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  1. Jazaakillahu khairan. I think more of us are afflicted with soft addictions than we care to admit. Your article helps put things in perspective. More importantly, it gives us a way forward to work past this problem.

  2. Assalamualaikum
    Tq for d post. I been battling with one particular addiction for few years now. I managed to stop d addiction for 2-3months but after that I lose.then I hv to start all over again. After a while it get depressing .it takes a while for me to get pumped up for d next round. I know that Allah swt is d most forgiving. Its just that when am I finally getting rid of this addiction for good. Sorry to be such a whiny here.
    Your suggestions on changing d addiction to something beneficial is good. I believe maybe d reason Im not winning is because I haven’t find a good substitute for it.
    Thank you again for d has benefited me.

    • The fact you have the intention to change is great and a huge step already MashAllah!

      Never be put off by a few moments of weaknesses when trying to change a bad habit or addiction…it’s not easy – Some habits are much harder to stop than others, but with a little determination and discipline, you CAN do it!

      Try keeping a diary and try to identify your ‘routine, cue and reward’ – As you said, it may just be that you haven’t found a suitable substitute yet! So go ahead and experiment with different types of substitutes. Keep a diary of how they have made you feel so you can identify one that gives you the same satisfaction as that OLD habit you USED TO love so much!

  3. Dear all; wonderful article, small notes I hope it can be taken next time
    1- no chapter 93 in Quran, it should be corrected and resend to people again
    2- if you mentioned ayaa/verse in english make snapshoot for it in arabic
    3- kindly mention the soura name also
    4- what belongs Quran in English mention it in Arabic for arab people who follow you
    If you have arabic translation as link mire better for the Arab
    Thanks alot for your efforts

  4. Great Article!We are so much addicted to our mobile phones especially whats app and face book which can be utilized in other article.Thank you very much.

  5. Thank you very much for this site! Very useful site, I am become more successful and productive person. I hope that one day we will have similar site on Bosnian language.

  6. Hai Asalamualikum I would like to share something that I had a bad habit for many years . Alhamdulillah I found that if we try to reduce your food quantity InshaAllah we have better results. And also punish body with will help you to recover InshaAllah

    • Another great tip, thank you Sister Sirah! Fasting has also been recommended by our Prophet Saw in order to control our desires.

      From a Psychological perspective too, it makes great sense – Tolerating the feeling of hunger for short periods of time helps develop self-control over biological drives. If we can abstain from things such as food and water, which we were biologicaly designed to crave, then we can surely tackle our odd little habits and addictions! In shaa Allah :)

  7. Salam mashallah very good article May ALLAH reward u with all your efforts inshallah. Inshallah ek din the only addiction we will have is Islam and how to please Allah. And controlling ur addiction doing it less and less and in the end it will stop itself. God bless

  8. Alhamdulillah. This is a wake up call to embark on self-jihad to purge ourselves of sinful desires and habits. One way to succeed is to choose a role model among the pious people we read or we know of . Also when open the Internet we should go to Islamic sites and click on a topic that will benefit us in
    This world and the Hereafter. This should be on a continuos basis.
    May Allah bless our efforts and help us. Ameen.

    • Couldn’t agree more brother, I also find these useful… Having a pious role model really helps to keep myself steadfast as I find those individuals very inspiring and it gives me a real life example of the kind of things I want to achieve for myself.

      Also the more we engage in good habits (such as searching educationald and Islamic sites on the internet)… the less time we will have for the bad ones!

      These are great ways to aid Step 3 and 4, thanks!

  9. Jazakallahkhairan, I have been desperately trying my best to change myself of these habits and think of subhanathallah, more and mashallah, your article was sent at the right time. Please keep on sending us more articles like this so that our we as mothers can pass these values to our younger generations also.

  10. Jazakallah it’s very helpful but one of my problem is I planned do any good thing or any good activities after few days I don’t follow the planned I stopped I try to work out but not worked for me giving up or leave it . Any advice

    • A very common problem for us all I think. My advice would be to really focus on identifying your ‘cue and reward’ mentioned in the article. Experiment with different types of alternatives to that habit, until you find something that you can replace the bad habit with, but which still gives you the same/similar sense of satisfaction.

      Finding a suitable substitute for your bad habit is the real goal in this plan. Because if you can find healthier alternatives that give you the same reward, you are more likely to remain steadfast as you will not feel a sense of loss, and therefore not feel the urge to return to that bad action.

      It is extremely hard to stop a bad habit just by trying to simply ignore your desires and cravings, instead we must deal with them with more positive and beneficial alternatives.

      I hope this plan will help you In shaa Allah! May Allah give us all strength

  11. Assalamu alaikum,jazakallah khairan for the has benefited me more.It came on the correct time alhumdullilah ,may allah reward the whole team of productive muslim.

  12. Jazakom allah khairan ,really so helpful
    And we can take the neyya of jihad al Nafs :)

    This reminds me of Ibn Taimeya quot ” if you don’t occupy your nafs with the truth, it will occupy you with falsehood”

  13. Mashaa allah and alhamdhulillah, this whole night i was wasting my time on facebook, and got so much disturbed of it and thought of doing something which will somehow help me, and here, his article is something i am looking for, i hope this time i can do it, many atimes i have tried and failed to continue, but i never giveup, may allah make you and me a strong muslimah, and may allah make us people who strive for jannah, and may allah make us people who remembers him and may we use our time wisely. ~aameen~

  14. Salaam. Sister Saadia, the analysis of the was good but the solutions are not good. This is compounded as I read your responses to Sarah and AbdMUSAWWIR.Why am I critical, you may wonder? This an Islamic site and as we all know The Glorious Qur’aan has answers to all our problems but you bothered not to consult it for answers to these life challenges. Now, as for Sister Sarah and Bro R A’MUSAWWIR you(nor anybody)have any power or smartness except by ALLAH:”Laa hawla walaa Quwwata illa biLLAHI AL’ALIYUL AZHEEM”.Repeat these words at points of du’as and seek ALLAH’S assistance against the bad habits. Most importantly, when you feel being derailed recite the 2 verses,97 and 98 in Surah 2 3 . Let me remind us that satan made a promise to derail us all except few – before GOD ALMIGHTY and our father and mother! NEVER take it lightly! May The Beneficent, The Merciful continue to guide us and all of HIS best blessings, peace and salutations be with Rahmatalil aalameen.

    • Walaikumasalaam! I appreciate you sharing your tips and references, JazakAllah.

      You are right this is an Islamic site, however the core purpose of my article is to give a psychological perspective of Islam, and solutions/tips on how to boost our productivity and imaan through the use of psychology. I appreciate your views however, I am not a scholar and so can only share with my readers the knowledge I have. Allah has blessed us with knowledge in many areas of life, including science and psychology; As educated Muslims, we should use this knowledge to its full potential and as a means to come closer to Allah.

      My tips and advise are not a substitute for praying or making dua. These of course are priority and things we should all already be aware of and practicing In shaa Allah. Yes we should make dua (thank you for sharing some with us), but we should also be active in converting our intentions to actions.

  15. Shymaa Salaam. What do you mean by your point 1? Surah Duha, is referred to CHAPTER 93 IN ENGLISH! It is translation.

  16. Jazakom allah khairan ,really so helpful
    i consider in this modern Jahiliyath world its a kind of jihad with our mind,
    as u mentioned took Islamic class also helped me, however the most impotent thing is ask thowbah and help from Allah (SWT)

  17. Assalaam mu alaikum. MashaAllah, this topic was so helpful. It depicts the reality that we all are facing. I remember the times where I procrastinate to an extent that I become numb. If I pray Salah after much procrastinating and not without a valid reason, that is, my salah becomes so lifeless.
    Yes, I’m a practicing muslim, not a perfect Muslim, I keep reminding myself that, and sometimes that leads me into following Shaytan’s footsteps.

    I really want to stress the point that one has to start curbing one’s leisure when they think that it has become an addiction and your daily life is affected. It is possible if one wants to try it for allah(swt)’s sake. Alhumdulillah, I can say that my habit of listening music has been down to almost 90%. It did not happen overnight, a week, or a month. There were many rebounds but Allah gave me the strength.

    And finally, concluding my long comment, I would like to thank the Productive Muslim team for being a guide and helping us tap our conscience. That is a very good deed and sadaqah you are doing there. May Allah(swt) bless you and all of us, and guide us to the straight path.

  18. Indeed increasing our quality as muslim & muslimah is not easy but without tries we can’t change to be better, our faith to Allah and our dedication sure can drive us to be better muslim and muslimah! Keep fighting!

    • Pity I am reading this Great post late Sister Saadia. The TV is especially one of the big culprits. It is a conversation stopper and alienate members of the family from each other. Secondly, the printed book has been relegated or even expunged from our lives in favour of the electronic media, which I am not saying is useless in its entirety.

  19. Dear sister Sadia,
    Assalamu Alaikum and jazakalllaha khairan for sharing these valuable tips. I’ve been dealing with procrastination and addiction for a long time. I read some self-help and psychology books as well as went to counselors multiple times to fix my issues. Thus I learned about the tips you shared and has been implemented those in my life to overcome my addictions; for e.g. instead of watching movies/shows I watch Islamic lectures or sleep. Thus I’ve been able to get rid of my addictions mostly. However, still when I am stressed with some mental agony sometimes I tend to do WHATEVER I want for just a single day/night and thus dive into those addictions as they make it easy to forget everything for some period of time. Another problem is I can although I replaced by bad habits with better habits I didn’t really solve my procrastination problem: oftentimes instead of doing the work I need to do, I listen to Islamic lectures or sleep excessively to avoid the work (as my work involves a lot of frustration and challenges, I’m afraid to face it).

  20. I can’t say about overcoming “soft” addictions, but I will say that anything and everything that goes beyond our basic NECESSITIES of survival, will eventually lead us to astray from success in The Hereafter.

    No human being in ANY part of the world can say that he came to being as a human on earth of his own desire/will. Neither can anyone say that he/she will depart of his/her own will. Why then, do we fool ourselves of leading our lives the way we want to? Instead of how Allah SWT wants us to lead our lives? Instead of how The Prophet Muhammad SAW lead his life?

    One way of keeping yourself away from any kind of useless activity/proclivity is to identify it as “LA YAANI” (neither beneficial in this temporary life nor The Hereafter).

    Secondly, whatever you indulge in to give yourself a “feel good” time, identify the purpose of that indulgence. Is it worth taking a step closer to The Hell Fire? Because, however you spend your time, each death draws you closer to your end.

    Thirdly, try to make an effort to do atleast one HASANA (Good Deed) that NO ONE, except Allah SWT and His Angels can see. It might be sadaqah, it might be Tahajjud prayers, any ONE GOOD DEED A DAY.

    Fourthly, at the end of the day, try to think of how you spent your day, and how you could’ve spent it better to please ALLAH SWT. Make an intention of doing better the next day. Offer two Rakahs Nawafil (Salaat-ut-Tawbah) before going to bed.

    Finally, FORGIVE EVERY SINGLE ONE (before closing your eyes to sleep) who might have ever wronged you.

    JazaakAllah Khair.

  21. Asalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    Jazakallahu khairan katheera.May Allah elevate the levels of your Emaan and establish you on a high station in the hereafter.

    Sister I am battling with such “soft addictions” for long and Alhamdulillah this article of yours is such an enlightening piece of hope Bi idni Allah.

    Allah bless you with the best.

  22. Masha Allah for this timely reminder. I live alone so I do have the TV and computer on a lot. I will use your recommendations to make change.

  23. Being a teenager, I can relate to spending too much time on the phone, will try and avoid using it and read a book or Quran instead inshaAllah. JazakAllah khairan for the tips!
    BarakAllahu feekum,
    Assalam o alaykum wa rehmatullah.

  24. Alhumdulilah…just what I need for this Ramadhan. Insha Allah, hope I can eliminate my bad habits and procrastination once and for all. I do realise that it is preventing me from getting what I want in my life. I pray that Allah will guide all muslims to the right path.

  25. Jazaka Allah ! This article is awsome ..these soft addictions are very common and i always thaught how to get rid of iy because as these soft addictions like watching tv gives to some temporary pleasure,it also makes a person very dull,confused and not motivatived to worship and to work…so thank you so much for these tips

  26. A timely reminder to me and all our brothers and sisters to focus on the Hereafter. جزاكالله خيرن to the author of the article.

  27. Assalaamu alaikum Saadia Jabbar.. way to go. I felt happy on knowing that you are a psychologist and try to interlink islam and psychology. Someone likeminded who shares the same vision. Even I am a Clinical Psychologist and a psychotherapist working harmoniously with my clients by combining islam and psychology.

  28. Alhamdulillah I’m trying to give up watching TV program.And using Facebook in mobile.
    Jazak Allah Khair.

  29. Salamoualaykoum Djazakkallahukheir
    How can make my decision sincere, for example I smoke and I really want to stop it because it’s bad for my health and a waste of money, I know that, I don’t think a lot about the haram issue, so i want to feel it from the bottom of my heart that I want to stopped because it’s haram too and for the sake of ALLAH, how can I do it this way ?