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  1. assalamualikum, jazakAllah for a very informative article!
    I just want to point out Al-Muslim appears to now charge $3.79 for the app (according to my app store)
    Other than that, may Allah make this ramadan a blessed one for us all,

    JazakAllah khair

  2. How about trying Ibadah Evaluation by Badr Interactive
    Pretty much do what we want except for the reminder..

  3. zajakallah for the apps. never tried them for ramadan . im gonna find out the best one for me and give it a shot. thx

  4. Deenwise is the best and most comprehensive app ever for Muslims. Try out the android version

    Deenwise features include; Qiblah finder, the whole Quran, Audio recitations, English and Urdu translations of Quran, Prayer Timing, Prayer counter, Ahadees, Quotes, Duas, and whole lot more. Deenwise converts your smartphone into a Muslim Friend and keeps you on track to your Deen.

    It also has an innovative “Silence Zone” feature which will tag your favorite mosque and turns your phone to silent when you are there. It will also enable the sounds when you leave the mosque!

  5. Salam, I am an Android user. Unlike Al-Muslim or Ramadan Tracker, Ramadan Achievement app is quite general in term of its activities. Futhermore, it does not give u any opportunity to add to your own ramadan activity. therefore, i wouldn’t recommend this app if you are looking for a complete ramadan checklist like offered by Al- Muslim or Ramadan Tracker.

  6. Assalamualaikum, i thank you very much for this article. It helps me a lot in choosing the best app for my Ramadan goals. I am an Android user and I’ve tried the apps you suggested. This is my review. I started this with my humble apology for reviewing it here.

    1. Ramadan Achievements (free): This app offers you very specific deeds for Ramadan. However, you wouldn’t be able to add on your personal Ramadan activities nor you can keep tab enough for the whole month.

    2. Lift (free): I couldn’t find this exact app. Therefore, i couldn’t give my review.

    3. Habit Streak Plan (free): Habit streak plan is ok, however, you need to synchronize with your calendar. Which calendar, i am not sure.

    4. Regularly (free): This app is good as it gives you the opportunity to use recommended habits or customized your own habits.

    5. Habit21 App (free, pay only if you fail to change your habit): For this app, I also couldn’t find it. So, I am sorry for unable to review this one.

    6. Habitizer (free): This app is good as it gives you the opportunity to use recommended habits or customized your own habits. The only downside is that I couldn’t seem to manage the “difficulty mode”. Plus, when you add your habits, you cannot edit it. It would be either you delete it or claimed it to be finished.

    7. Goal Tracker Habit Calendar (free): In my opinion, I prefer this app as you can enter as many Ramadan tasks as you want, set it accordingly and also edit it. It can also keep track of how many days you succeed in doing the deeds. The only downside, you need to painstakingly enter the deeds of Ramadan yourselves.

    *While I am reviewing this, please be aware that unlike Ramadan Achievements, the rest of the apps cater to both non-Ramadan and Ramadan months. Therefore, you can use it all year round. The downside is that you will need to enter the Ramadan tasks yourselves. But I believe, whether you choose to use the apps or manually tick it on a piece of paper, you will be able to fulfill your Ramadan goals.

    • Salam. I downloaded Lift, it is actually called if anyone wants to try it. I found it interesting since everything in it is well organised and categorized, and you can share your experience with the group you are in. It is also general and not for Muslim activities only.

  7. Assalamualaikum Fadhilah. Thank you for the very informative write up on habit tracking apps, especially for this month of Ramadan. I think one other app that should be included in the list is iTaskinator developed by ProductiveMuslim. It’s a good app, which has a great potential to be developed further.

  8. how can i get these on my android phone and do u know any apps like these which i can use for my android pls?

  9. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh.
    Am sorry brother, these applications are only for iPhone, iPad or other Apple product users. What about Android users like me? 😢