed,sad,upset.
    Dear muslim brothers and sisters,Allah is the only One who understands our pain.

    I was struggling with my Alevels studies which is on May InShaAllah,I feel like I cannot live upto my parents and teachers’ expectation.So I searched on how to seek help from Allah in the time of sufferings.
    Seeing all my brothers and sisters problems,i now feel like Allah has blessed me so much that I can never finish thanking Him.
    May Allah help us all and lead us to the right path.
    Please,pray for my Alevels.
    And jazha’ka Allah for such a nice website.
    Is there a way how teenagers might satisfy Allah to the most,balancing studies and all?
    I would like to read any articles about it.
    Jazha’Ka’Allah again

  115. My dear, brothers and sisters
    My name is sofiyan shaikh frm mumbai my cousin brother is giving us a trouble nd abuse us (parents) alot means alooottttt we are fed up with him.he is a criminal has to many records in police station he is soo much addicted to a drugs that i cant even tell you..sometime i feel like killing myself or him…my sweet muslim brother and sister ur pray can change our life plzzzzzz plzzz pray for us i m the only son to my parents (remember us in ur dua

  116. my name is muhammed mutala i have a problem with my boss and the problem is am working whiles going to school but boss now asking me to leave my school i should leave work i am now confuse what i am asking my muslim brothers to halp me in prayers becouse i am in ma finally year.please me in prayer muslim brothers.

    Asalaam Alaykum
    To all my muslim brothers and sisters
    I know that a lot of us have left messages on this page
    And I ask Allah swt to answer all our duas.
    I’ve really been struggling with my marriage
    I was a cruel and unkind person to my lovely
    Wife who did nothing but support me until
    One day that I pushed her to far and she left
    I’ve asked Allah swt and my wife to forgive me
    Pls to all that read this ask Allah swt to reunite us
    With love and mercy we have small children
    I’ve seen the error of my ways but I don’t think
    My wife loves or trusts me enough to believe me
    I love her and have promised Allah swt never to
    Be that ugly person again
    Ur brother

  118. salamualaikum. For about four month now, I lack peace of mind in fact its like heart attack. I went to see a doctor, my BP was checked they said it was normal But yet I feel the same way. I use to hear this from various scholars that Allah punish someone for the sins they committed. Though I could remember some sins which I committed sometime ago which I consider as major sins like fornication, I accompanied abortion and also collected bribe. I repented and ever since I increase in my deen. I try as much as possible to pray on time, I tried fasting monday and Thursday, I begged for forgiveness almost a thousand time every day also wake up in the middle of the night for ibadah, Yet I still feel bad. Please advise me on what to do because I am loosing it. You can contact me


  120. As Salam alie kum,

    Brothers & Sisters,

    I had left my night shift job due to some reasons, I’m trying hard for a job now in Gulf.
    Please pray for me. May Allah gives the best of this world and hereafter.

    Ya Allah please help all mankind in this world.

    Allah Hafiz,

  121. Assalamualaikum,

    I would like ask the author permission to share this article with my students as their reading text and I shall credit the author well and will not make profit from it. The cost to photostat and distribute to my dear students will solely be placed upon me. I hope that’s okay and thanks ^_^

  122. Allah please forgive me for all the sins I have done and please forgive all those who worship
    My mother needs great help she court cases and many more.

  123. Assalamualaikum to All, my husband is facing a tough time with court case and he might be sentenced to jail about something that he did not commit. He is innocent. My life would shatter if that happened and I really need all of your prayers to make it disappears. Everyday I feel so down and lost wondering what would be the fate of our life. We were just about to start a family we just married and we were planning to have baby and do good to repay those who had shown us kindness and also inshallah do loads of charity. But all these things surfaced and now we are living in fear and worries everyday. Please do suggest me what kind of Dua can I recite to make my husband safe. Your advice & prayers are much needed and appreciated. Thank you so much. I will pray for all of you kind people here too.

  124. Assalamo Alaikum.
    I am now about 60 yeast of age. For a total of medicals18 years I was working in gulf, earlier for a small salary and later on increased but not too much. Though I had no commitments or difficulties in life and it was commonly smooth for some years. Difficulties and hardship started escalating as the time passed with my earnings being increased slowly. Though I was a firm believer in Islam and prefer,ed regular namaz, reciting Quran regularly with total commitment. About 32 years back I married a non Muslim girl after conversion and my parental family was against and I left home. Till now I am on my own with no one’s help. Past a year I forcibly left my job because of my hardships since 8 years at home due to mismanagement. Two of my son’s are working and running the house and I am totally dependent on them. Now I feel they are over riding me since I am helpless. Though I shall not blame any one but it’s all the fault of my wife who made big and continuous mistakes in my absence though I was regularly instructing her from abroad and she kept me in darkness. Though I earned several lakes of rupees but now I am under burden of several lakes debts with nothing with me. On pursuance of my friends, several times I approached to Muslim practitioners spending thousands but to no vail. Now every one is in stretched and strained relations with no love and affection at all. Daily there are verbal fights among ourselves at home involving my wife. The once sweet home now has become a hell. Now a day’s I even do not feel relinquished,they or satisfaction or security’s any thing even with namaz and prayers.affection I feel the doom’s day is very close to me. I am ready to embrace my end the way it comes but not leaving my family in a junk like this.
    I don’t want to ask help or support from any one nor even request to pray for me because my own prayers were not fruitful to me. I have given all my honesty, truthfulness and all good deeds to Allah and let me wait further. Though I have lost hopes even on him due to my continued hardship that I got against my heartful prayers. I have left with no other options.
    Allah bless all human beings and never ever put any human the way I am.
    Allah Haafiz.

  125. If you please can put me in your dua i will be forever gratefulL

    Im dealing with a harship of maybe a divorce which i do not want but out of knowwhere my husband feels like he should be on his own yet he can’t let me go. there isnt a day go by where i have my husband and my trouble in my prayers and dua,asking for a solution or some peace of mind. I

    He has suicidal thoughts and i fear for his soul. I tried to talk to him, reason with him but nothing works. I pleaded that he should just read a little bit of koran to distract him or remove his bad feelings and thoughts but he sees no use for anything anymore.

    May everyone who is going through very difficult time bless them with many patience and strong believes and strengthen their imaan during hardships.
    May allah swt have mercy on us all and forgive our mistakes we consciously and unconsciously do. May we better ourselves each day.


  126. Dear brothers and sisters please pray for me and family as well. Was working with big employer here but some folks there maliciously involved me in some incident and add me in termination list. Had nothing to do with it and a clean record for 10 years. Now I even lost immigration status, job, and facing a hardship. I may have to leave this country as I’m not getting any job and expenses are chewing me up. I didn’t do any bad rather always helped others but just going through this for a year now. I hope may Allah s.a.w. helps me and reduces my time of hardship.

  127. Dear Brothers & sisters, I am living desperately. I have failed as a son, brother and a lover. I couldn’t marry a girl I liked the most. We were about to marry but something happened that ruined our life. The incident has ruined my life, my career, my heart, my emotions. Both, physically and mentally, I’m feeling illness. Please Pray to the Allah SWT and ask him to forgive my past sins, to help to fight my battle in my life. I want to make my parents happy. I want to make my sister happy. I want to marry a nice girl. I want to live as how Allah pleased. I just can’t concentrate on my work. I loose all hopes in my life. Everyday I wake up with negative thoughts so powerful that I even don’t want to wake up. Everyday I think of suicide. Whenever I think to work good, something evil happens to me & I just couldn’t do or understand the work. I know I have to stand on my own. But till these all, I was very proud on myself, but nowadays my all proud has vanished & I even can’t take care of myself. I don’t like to eat, I don’t like to dress well. I don’t like friends to meet, wasting my time with unusual things. Please pray to Allah SWT to make me OK as I was before and help to gain my life pleasure. because I even forget what is goal of my life, what I can do for my life and what is my ability. Now only He is able to bring my life on proper track. Please ask him, I hope he’ll listen to you. Ameen!!!

  128. Assalamu’alaikum.

    As a 13 year old muslim, Whenever I study, I get distracted by the thoughts of Allah during Science. Especially while learning about cells. I somehow feel like I’m doing something wrong, and I feel like I’m very paranoid. I don’t know if I should go with common sense and logic or grow overly religious.

  129. Bismillahi rahmani a’rahim

    I am in a terrible position. My family are facing an unjustly eviction from their home. The gentleman that served us the papers has always been intimidating and always spoke with a patronising/bullying tone. We had no idea what this gentleman was planning, and for no good reason at all. Now, my elderly parents are facing being homeless. Allah allum.

    When I read the notice of termination. I was in complete shock. Starting crying…etc. But Subhanallah, something came over me when I started to think of Allah & the hereafter. All of a sudden this seemed small, compared to what children are going through in war torn countries. Suddenly this seemed small compared to what will happen to me and my family if we don’t increase our prayers and charities in time. ALHAMDULILAH. I feel peace in my heart unlike the sheer worry and anxiety that I felt yesterday. Today is Friday and so we will be playing the Quran in the house. Inchallah yarub help us in this time of need. I prayed to you and asked you for help so many times, and so many times you helped me but i still didn’t pray and perform my salah. Please forgive me Allah the most merciful, please forgive me. Please help my parents stay in their home inchallah, ya Allah please help them stay in their home. I will obey you forever more regardless if the situation ends up in the worst way, Alhamdulilah i will be so happy if you would just accept my prayers and grant me forgiveness for my sins inchallah so my family can one day reunite in Jannah inchallah yarub.

    I will make dua for all of my brothers and sisters in Islam inchallah. May Allah the most merciful forgive us and accept our prayers inchallah yarub.

    Thank you for this article brother Abu.


  130. Dear ABU
    Assalam Allay Kum Wa Rehmatullah

    I read and found the correct and perfect Allah Subhan Nahu Tallah will help and guide us all

  131. Brother Abu, please send your readers an email informing us when your book will be on sale or when the pre-sales is open on amazon etc. I’m sure I am one of many who will be purchasing inchallah.

    I think you do a marvellous job mashallah

    All the best inchallah!

  132. Dear Brothers and sister
    Asaalama calaykum waraxmatullaahi wabarakaatu
    Kindly pray for me and family, I have very small family problem.

    yours brother Ismail

  133. Dear brotherd and sister
    Asaalama calaykum Waraxmatullaahi wa barakaatu
    Kindly, I am requesting you to pray for me and my family

    blessing of ALLAH be with you and families

  134. Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters
    I am a newly converted muslim, living in Europe
    Having a hard time now.
    After my convert I lost my job , because I am started to wear Hijab and in my work they did not accept that.However I am trying to find a new job everywhere rejected.My family turned away from me, because of my convert. Because of my financial difficulties l lost my home, could not pay my bills.
    I am still here , I know I chose the only true. Reading my Quran daily, praying my five prayers.
    And I believe Allah here by my side.
    Pls my Dear Sisters and Brothers pray for me.

    May Allah be with all of you
    May Allah bless all of you.


  135. I want to know one thing from all you experts why there is a tendency in our community for not helping people in need and just saying Inshallah everything will be allright. Is that called being just to yourself

  136. Salaam, Thanks to all brothers and sister s who contributed to this page and May Allah take all your troubles away and grant you all heaven xxx

  137. Asalamualaykum brothers and sisters in Islam.

    I need help, I have suffurred all my life getting oppressed and abused by my own family (own blood) they destroyed my life, my family is muslim but they don’t want to give my rights, I only trust a God fearing person who is a alim or hafiz a true wali. I was working praying 5 times a day and asking Allah for help, the first marriage they destroyed, they didn’t give me peace, I have one boy and a girl from first marriage, even my own wife didn’t give me peace, she basically destroyed my life, I told her to pray five times, but she won’t listen, even my sisters they won’t pray or listen to me. They are selfish. my own family won’t help me get married again because they are jealous of me, because they know Iam a good hearted person, a righteous person who is looking for justice, I ask Allah for help every night, basically I don’t know what to do, can’t pray five times or read the Quran, Iam drinking alcohol and smoking a lot. I never used to, I gave all that up in my first marriage, because I thought that’s it I will be in peace have children and be happy and I thought my family will support me but they didn’t, but instead they gave me more pain. What should I do, I need help, even now they keep on oppressing me, they won’t ask for forgiveness to me or Allah, I can’t see my kids because of them, all I want is for my first wife to come back home, to my mum and dads house were I live by my self, thinking one day my wife and kids will come back, I did forgive everyone, but they keep on giving me pain, how many times Iam going to forgive them. My thinking is if u have caused pain to someone you should eliviate the pain, not add more pain, just wanted ask what will happen to my wife when she dies and also my mum and dad for giving me pain, are they going to suffer in this world and the next. I have seen everything my family won’t give me my peace or happiness. Please help brother or sister in Islam. I don’t know what to do. I was thinking to leave my mum and dad and everyone. They never thought of me and my feelings ever, I can see it in there eyes, I just want justice. And peace. Salaam.

  138. Dear All, I am not muslim, though, I belive in Allah, I can feel his presence all the time. I need dua, a strong dua in favor of me. I’ve recently passed through very very difficult time in my life, Yet, the difficulties have not been ended, but due to grade and mercy of Allah, I am being little able to bear it. But, truly, I am too tired of these difficulties and I’ve lost my ability to sense and to respond to difficulties. I’ve accepted them as my routine. I am feeling myself unable to fight or to survive against them. I don’t believe but sometimes, It feels like I am victim of witchcraft. That is the end point of what I feeling and how I’ve loose patient. I need you to make dua for me. I am at the point of time, that within next year either my life will go better or it will be crushed. Till now, I’ve done whatever I can done, but now, only God the almighty can rescue me. I have lost my honor, having no financial savings, my investment has been blocked or unworthy, lose a girl to whom I supposed to marry, having family troubles, having no peaceful environment, loose power to fight, loose all hopes and dreams. I used to believe in my confidence, but now it’s not working even. Please ask to Allah the one, to save me from all these. Please make me able to be a good man and to be worthy and able that I can help someone else. I had solutions of all the problems, but now, I’ve no solution either ability to fight against all the problems those came or coming in my life. Depression, Stress, Backpain, family trouble, financial troubles all have been routine of my life. I’ve seen poverty in my childhood, than I fight against & get some stability. but Now, at the age of 29, I’ve lost what I fought for. Now, I need to purchase a home, need to marry, make family settlled, make my parents happier. But all my needs can fulfill only when Allah will help me. I know Oh Dear god, you are helping me, But I need more attention. May be I’m being impatient, but as your child, I’ve right to ask for that master of universe. Please be with me. Please favor me. Please teach me about how to get rid of my difficulties. Please tell me that what I should do and what I shouldn’t. Please make my parents happy, they’ve never seen what a life could be with happiness. Please…

  139. Assalamalaikum,

    My best greetings to every Muslim brothers and sisters, I request you to please make DUA for me as im going through a very tough time.

    I’ve lost my business and i have lost pretty much every thing in my life except my faith and My wife stuck in a immigration problems and we both living in a separate country.

  140. I have gone through all the worst situations in life. Got married to an impotent man, got another one. I got a baby who fell very sick few days after birth and eventually passed away – she was my only child. He has pretended to be loving me for more than one year now but just a moths after loss of our child he says he is not yet ready for our relationship. I am confused, lost hope, still crying for my lost child and he also distances himself from me, I am failing to concentrate and feel as if this situation is making me at risk of a serious illness. What should I do. I am just crying all the time. Help me my fellow Muslims.

    • My dear sister
      Inshallah Allah will help you
      I’m so sorry about your loss I’m really sad for you. I will be praying for you
      Be strong my dear sister everything will be just fine don’t forget Allah is with you he can fell your pain.

  141. m also very upset during these days.i just want to pray for me so that my problem will get solved ….plz pray for me

  142. Salam my dear sisters and brothers
    I have 4 beautiful kids I’m trying to give them the best life. I went to school to get a degree to have better life for them now I’m done. Last 2 week I had a certification exam I failed and that’s the only way the medical Field will hire me if I pass my certification exam. Please pray for me I will take it again in 3 week. I need a lots of dua from all my Muslim family. Thank you

  143. Subhan’Allah this website is very helpful. May Allah reward you.
    I am making a humble request to anyone who is reading this, please make duah for me.
    I’m facing financial troubles. The troubles are coming one after the other like a chain, Alhamdulillah.
    Make duah for me that I succeed these tests.

  144. Pls ppl pray for me I have two kids and their mother doesn’t let me see them I’m worried about them and their future pray for them so they can be in the path of Mohammed peace be upon him our beloved prophet

  145. Assalamualikum,
    MA SHA ALLAH this article brought tears in my eyes, and i have definitely realized that my attitude was wrong.
    Thank you so much for the support and for writing this article. I am sure many Muslims will benefit from it. It helped me.
    May Allah guide you and make you successful in this world and the hereafter. IN SHA ALLAH. I hope we all learn to stay patient during our hard times and not lose our faith in Allah the Almighty.

  146. Mashallah!
    Ya Arham El Rahmeen, I’m going through through a strong hardship. THIS started when I was 19 years old. My mother lost one of her income. I stared working 40 hours a week to help her . I quit school and simply worked. I slowly started becoming depressed, the more I was stock in my job the depressed I became. I lost faith, I didn’t pray anymore. I became selfish, full of hatred, and let jealousy take over my life. This has been going on for almost three years. I pushed everything in my life back, my family, school, and my friends. I acted happy, but I really wasn’t. I cried, had panic attacks,and so much anxiety. To top it all off, my younger brother was getting in so much trouble. My mother doesn’t speak English so I was the translator. I was doing everything. it became too much for me. I gained so much weight, I don’t take care of my self, and I don’t like anything in this world. So I woke up today realizing that I lived my life these past three years as a horrible mistake. I lost myself. I need to find the happy me the me I loved. So please pray for me. May allah forgive me for all of my mistakes, all of the pain I caused myself and others, all of the hate that I had in my heart, and all of the love that I wasn’t given to those who needed it most. Ya allah, please help me and forgive me for everything. I was lost and I finally saw where I was wrong.

  147. Hello! Quick question that’s entirely off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when viewing from my iphone4.
    I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to correct this issue.
    If you have any recommendations, please share. Cheers!

  148. Alhmadhulillah!

    Great Job @Abuproductive!!! This article is and Insha Allah will be really effective in every hardships of all and at anytime. It is much much true that the points listed below (read from the above article) are the real-time experiences in the lives of people whose hearts are filled with Taqwa of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’ala)

    1. Reflecting hardships in Akhira points of view.
    2. Remembering the Qur’anic verse “Verily, with remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest”.

    May Allah help you in all your hardships and make you successful in all your goals. My prayers and wishes on your faster release of your book, “Islam and Productivity”.

    Allahu Akbar!!!

  149. Bismillah hir Rahmanur Rahim, Brothers and sisters, i am in relationship with a girl and committed to marry her, she lives in a foreign country. Few months back i went to visit her and committed that i will come back by September 2015 and Insha’Allah we will get married. But unfortunately the person who were supposed to pay me back the money i gave them as loan, they cheated and disappeared. Now im just praying to Allah that he enables me to keep my promise to her and not let her get hurt, also Some how Allah enables me to get 5000 usd, so that i can go to her and get married and complete the necessary formalities to settle there. I request all of you to please pray for me so that Allah gives me 5000 usd so that i can go back to her and full fill my promise to her.

    Jazak Allah

  150. I m 16 yrs old and I am not getting my UK visa.please pray for me I have been waiting for 1 and a half year to get my visa and live with my parents there in uk.Pleasssssssssseeeeee pray for me!

  151. Asallamualaikum!

    I feel very sad and feel being bullied or cheated by my husband. He has two wives and I’m the second. From her they have ten kids and twenty six grandchildren. Her roots are strong as the children will voice up for her whenever my husband fight with her. She is illiterate and comes from the village. I’m married for twenty eight years. We lived in separate houses. Every he fight with her, he’ll stay in my house for weeks until
    One of the daughters will call father to forgive her mother. Then things get back to normal.

    However, my main problem with this selfish husband is whenever he goes
    out of my house, he does not care if I have food to eat or not and do not
    Bother to call or ask about my welfare. I do not have any relatives living in this country. I’m alone. Recently, I underwent a surgery with is quite major. He do not care if I need help. He will just leave and go. Whenever I’m
    In pain he thinks I’m acting. Only Allah swt. knows how much I had suffered.
    He does not buy
    Me any clothes or any personal items, and only once in Ramadan give me ONLY 500 riyals. When I asked he will say I don’t need it as no one will visit me and I don’t go to any relatives. I feel very sad and disappointment from this guy. I got reverted 28 years back and got married to him and bought to this country without knowing its culture and language.
    Please advice me how to pray for more patience and fear of Allah swt and be a strong Muslim. Inshallah

  152. This is my 3yrs in Islam,i have being some hardship in my life praticularly in body,my business and now ALLAH have join me with a lady that i want to marry insha ALLAH,please;i needs your prayers and your advices,thanks.

  153. Yah Allah, in my present moment of extreme mental weakness, please help me in my search for a job Yah ALLAH. All I want is a job to be able to support myself, my Mother, My Father and my Sister . Ya Allah I can only talk to You in my heart ya Allah you are the only one who can help me ya Allah.

  154. I’m also going through a very tough time. When I was younger I mixed with a bad crowd and did many badly things, stealing, taking drugs etc. Then slowly I discovered Islam and changed my way of life. I stopped hanging around with the bad crowd, stopped drinking and taking drugs, stealing etc. Now my life is very hard, I have no friends as most of the people I used to hang around with are very anti-Islam, not many people know I am muslim. I also come from a non muslim family and hide my religion from them. I am unemployed, have much stress and anxiety, huge problems with neighbour who has got me arrested on false allegations, sent me hate mail anonymously, told little kids to throw stones at my car and windows, shouts and swears at me every time I leave the house, cause my elderly parents a lot of stress etc. Since I embraced Islam I have become a recluse, my ambition and hopes for the future have gone. I think I am getting payback for all the badge things I did when I was younger. The last 5 years of my life have been the toughest years of my life. Sometimes I feel suicidal. I continuously ask Allah for help. Please pray for me.

  155. As salamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah am also passing through slit right now but I beleive Allah will see me through. Please include me in your prayers

  156. jaza kallah I fell very powerful after reading it I m going through a very hard time now I try to leave it all to allh coz I know every one can leave usbut Allah can’t coz he loves us 70 times more than a mother so she can leave us but Allah can’t.

  157. Ya Allah, Please help us all to overcome our difficulties,
    Ya Allah, Please Forgive our sins, and grant us precious Jannat
    Ya Allah, You are the only one who can save us, You are the only one who can guide us, Please save us from your testings, Please shower your blessings upon us.


    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Assalaam Alaikkum,

    I am going through some difficult situations. All my family business has broken down, My boss always delays my wages everytime and I will not even get paid on time at Ramzan or Eid, He simply delays or just take some part of it because I am a Muslim. But He pays to the rest employees on time and provides Bonus on their celebrations. But my whole family completely depends on my earnings. May Allah help my boss to show the right path.

    I know this is nothing when as compared to the difficulties what others are facing at the moment. May Allah help us all to overcome difficulties.

    If you are reading this Please read below duas too-

    1- Subhaanallah, Walhamdullillah, La ilaaha illallah, Allahu Akbar, La Haula Vala Ku’watu Illa Billah
    2- Asthagfirullah Wa’tubu Ilaihi
    3- Subuhaanallahi Wabihamdihi, Subuhaanallahi Alleem
    4- Ayat-ul-Kursiya (Most Powerful)
    5- Allaahumma Innakka Afuhun Thuhibbul Afuha Wa hafu Anni.

    Recite these duas, Everytime to overcome your difficulties.

    Jazakkallah Khair!

  158. I’m a very young mother of 2 and I’m very sick please brothers and sisters pray for me. I want to live a healthy and happy life for my kids as they need their mother. Thanks

  159. Asalmo alkum all my brothers and sister i nid ur Duaa coz this i nid to have my on famliy(Weeding)soon and am from poor famly and i mast do this with help Almight Go’d inshaalah

  160. May Allah solve all your problems I shall pray for all of you in my namaz . I also have many problems and find it really hard to deal with them I am a really anti social person and do not share my difficulties with anyone . But we all forget that we are very gratefull for what we have . And Allah does everything for good inshallah we shall try our best in this life . But no one is perfect in life and that is the difference between a human and a angel should that Allah favours the the rich people the most because that is not true . And if your parents are bad it does not mean your bad . We should always seek Allah forgiveness and try and be a better person . May Allah help you all ameen. Also please pray for our brothers and sisters facing hardship in Palestine and Syria . We should always help each other out because Allah is always watching us and he is the all knower . The only way to make us smile is making some else smile this article has been really helpful and inshallah I help me be a better Muslim . They say water takes fire out so whenever you get angry wash face with water.and when ever you get stressed put water on your shoulders like you would do in wudu .and most important don’t always focus on the bad things in life . There are some good things as well . May we we live a happy , Islamic life ameen may Allah make us a better Muslim ameen

  161. I’m going through a extreme hardship. Been badly physicalky abused by my husband for 12 years. Not been given a single penny for 11 years and he’s forced me to quit 2 jobs.
    I stay abroad and my family turned a blind eye.
    My husband trying to prove I’m crazy when I started telling people and my own parents support him as theu don’t want me to divorce as my sinter is divorcud, they think its be double stoga for them .

    I am now getting divorced but he’s so manipulative and got powerful friends helping him. I’m losing custody of my children.

    I love my children and am a good mom but everyone is lying about me. I cannot bear to lose my children.

    I’m under hardship for 12 years. I’ve lost faith sometimes and given up. It’s unimaginable suffering to be beaten up everyday, look after babies alone, no money for even buying a lollipop. And then to when the youngest child starts school for everyone to lie say you are crazy. your husband didn’t hit you. Hes a good man. They’ve destroyed so much evidence. I am not losing hope now. I believe there must be a reason for this and I pray for ease and reward. But it’s very very hard. The constant pressure from 12 years, not a single day for true happiness or rest. I’m in mid thirties but I feel all my youth is wasted and life stolen.

  162. Asalmu Alikum wrwb,

    MashaAllah, this article is excellent. May we be able to implement it. Ameen.
    The hardship which I am facing is due to my fault only. May Allah Swt forgive our sins and make it easy for us. Ameen.

  163. I recently was offered a job. Alhamdulillah, it was wonderful then I asked if there was prayer room. Unfortunately, it was turned into a meeting room. I tried everywhere to find a place to read my prayer and there was no where. I was under a lot of hardship financially but my heart was restless and I had decided- NO PRAYER , NO MONEY. I left the establishment and 3 weeks down the line Almighty Allah provided me with a much better job where the pay and condition was more plus I have somewhere to read my prayers :)
    Now I am under another difficulty, my landlord had not been paying the mortgage so the house is being repossessed. Yet, again In’sh’Allah I rely upon Almighty Allah’s to find a solution for me.
    Very important message, pray, pray pray and Almighty Allah will resolve things for you but have Sabr. There is always a reason why things happen in your life but you have to look for the message being sent to you, it’s like unlocking a code.

    In’sha’Allah, I will make dua for you all who are going through stressful times and the article gives you positive points and stick to them.

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    This article contains pros and cons of 500 pound payday loans in brief.
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  165. Reading this has took a whole load off my shoulders, why stress be sad and upset about things which are out of our control, may Allah swt make it easy for all of us, guide us, protect us, make us of those who truly believe in sha Allah, ameen.

  166. I want to know that we are Muslims and Allah listen us and give us but when hindus or other religions prays from their god like Shankar bhagwan, ram etc.. Then how they get success some time because only one Allah is and nobody to listen us..

  167. i am 16 years old i have family problem like jealousy,envy and soon for my great decision to be accomplished.pls pray for me so my decision would be met.jazakumullahu khayran,may Allah accept ur supplication to.

  168. Assalmu Aylakum,.
    I have been married for 6 months, and a baby on the way. This was the only person i feel connected with, and although my family warned me about him not having a good job and no education it would be hard, and I would have to work, etc. lately its been so rough. His job cut hours and money and we barley making it. I don’t know what to do about childcare, I have noon near me, and money is an issue because I must work. He has so much legal problems because of his previous job that he left years ago but still it can catch up to you. I feel overwhelmed by “people talking” and getting phone calls and messaging me. Arabs tend to talk so much, and I feel like my mom and family are almost right. I do not want to regret why did i marry and etc. I was so happy. I never believed in just marrying someone just because. My husband just goes to work and home and does not do haram, but I do want him active more, like finding a place before lease is up or waking up early and praying and I do not feel like he is on anything. I feel like it is all me. I do not know how to cope with this, and I do not want to stress my baby and myself its not healthy. I am praying and trying but I need more because I sit here and think and think and get scared and almost think the worse. I keep asking Allah for forgiveness and I know we are not all perfect. I just want a clear state of mind. I feel like I am loosing interest in him and our marriage, its weird all the sudden. People are always concerned with what others think and will say and I just believe that god is big and he will take care of me and I cannot control what people say or do. How can I move on and live better and not fear that negative things will happen? I know that life is going to hit us with some tribulations its just I never know how to deal with the. I worry i do not eat or sleep and I cant focus, I do not know how to be strong. I need help with this situation and many prayers.

    • Insha Allah , Allah will help you. When negative thoughts come to your mind take a change from that place, go outside and pray. And don’t lose faith in Allah. I know your situation dear sister. And pray to Allah to give more hidayath to your husband. My prayers also. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to keep your baby healthy. Dream about her you will get solace. Assalamu alaikum va rahmathullah

  169. pls I need Muslims prayer.I am 35 yrs old I av Mary and it disturbs my mind too much muslims I beg Allah 4 me.

  170. my father passed away on 6th this month my whole family going through hardship right now, I’m the oldest child i have a lot responsibilites right now taking care of my mother and younger siblings. I’m also going through a lot of legal problems at the same time the stress has built up to much. pray for us my brothers and sisters.

  171. Aslamualikum..
    I just read your article while me passing very critical days.. there’s many ordeals and difficulties in my life, how can i over come these all problms? Guide me..

  172. I’m tired from this world. So much trouble to carry. I can no longer hold. I want to die but I pity my children…Allah help me now before it’s too late…

  173. Assalamu alaikum
    Iam going through similar situation. I was not a believer before some years, but after praying for my friend, I became more familiar with quran Allah and all. But now I wish that friend be my spouse because indirectly he was the reason for my belief, but my father does not like that relation. And I know that “LA nikaha illa bi waliyy”. That is without my father’s permission my nikah will not become halal. I am more educated than my friend and he is not financially fit also. My father says that he is rejecting this relation for my wellbeing. What should I do. Obey my father? And leave my dear who showed me right path. Without my friend I am afraid that I depart from right path. But I love my father very much and if I marry my friend that will gift a lot of humiliation to my father in society. I don’t know what to do. I pray bismillahi thavakkalthu alallah. Asthahfirullah, subhanallah vabihamdihi subhanallahil aleem. La howla vala kuvvatha illa billa, etc. I prayed a lot let my friend be in a position that my father accepts and tried pilot training etc but finance became problem. Ya Allah help me

  174. Why we need to think islam is right?think in other side.people does not seem to aim what quran teach.they might think they better or pious and advise me in the rude that islam taught? My faith shakin’ man..

    May Allah forgive me and accept my dua

  176. Same here a lot of times I don’t feel like living, due to choices I made wrong in life, I feel everyone around me is happy, while I m not.

  177. i dont know why i ma posting it over here.
    but i am feeling so depressed and sad
    all over the world muslims are fighting with each other
    with every other religion
    arab countries are killing themselves
    muslims are hared everywhere
    m feeling so sad
    feeling so helpless
    what can i do
    even if i study and do good stuff
    i l just get an average job of good salary
    thats it
    can i really change the perspective of people towards muslims
    oh allah
    i dont know
    how can i do anything
    how can i help oppressed muslims
    is this world not going to stop
    when will muslims stop killing people
    when will they attain brotherhood with other people
    and till what time we will pay the price for what these terrorists do

  178. facing difficulties in life now due to wedding matters between 2 different races,ive so down but i must help myself to overcome this problem.may allah help me through this hard time,insyallah..

  179. my life is really short, I only felt like I had enjoyed 2 decadaes before my health was taken away. I have become chronically ill till then, I can’t do anything about it but to be patient about it. Whenever I felt like there’s no one to understand my “pain,” I can only say that only Allah understands it and I will always be with him. I was devastated at first yes, then I keep learning about “patience.” Its really difficult. You have no idea, no one really promises tomorrow. There has been and always will be lots of fears till all our prophets kept reminding me not to be pitiful but strong and that our pain will take away our sins. So that way, it makes me feel like the level-headed person in the family.

    Honestly, I feel fed up with people complaining about how hard life is. Seriously… I don’t mean to preach but my illness has given me a HUGE wake up call. Even though Allah didn’t answer my prayers, I still have to be thankful with what I have. All those cliche sayings, “count your blessings,” we must do it. Spending most of my times at the hospital and doing volunteering work really cheers me up. Never take life for guaranteed.

    Speaking of complains, I really hate it when people are whining “how tired they are,” “how much their stress had taken a toll on them,” “how depress my life has been….” If we don’t like it, then do something about it. Whining about our daily life or worrying about what others think about us is like creative cancer. Imagine us…. Can you walk life with fatigue? All I’m saying is, be grateful. You can never know how valuable your health is until it’s gone. Besides, negative people are living in their negative minds. We gotta practice being positive. We can only bring good deeds down to our grave.

    – diabetes patient.

  180. past bfre 5 mnths we got fr d 3mnths we lived hapily..nw he went abroad for no respnse frm s full of tears fr both f us….i beg allah fr remvng d still he didnt opn d eyes..

  181. Subhan’Allah …

    I am currently going through a time of great difficulty and at tipping point but this was an extremely beneficial read and I feel hopeful for the future!

  182. i am going through a i have misbehave with ma teacher and now the institute is going to expel me.i have said to my teacher how much sorry i am .but the authority dont wanna know my felling.plz pray for me that Allah will help me.

  183. Asalamalikm. Iam going through very hard time . Plz pray for me. My mental condition is so worse , anxiety and depression is killing me, its causing great difficiulty to live a normal normal life. Even iam getting severe waswas , which is causing me great grief. Evrytime i try to read quran or listen to islamic lectures i get negative thoughts and confusion about islam. My health is going worse. Plz pray for me to be healthy.

  184. please make dua for my situation, i have been in a violent abusive mentally distressing marriage/relationship for so long, and i we have a child, i am very depressed and i dont know which way to go and InshaAllah grants me a way out of this
    its damaging my daughter

  185. Salam alaykuum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu, am going through some hardship .I love Allah so much,am actually writing this in tears,this script has been heloful.May allah make you all far from hardship,and grant us all Jannah firdaus.
    Jazakumullahu khayran.

  186. I disagree. When one loses a job, he/she cannot offer the electricity company to recite few quranic ayahs instead of paying in hard cash.

    Also Jews and Christians are wealthier than Muslims, they do not offer salah or recite quran or do anything like that why do they get all the privilege.

    • “I cried because I had no shoes then I met a man who had no feet” Life is full of blessings sometime we don’t value it.
      Always remember there is ease with hardship……….

  187. May Allah Subhanahu Wa’Tala reward you for your work. Masha Allah you’re blessed with knowledge and you’re using it to serve humanity.

  188. Salam everyone
    Please sisters and brothers of Islam I came here to ask if you can pray for me to find a job. I’ve trying for long time I applied so many places no one have called me or anything. I feel hopeless sad angry. I know Allah is there but I want your all prayers please everyone pray for me and my family as we’re going through very hard time right. Thank you

  189. I am in a difficult situation am remember my allah (swt) and mohammed (saw) always. It’s good article thanks brother. I strongly have faith n love in allah he will take care my baby hope without any defect allah will give my baby. He is more powerful. He take care of his lovers, servant. In sha allah.

  190. Easy to give lecture and divine talk…… but sufferings of a person can be only known by that person…… I am disappointed with lack of humanity and I am proud that my human values and emotions helped lot of people in their needs……. but alas I am very much disappointed with human beings and creator of human beings… MAA’SALAMA ‘

    • “I cried because I had no shoes then I met a man who had no feet” Life is full of blessings sometime we don’t value it.

  191. Assalam alaikum Warahmatullahi
    Jazakumullah khair
    Allah Bless all of you with Jannat-ul-Firdous.
    O Allah, guard our private parts and make our work easy. Ameen
    O Allah, grant unto us pure livehood and pure conduct in life. Ameen
    O Lord, We have wronged our soul so forgive us. Ameen

    O Allah, we beg of Thee lawful sustenance, useful knowledge and acceptable deeds. “Ameen”.

    May Allah grant you jannat firdous
    and protect all of us from unjust people.
    thanks with best regards.
    Mohammed Naim Shaikh

  192. In my life its a very tough and a crucial time m going through ya Allah please help me in this time give us peace of mind remove our family tensions ya Allah Ameen

  193. I read this article when I need it the most…Allah is the best planner.I humbly request to all brothers and sisters that pray for me that soon Allah Almighty bless me with solace.

  194. Aslamkum…plz pray for me i m facing worst of my lif i was a widow got marrid two yrs bck to a man who cheated me didnt inform me that he already having two wives he marid to me for few days fun nw he is nt talking to me even he want that i get agree on divorce i dont want divorce i feel very deep pain and tears contineously coming out feeling vry much dipresed

  195. But I keep doing the seven things that you have stated above for many many years but I am not getting any reward, my problems are increasing and I am very tired now, what if you do all this things but don’t get any reward?

    • As Muslims we are patient and we offer salaah when we are worried and if we are sincere then we know Allah always has good for a sincere believer if ur feeling tired of asking then u may not be as sincere as u should be Allah knows best about u and I know nothing so I’m just guessing and ofcourse can be wrong anyway worship Allah because he is worthy of worship and not just because u desire something because then u will stop worshipping Him when u get whatever it is u desire and that doesn’t help u in either lifetime hope u understand and sorry for any offence caused that wasn’t my intention

  196. Ya allah plz help me. I need u the most ya allah. To be honest i am in a relationship and i want my relationship to be halal. So v have decided to get married..plz ya allah help us .so many difficulties v are facing. Plz help allah. Plz we need much dua. Plz help ya allah .plzz..

  197. Yah allahu,muhammad rosullulahi its words of encouragement for all muslims facing deficuties in whole globe,just to remind us Allah sees us in good/trial terms.

  198. sometimes… i just wish i was dead or not even born but now i think… i can overcome these hardships and live a good life by simply WORSHIPPING ALLAH TO MY UP-MOST BEST…….
    ‘Verily after hardship comes ease’!!!

  199. I am so depressed almost a week now i still cannot close a deal for my job we need it by the end of the month :(( ya Allah please help me :( i know you have a better plans for me i need this job for my family. help me ya allah

  200. Salam Allaykum brother,

    I am currently finding it difficult as I was a deputy and head of school but had to take another job which is a lower position because of injustices and people in authority making it difficult for me. My goal is to become a headteacher but I find everywhere I go I work very hard and with sincerity but people in power are injust. I become frustrated because I don’t know if I will ever become a headteacher. I find that where ever I go people become jealous because I do my job well. What can I read to help my frustration. I get upset because I have gone back in my life especially in my career.

    Jazakallah Khair

  201. Asalamu alaikum..I am Muslim but I married a Christian guy..i brought up from well reputed and happy family.. But badly now I and my family suffers a lot both physically and emotionally.. Seriously I pray more..I believe that because of my prayings only I have got a gud husband..but I don’t know how to overcome and save my family from this hard times… Plzz guide me..plzzzz…

  202. will you please give me solutiond to come out of faer ans slavelessness in my life iwill truth way but no one likes my attitude thus even myu parents why i always fear why

  203. I lost my 4 year daughter I don’t get what was my fault where I was wrong, this is the most hardest time of my life

  204. Never have v face d situation of being jobless,its v upsetting,kind of depressed..too.
    Suggest dua or surah.jazakallah.

  205. Mashallah May we all find Allah in hard times of our lives, and may Allah bless us with his amazingness. And indeed will be happy, so we must to happy and positive to Allah.

    • Mashallah May we all find Allah in hard times of our lives, and may Allah bless us with his amazingness. And indeed will be happy, so we must to happy and positive to Allah.

  206. Mashallah, how beautiful and amazing, May we continue to connect with Allah, and be consistent with our Salah!!

  207. Al salami Alakum, can you please say a dua for my family. My husband is so evil now and we are going through a divorce. Can you please say a dua for Allah to help him and bring back the love to his heart. And save my marriage for the sake of my son. He needs Allah in his life.

    Thank you

  208. Salami
    I’m going through a very hard time in life a moment and my kids have been Involved with socail services and this is not the first time I’ve been Involved with the socail service but it’s going to be the fourth conference I’ve had with them and this time around at the 4th point they don’t give you a chance the speak to the local authority so that they could remove childern away and plz really help what should I read and what can i do to get this solved and everyone knows were great parents and it’s really difficult time for me plz

  209. Ameen……
    after reading this is amazing .. I’m going through alot …. I help people they back stab me but I chose to cry carry on like nothing happened . I dont getbthe help back yet i chose to help still happily .. my body gone weak yet I still do it … I pray to Allah that my daughter become an alima as that’s her dream for my silence no matter how they treat me and my kids . my kids don’t have priority like the other kids yet I belive in Allah … my husband knows everything yet he stay slient his answer our daughter will be alima age 6 she decided she is 9 please pray that our dream and hers Allah full fill

  210. I want people should pray for me because, since 7yrs ago after 3month that i did my Nikkah, and i was sack from work for what i didn’t knew about. So uptil now, thing is not be moving fine with me since then. But, i give thanks to God that, am stil alive. So, i want people should help me to pray that, everything should be well we me.

  211. I am 26 year old girl. I am far from my husband. We can contact with one another only via cell phone. My parents are not allowing me to go abroad but without going abroad we can’t met. We want to live together and spend lives in Islamic ways.Ya Allah please make our lives easy. Please Allah bless me and my husband. Please All brothers and sisters please pray for us. Only my great lord can help us. Please pray

  212. Subhanallah.. thank u very much for this helps me a lot . allah knows tha best alhamdulillah…

  213. Assalamalaekum.
    I am a guy from India. I ve a job in marketing, and my marriage plannings are going on, and I always have a fear of losing my job, and this makes me very depressed all day, and I always have a feeling that how will I lead my marriage life here after if anything happens to my job.

  214. I read your article at my must difficult moment and i felt as thou a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I shall hold tenaciously to your advice jazakallahu khairan.

  215. Salaam,
    Please can you pray for my son, he is 6 and not well.
    I pray that Allah subhanutallah blesses the prophet Muhammad (please be upon him) and his family with his mercy and blessings and that he blesses my son with good health. Ameen suma amen.

    Thankyou, Jazakallah.

  216. BROTHER ABU, salam,
    I also want to add that any where we see our muslim brothers and siters we should say salam,nowadays we see each other at mosque ,at eid places and dont say salam to stargers ,we just dont do those ice breaking any more and we just stay in ourgroups,collectivism is the need of the day .Saying hello to th eneighbors is a good thing why we stopped?

  217. Salam alaykum. I have a question. I am a revert and my husband wants to move to a muslim country to work in a few years he said he doesnt like the UK and doesn’t feel comfortable living here. I love my country and I don’t want to leave. I am an only child and our son is my family’s only grandchild. I can’t bare the thought of leaving. When I pray i ask for health happiness and life with my son Insha allah. I don’t ask for wealth or anything like that. But my one dua is asking Allah to keep my husband’s path in the UK. Is there a chance Allah will listen to me. I just can’t leave my family and move so far away.

    Sister Rebecca

  218. Say Alhamdulillah for everything the good and hard times in your life! and yes you are right brother. Make a habit to recite Quran daily in early morning and before going to sleep and offer prayer five times a day. Indeed Allah is the only creator of this whole universe.

  219. Alhamdullillah for this amazing article.. am going thru the hardest situation in my life, my fiancee’s ex-wife just called me and she told me alot of hurting words. i failed to sleep the whole night.. i cried until fajr but i ask Allah GHAFUR RAHEEM to see me through these trying moments bse i love my fiancee and we are even expecting a baby. YA ALLAH HEAR MY CRY AND RESPOND TO MY DUAS..ALLAHU AMEEN.

  220. I am going through hardships. Everyone betrays. My husband and his brothers borrowed all my gold ornaments that my Pappa gave me on my wedding.its been more than eighteen years. My father is no more with us. They are not returning it. I pleads to them. Now I find it difficult to meet both ends. Lost my job. I don’t know what I am going to do.

  221. Assalamualaikum my dear friends,sisters and brothers,I am in very very difficult position😥thinking to end my life,but still hope is there on Allah SWT,he won’t leav me,but still I am requesting all to Pray for Me😥 Allahuakber

  222. i have given up, nothing can save me, extremely at rough patch of life, dont know what to, i am trapped in a tunnel dont see any light ahead of the tunnel,i was and i am and i will always be a quitter, may ALLAH be with me. nothing makes sense in my life, in agony.

    • Things are very difficult for me too! Sometimes I feel like I should just give up but deep inside I know I can’t do that…i am still in search for something just don’t know what that is….we can’t just give up we need to FIND a way to get out of this I guess and have faith in Allah. You don’t have to be quitter