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  1. MashaAllah, this is one of the best articles I have read from you lately!!!
    Excellent, jazakum Allah kulli khayr
    Will most probably buy the book inshaAllah!
    Fi Amani Allah

  2. This is a truly helpful article, one small habit at a time. It rang especially true when it talked about fear that we’re not good enough and the fear of missing out.

  3. Interestingly enough I was about to suggest Productive Muslim to interview Leo Babauta. SubhanAllah!
    How the works of Leo Babauta reached me was by stumbling upon someone who was reading his book. The person told me about his blog. Couple of months after the conversation took place. I visited the blog, not with high expectations. But I was wrong, the writings is raw and realistic: a average person’s journey overcoming his desires and not only an inspiration, a reality check. That how we can all do it. Using his main ideas, which surfaces eventually when you read most of his articles and e-books. Start Small, focus on one thing, make it a public commitment, de-clutter your life top to bottom.

    The minimalistic approach of his website is quite refreshing, especially visiting websites and blogs with a lot side distractions. It forces you to read :) It would be good if Productive Muslim website could employ some of clean slate approach to their website, lessen the clutter makes it easy on the eyes.

    Leo makes the public be a driver to his works. For instance instead of advertising his soon to be published work, he placed into the hands of his readers to make it into a reality. The most important thing that I learned is not have overcomplicated systems for organising your time and doing things. Just keep it simple, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain.

  4. Assalamu alikum , very beneficial interview, came exa ctly the correct time when i am trying to become productive ,jazakallah khairan may allah reward the productive team.

  5. This article brought to my mind on the issues that I kicked the habit, one at a time. Finally realizing in my Heart that I wanted peace and tranquility. I was beginning to get tired of partying, being in the gangs, and all that dark side of like which it brings. At age 50 was the turning point of my life. When we surrender to Allah, we are surrendering our ego etc… Being on this spiritual path I have learned how to begin to purify my heart, my mind from all the ugly qualities that Allah dislikes. The meaning of surrender is more than just “peace” its peace that begins with one’s Heart. The practice of remembrance daily in one’s mind and Heart “La ilaha ill’alah” has worked for me tremendously. Tawbah also. Small steps one by one , one can conquer with Allah’s help anything one sets their mind on.
    I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps in the 1070’s, I have seen a lot, and experienced trauma. With Allah’s help Ya Allah al-Shafi, O Allah, Lord of mankind, remove our suffering heal us You are the healer, and none can heal but You. I beg You to bring about healing that leaves behind no ailment. This is a powerful prayer for me, that I recite each day.

  6. I have been reading Leo for a long time and it always strikes me that a lot of his teachings are so aligned to Islamic concepts. May Allah (SWT) guide him to the whole Truth.

    Loved reading this interview with him.