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  1. I agree with you, with my five children and two months pregnancy, Ramadan will be a true challange. May Allah strengthen me

  2. Ramadan Kareem!!!
    The article was really helpful. Ramadan is more than a month of fasting… It leads us more to a spiritual life. I really enjoy the happiness of Allah during this holy month of Ramadan. It is good to know like these to have a healthy spiritual Iftar Ramadan.

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  4. Whilst I appreciate your efforts. This really isn’t applicable to women working in senior positions or above 35 or single mothers. I certainly don’t have the energy to keep praying post Suhoor nor can I take power naps during the day as a CFO! Everyone has a different journey and we should really move away from giving tips because one size doesn’t fit all nor is our religion like that. May Allah Kareem make Ramadan easy for all of us and accept it from us. Ameen