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    • I love this idea of reader discussion (im new here!)
      as a student myself its hard to keep up with salah as well as constant studies, so when the time comes where i start trying to push my salah later and later i remind myself:
      ‘You have only lived this long and attained this much knowledge beacause allah willed, go and pray to Him and thank Him for his mercy’

      • Assalaamualaikum, If we do not require the mat then how we come to know that the place where we are performing salah is neat .
        Can you suggest how we can make a criteria for assuming that the place is actually neat and clean for salah .

  1. For me what works very well is that oak ways keep a spare prayer mat and a big bottle of water spare in the boot of my car. Usually whenever I am out I tend to drive, wether that’s to work or restaurant or even shopping. In this way, you make whats required for Salah easily accessible and when this is the case you mentally feel like performing Salah when your out, perhaps next to your car or some discreet place where there is no busy crowd.

  2. As a doctor, i can be on call for most of the day, and it is difficult to set aside planned times, like lunch or a work break as i often miss both.

    I scope the hospital when i first arrive, get keys to abandoned offices or changing rooms.

    I have the iphone app for a compass and also carry a pocket compass.

    I try to make wudhu at less busy times of the day – not during the usual enforced lunch break for other people, as the queues for bathrooms are very long then.

    Alhamdullilah i work opposite a masjid and if i can i slip out to pray there. Such a blessing.

    Nice colleagues support me and cover me by holding my oncall bleep.

    Having a muslim network is really important too.

    • Assalaam mu alaikum. MashaAllah, even I did that. In college, I make wudhu, find a small corner in the classroom and pray. Sometimes, during the lunch hour and sometimes after the day’s classes ends. If there is a good will, there will always be a way guided by Allah(swt).
      May allah guide us all to the right path. Ameen.

      • Mashallah. Same for me. I do schooling at a christian school. Well at first i found it weird to pray whilst the other students would watch me curoiusly at the corner of the classroom. Managing wudu is still so hard , but then it turned out to be surprising for me. When They ask questions about five time salah and its amazing how they show that particular respect to u, When you hold on to the principles of your religion. Yes where there is a will, a good one. Allah makes a way.

  3. I think, outside of the private space (i.e. when you’re home or with family), the most important quality to have is one of confidence: you NEED to make your salaah, regardless of what anyone says. You have an obligation to your Creator – first and foremost – and this comes above whatever people may think and expect of you.

    With that in mind, it sets a critical foundation for finding the means and space in which to make your salaah when things aren’t so straightforward.

    Work time overlapping with salaah times:
    Personally, I’ve always been blessed to have jobs where lunchtime co-incide with Thuhr salaah and Jumuah, so no issues there. The only problem is Asr. So sometimes I’ve made that on time (and then worked in the extra time by staying a bit later), or – when possible and Asr was within work time – delayed Asr until after work, provided that I will still make it within the waqt (well before Maghrib time).

    As for where to pray, if there’s no masjid or prayer room nearby, the next best options are unused offices / meeting rooms, the basement, or some other place that’s relatively private (such as the fire escape – bearing in mind that, if an emergency comes up, you’ll need to move fast to let people get through).

    Wudu when out:
    When we know we’ll be out, we always take a compass, our musallahs, and a spray bottle for making wudu. The spray bottle really shows how easy it is to conserve water – we need so little water to make wudu – and everyone can use it and there’s still water left over.

    You don’t need proper wudu facilities at all. Just a spray bottle and a clean place you can make wudu – even if it’s not completely private.

    Never been in the situation where it was me alone with the kids. Usually there’s at least one other adult around, so we take turns to watch the kids while the other makes salaah.

    Other obstacles:
    As mentioned at the beginning, confidence is key. WHen, for example, you’re out in a park or something, you may feel shy to make salaah. There’s so many non-Muslims out there, and they make think you’re weird or something – stopping to pray in this public space.

    Psychologically, you need to overcome that initial barrier. Your duty to Allah is much more important than what people think of you, so put Allah first.

    ALso, bear in mind that praying in public can actually be a form of da’wah. People seeing you submitting yourself – prostrating with your face on the ground – can actually be an insipring sight. You don’t do it to show off to non-Muslims – no riyah at all…but you are conscious that, insha-Allah, perhaps a non-Muslim will see this and it could be their very first step towards the deen.

    Once you break through your initial fear of praying in public and do it a few times, it becomes much easier after that. Put your trust in Allah and do your best :)

    • Mashallah!! I absolutely agree. I Liked the statement “You have an obligation to your Creator – first and foremost – and this comes above whatever people may think and expect of you.”

      Indeed if one is serious about Allah … he/she will make things revolve around salah not the opposite of it.

    • This was a really useful and great answer, I always tell myself that I can’t pray because I still haven’t found a place where I can do so,but the truth is, as you said, that I have to first overcome my inner battle.

    • A good one. I love the response. You need that confidence. Allah always comes first. we sometimes overlook this as against what people might say.

    • MasyaAllah I’ve never thought of a spray bottle!!! That’s an amazing idea!! I was always concerned that the water was spilling everywhere and a little bottle never seemed to have enough for a whole wudhu…JazakAllah khair for the tip!

    • Thanks Yacoob, I found your post very useful ! I also wanted to share a thought that usually keeps me from procrastinating Salat regardless of the circumstances (especially since I travel a lot): I think about Akhira, and how all people around me will wish they did what I am about to do. I find this prospective very helpful to overcome both shyness and procrastination whether I am in an office, a parking, a mall, an open field or a social gathering !;-)

    • Assalamu alaykum ! Here is a tip that usually keeps me from procrastinating Salat regardless of the circumstances (especially since I travel a lot): I think about Akhira, and how all the people around me will wish they did what I am about to do. I find this prospective very helpful to overcome both shyness and procrastination whether I am in an office, a parking, a mall, an open field or a social gathering !;-).

      Hope this helps !

      • Ma Shaa Allah Nuha…I’ll definitely try this, Shukran for the amazing advice…May Allah guide us all In Shaa Allah….

    • I am a Christian and I believe that you should be communicating and thanking God at all times. But, I really feel that doing the payers in a parking spot in a mall is very risky do to the fact that a person see an empty parking spot and if he or she is not paying attention the person that is praying could get injured.
      I respect all religions because you are adoring and been grateful to Our God for all the blessings we receive on a daily basis.
      I don’t think that God is going to be mad if you wait to get home to do your prayers. He accept your prayer any time of the day, because HE made this day for you to enjoy. Don’t risk yourself in a parking lot or wherever there is a lot of people do it just for your own safety.

      Many blessings

      • Prayer is an obligation upon Muslim 5 times a day at fixed times. When we look into why we have to do this at fixed times, first and foremost it is a Command from our Rabb (Lord) and it is not befitting for a slave when he is ordered by his Master, except to say ‘We hear and we obey’

        Also, prayer 5 times a day is a huge blessing as it ensures the Muslim is constantly reminded of his purpose in this life, at various times such as upon waking up (sunrise), and in the afternoon despite being engulfed in the hustle and bustle of life that we all have to go through.

        The strict times of prayer that we must adhere to is also a blessing as it I still discipline and it does not allow the believer to become laxidazical.

        One final point, the Muslims are a people of revelation so we don’t use our opinions of God to tell us how God would feel if I behaved in such a way. This would not work as different people have different ideas of how God would be based on their own background and upbringing. The Quran came as the final revelation to clarify all things for us and so we do not need to depend on mere speculation. Some people may deem this to be too strict from the outside, but rather, if someone was to taste the beauty of Islam they would realise the freedom it gives due to being relieved of mere speculation as we are a people of clarity who know with certainty who God is and what He is Pleased to see from His slaves

      • Thank you for your heartfelt advice, I agree with a lot of it. While Muslims must strive to obey Allah we mustn’t forget Allah’s Mercy and that He does allow us some ease in difficult circumstances.
        Not that Muslims shouldn’t make prayer on time, and work hard to do so, we just shouldn’t be careless about where in the public we pray. Thank you again for your insight and advice. :)

  4. Salam 3lykum….
    My tip is for lack of proper wuduh facilities and for lack of prayer facilities.
    First of all if the place you are in has a bathroom and a sink than thats all you need.
    Even if its a public bathroom, just make wuduh and you should be good to go.

    Regarding the lack of prayer facilities…there is no rule that says you need to pray somewhere specific
    So generally speaking you can pray in any floor space on campus, in the mall or in the local park! It will help greatly if you have a prayer mat with you. Some are folded to fit into your handbag or pocket.
    You might have to pray in public in such a situation but there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Washing feet in a public bathroom IS NOT acceptable to non-Muslims, It is unhygienic! Please find an alternative method for wuduu that does not offend and do not attempt to impose your rituals and customs in a non-Islamic country (there are alternative suggestions on this site). Contrary to your beliefs, Allah does not give you divine right to imposition! Having no regard for the sensibilities of others, is what creates division and hostility in non-Islamic countries and the sooner you accept compromise, the happier you will be!

      • I don’t understand what is unsanitary about washing feet in a sink. After all, much worse germs are already in the sink from hand washing after bathroom use. The intent is not to impose Islamic beliefs on others, but rather to fulfill the commitment we’ve made to God. Muslims are required to pray at 5 specific times each day. To neglect our prayers is to earn the disfavor of God.

    • Now that’s something which really got my attention.. (y) prior to your statement i’ve never given much thought to this ideal but i must say it sounds very innovative.. Inshaaallah should try it out when i’m in a dire state for a place to perform my salah..

    • Brother / sister … The only concern here is that dressing rooms are places of nudity… maybe some one with better knowledge can confirm – but I’m not sure it’s the best possible place. Forgive me if this is offensive to you in any way.

    • What if office don’t provide space for salah. I do my salah while sitting at my seat. Does anybody has any such familiar experience? Please share.

  5. If the bathroom is very dirty, I just do the fardh requirements for wudu (face, arms to elbow, wipe head, and feet up to ankles once) and also if you have trouble washing feet in the sink, you can do wudu at home and wear these socks ( so that when its time to do wudu again you can just wipe over them. These socks fill all the requirements for the hanafi madhab, but I would check with your local scholar to make sure what’s required for you and the proper rules regarding wiping over socks.

    • Assalaamu alykum warahmatullahi Bro Syed,
      Jazaaka lahu khaeran for your contribution. Will you kindly provide a reference for performing the fardh requirements only because the bathroom is dirty, bearing in mind that you were able to wash your face?

  6. I’m about to start a college life and I’m worried about my salah. Schedule will be heavy, and I’m afraid I’ll have to do salah on college, in 5 min, where there is no room just for salah. So doing that in front of all professors, and director of college…could be harmful for my grades. So, what is your advice to me ?

    • zohar and asar thats all you need to pray during college timings that is if you have 7 to 8 hr classes, find a silent place, near library, or if the hostel is near then you can do that there..

    • As salaamu alaikum. When I was taking late classes in college, I would just slip out quietly, as others did when they were using the bathroom, and find a quiet place, often a back staircase I knew no one really used, and make prayer there. If you could find a better place to pray, do so, but my options were limited.

    • Don’t worry dear sister in sha ALLAH you’ll manage to find a way.. Try to meet other muslim sisters that can help you I’m sure they have found somewhere to pray :)

    • I had a hard time too at first. I usually find for a vacant classroom or section in the library where students seldom come, but i ask permission from the librarian.. It would be a lot easier if you can find a muslim friend to perform salah with..

      When you’ve made the intention that you’ll perfom salah no matter what, you’ll see, Allah will facilitate and make it easy for you..

    • Just do it. Allah (swt) is in charge of your grades. You’ll get what you deserves. The earth is spacious enough anyway you will find a place if you push yourself a little more.

    • Sister Lajla I’ve learnt that if you make the intention to pray your Salaah despite constraints Allah will most definitely make a way for you. I once had an interview course in a hotel and asked the receptionist for a quite corner to pray in. She asked the concierge to open up a whole guest room for me to pray in and even knew the Qiblah! (Despite being non-muslim). That evening I went to a huge museum near by to pray (in their multifaith room) and was told that the museum was closing. Sensing my disappointment one of the security guards called the control room and asked for permission to reopen the prayer room, again non-Muslims. Perhaps you can ask your teachers/lecturers for a quite space and explain why it’s so important. You’ll be surprised by how understanding they are and insha’Allah will make it easier for future Muslim students (as well as getting the reward as well insha’Allah). Hope this helps :)

    • Asalamualaikum
      Lajla it would not be a harm to inform ur mentor in college about ur prayer schedule
      I know some1 who informed her professorrs before the start of semester and would quietly slip out of class , pray and slip in
      Also try not to think salah would be difficult, thats satan trying to provoke us not to pray.
      Be strong and be confident and Allah would help you insha Allah

  7. Bismillah, wasalaatu wasalaamu a’la Rasoolillah. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    1.Wearing socks after ablution and before leaving house is highly helpful! So one just have to wipe over the socks when doing wudu.

    2. As for work times…one can try to compensate the time by negotiating with one’s boss. For example if the work timings are 9 to 5 and a person has to take break for zuhr and asr for 15 mins each i.e., 30 mins…then one can continue working till 5.30 to compensate the prayer time.
    OR try working during the lunch break. For example if lunch break is 1 to 2, work either 1 to 1.30 or 2 to 2.30 (well if you can pray zuhr during lunch break then probably you just need 15 mins to compensate).

    3.As for lack of prayer facilities, one just have to find a clean spot Alhamdulillah.

    4. If there are no wudu facilities you may carry a bottle of water and if you dont have one/forgot to take or find it inconvenient to carry, you can buy one when it’s time to do wudu.

    JazakAllaahu Khayr. InshAllah I hope my brothers and sisters can benefit from these tips.

  8. i keep my at my salah my first priority when I had 2 month old baby , and read short surahs to make complete it without the cry of my baby.

  9. Salam alalkum,
    what I find very useful is a prayer mat with a compass attached, neatly folded in a small purse/pouch which can always be in your bag. it is compact and I sometimes use it at home too, you can find different types in Islam shops. It is very good to download an app in your phone for salah alerts. I like the idea of a spray bottle and I would buy one inshah Allah even though I try to have wudu at all times, they sell them in pound shops.

    • Assalamualaikum
      When traveling by air, it’s good to work out the Times of prayers that you need to pray in your journey, especially during flight times.
      Get a suitable app if possible, it helps.

  10. Usually I make wudu in the bathroom, but as a sister, I usually don’t like to pray in public. One of my sisters suggested making salah in a dressing room if out at a mall or shopping when there is no masjid around. (I don’t drive, so I’m limited by how quickly I can get to a masjid). Usually larger stores have larger dressing rooms. Just bring along a travel prayer rug, and a compass.

  11. From my point of view all these obstacles can be overcome easily if you have a sincere intention and a true determination. Allah will facilitate all your affairs so that performing Wudu or Prayers would be an easy matter. The real problem does not lie in the facilities we need to perform Wudu or Prayers, actually, the most important thing that we should pay attention to is the intention and the right performance of Wudu and Prayers. A large number of Muslims perform Wudu and Prayers in a way different from our Noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to do. We need to read more and more about the right practice of Wudu and Prayers.

    • Asalaamu alaykum,
      You can do Tayammum when there is no availability of water i.e. you are in a desert where you have no water to hand. Tayammum is used in dire situations where you cannot attain any water. Even if you have to travel for some time to get water you should do this.
      Basically you get the palms of hands and tap them on ground or rock (it has to be a surface which has dirt / soil / sand on to coat your hands and this will replace the role of water. Then you blow your hands so that you aren’t rubbing a lot of dirt on yourself. You then: 1) wipe on face 2) wipe over exterior of both palms and you don’t need to exceed past the wrists. That is it!
      Whatever invalidates your wuduh invalidates also invalidates your tayammum – i.e passing wind, going to the toilet etc.
      Whenever you find water, your tayammum is invalidated even if in the middle of prayer and you must then do a full wudhu in order to pray.
      If you are doing tayammum, you must repeat it before each prayer, you can’t keep it to pray several prayers like you can wudhu.
      And Allah knows best! Hope this helps. I recommend you refer to your local imam / sheikh for full details of how to perform all different types of purifications.

  12. Assalamu alaikum, Islam being a perfect religion and a complete way of life, guides someone in journey to combine two Walsh such as Zuhr and Asri or Magrib and Isha prayers. An authentic hadith stated Prophet Muhammas salallahu alaihi wasallam used to combined Zuhr and Asr while at home without any reason that prompted him to do so. Based on this fact someone has the right to combine two prayers together due to environmental or work schedule on non Islamic countries .

  13. Assalam u Alaikum

    I usually keep a small prayer mat (the children’s one) just sufficient to cover the part for sujood. It takes less space. I carry an empty water bottle for the toilet. And when I make wudu it is usually by running wet hands on my socks (which are worn after wudu was made). I also try to make wudu everytime I go to the toilet so I should remain in wudu even if it is not the time for Salah. Confidence is very important. You have to know that you must offer your prayer. And I also pray sometimes asking Allah to make it easy for me. I usually look for empty conference rooms but sometimes I have prayed in photocopy rooms when no empty room was available. If there are many people around then I sit and pray in order to avoid having too much attention focused on me. In the end of the prayers I ask Allah to accept my prayer for my intention, although I know there may be flaws in the wudu, the manner in which it is offered, and sometimes even the qibla (when I cannot determine it). And Allah wishes to make religion easy for us. May Allah accept our prayers. Ameen

  14. Assalamu aleikum, brothers and sisters! Jazakamu Allahu khairan for your beneficial tips. There is not so much what I could add in terms of practical side of the discussed issue, but I am sure and it has been proved many times in my life that the most important thing in all acts of Ibadah which we do is our intention. Our prayer is the first thing about which we will be asked by Allah on the Day of Resurrection and when it was good, so all other actions will be good and accepted by Allah. There is no excuse for not praying. For one who sincerely looks for prayer opportunity Allah will provide a way out, no matter in what situation and circumstances may one be. My tip is to inform your employer in the very beginning that you will need 2-3 hours on Friday to go to the mosque and one or two small breaks during other work days. If you are a PRODUCTIVE worker and you do your work properly he will not mind, in sha Allah. When speaking about wudhu, my advice is to try to stay always in a state of ritial purity, as it is very practical and protects you from any kind of evil. And of course, the most important thing for everyone who has any kind of obstacles performing Salah in proper time, make permanently Du1a to Allah, that He grants you always a possibility to pray in the best way. May Allah make us conscious of the seriosity of the prayer and give us possibility to pray each our Salah as it is the last one in our life with sincerity and Taqwa!

  15. There’s some good thoughts on here! I’ll just add something about finding the Qibla. I still think carrying a small compass is the best way because comparing it to using a smartphone:

    A) You don’t need battery life as you do on a phone
    B) No need to worry about data charges
    C) Less prone to interference than smartphone compasses.

    And the best one in my view is this one: because:

    A) It’s probably the best looking and easily attaches to your keys
    B) It’s got the simplest instructions I’ve seen for a compass
    C) It comes with it’s own web feature allowing you to find the direction out for any location before you travel:

  16. Salamu aleikum brothers and sisters!
    I study in Rome, Italy and our principal refused to give us a place to pray so we always bring with us a little prayer mat and pray together at the campus park or in a hidden place (and dirty :( ) under the stairs!
    May ALLAH help all of you to follow our deen properly!
    Fi amaniLLAH

  17. Assalamu Alaykum,
    In the Holy Qu’ran, it tells us to guard strictly our Prayers: “Guard strictly your Prayers, and your middle Prayer (Asr), and stand before Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) in devoutness.” – Surah Al Baqarah 2:238
    When you are out and about, you can keep a small Prayer rug with you and water and devote at least 20 minutes of your time worshipping, submitting, and humbling yourself before Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala). Don’t forget to Pray the Sunnah Prayers as well!!!!!!

  18. Salam alaikum,
    I always create time for my self its only if its a busy time bcos everything is available for me I have no excuse to skip my prayer time bcos, am working in a Muslim country

  19. We had a cross-country road trip around the states in the US recently and alHamdulillah we prayed at Rest Area at the picnic section (grass area) where no dogs are allowed to pass the picnic table. We made wudhu’ in the public washroom. When we reached a bigger city, we looked for a masjid. As for the airport, we find a quite and an open space if available. alHamdulillah. People stare at us but keep in mind that we should ignore them.

  20. Assalaamu alaikum
    MashAllah most of what I would suggest has been covered. I would also recommend mentioning the prayer to managers/colleagues which acts as dawah too. Having lunch whilst working so the break can be used for salaah is useful Alhumdolillah. Also I have in the winter combined prayers due to difficulty in finding space or repeating wudhu.
    Jazak Allah khair all
    Walaikum as salaam

  21. Whenever we’re at the mall, we always bring our handy prayer mat and pray in fitting rooms! How to detect the qiblah? Just download a qiblah finder! :)

    When I’m in school, every start of the semester, I inform my professor that I have to pray at this time for 5-10minutes. In that way, he/she can expect that I’ll leave the room around the time of prayer without the hassle of always asking permission from him/her!

    • I feel very uncomfortable praying in a fitting room as some people use it as baby changing rooms which I find very disturbing.

  22. Assalamu alaykum,
    The first important thing to equip yourself with is making wudhu from home and putting on socks, as without this you may experience great barrier in doing that outside. Check other things that may make performing wudhu and prayer harder when out and about, before leaving home( with a tight sleeve not good for timely wudhu and one that could show your privacy to others not for praying)as this might discourage you from praying in the first place.

    Secondly, the travel mat (preferably with a compass) is a must! Make it an everyday item in your bag. Good to have one.

    If you visit a place regularly, try to spot ahead or inquire for options of places to pray rather than last minute ‘where do I pray?’. The prayer is important, so make a worthy research ahead if you can.

    Now if its a place that is not familiar, we still have to remember that that is not an excuse for not praying.

    Some places like schools and hospitals have prayer rooms or you can find an alternative. I have prayed in a patient cubicle in a hospital, mother and baby room in a supermarket, in a quiet corner of a coffee shop/restaurant (when on training), in the corner of a classroom etc. The list is endless, inshaa Allah!

    Have trust in Allah, prepare your mind to pray and He would make a way and place possible, inshaa Allah!

  23. I keep my wudhu , whenever I go out ..

    & I plan my work around prayer times , not the other way round ( like Productive Muslim says ;) )

    P.S : I have a mobile app that tells me about “Qibla” , along with a small folded mat :)

  24. In a busy day, when I remember Salat, I have to stop what I’m doing and just do it, no matter WHAT! I’ve had too much experience of “saving it for later” and missing it :( Force yourself to get up as soon as you remember, and do it, no excuses.

    I also have an application on my phone that tells me when it’s time to pray, plus a compass application for Qiblah, and a foldable mat in my bag.

    At school, young people give each other appointments (see you on the 6th floor at Asr) to pray together. This gives a sort of obligation to be there on time as well.

  25. Alhamdulillah I’m blessed to be working for a Muslim boss who understands the importance of Salah.
    No issues in performing my Salah on time, everytime.
    When I’m out and about, I’ll always have prayer mat with me. An app for Salah timing and prayer compass handy on your smart phone. I’ll just get a bottle of mineral water from a convenient store to perform the ablution. I love the suggestion by brother Yacoob to have a spray bottle handy at all times.
    It’s a matter of setting your priorities right. When you’re doing your activities, try to do it in the morning and afternoon when the timing between the prayer times are longer. Check in advance of those places u need to go if there’s any mosque nearby; and if a musollah is not easily available eg at a shopping mall or … Just ask the customer service or some Muslim workers working @that building. They’d be able to show some locations where they perform their prayer.
    I’ll always remind myself to perform my ablution and Salah proper and on time as if it was my last. Can u imagine answering to your Creator… How and why did u miss that last prayer?

  26. 1) Schedule your work, school, or shopping (travel) time around salah. You have to keep salah in mind when scheduling or it’s not going to work.
    2) You can pray in fitting rooms while at the mall or in empty stores. Sometimes, Muslim store owners will offer you a place to pray in their stores. If you have small kids, drop them off at the “playplace” (shopping day care) or to avoid the situation altogether, go out with someone like a family member or a friend.
    3) Keep a compass with you.
    4) Make wudu when you leave the house and wear thick socks so you can wipe over them as needed.
    5) Keep a list of the closest masajid in the area that you’re travelling to.

  27. Assalaamu alaikum

    At work: if there is no multi-faith/contemplation room, then use meeting rooms and other empty areas – it’s best to speak with your employer, manager, and HR people and request a space for prayer. Also get other Muslim colleagues together and it will be easier to request for prayer space.
    Sometimes meetings and other events at work overrun or overlap salah times. Alhamdulillah we have some flexibility with dhuhr and asr, so if you do miss praying in jamat with other brothers or sisters, you should be able to pray on time before or after the meeting. I’ve had occasions where the meeting runs for much longer, e.g. a workshop or training course – in those situations, i’ve simply excused myself right in the middle of those sessions – i usually tell at least one person beforehand, e.g. the training instructor or manager or person in charge.

    Use of disabled toilets helps as you have the privacy.

    Training centre/conferences: I email or call up the hotel or conferencing centre and ask for prayer space. I’ve never been turned down, and they’ve always given me somewhere private to pray. Even in empty server rooms.

    Out and about: Planning ahead to the best of your ability. Combine prayers when required (especially for long journeys), some tips already mentioned above, such as having wudu before leaving home and wiping over socks when renewing the wudu during the next 24 hours and 3 days if travelling. The key is to plan your day/trip – so whether it’s travelling for work, shopping, visiting relatives, attending a wedding etc, plan your day around salah, and think about where and when you will be doing your wudu and salah.

    With small kids it can be very challenging at times: if no other adults there to look after them for few minutes while you pray, try praying while carrying them. For toddlers who are crawling/walking, it might be worth using a harness (one end on your wrist and one end on them). I did this during one of my umrah trips.

  28. Salaam:

    The problem of missing a salah is common when you are living in a non-Muslim community as ‎most of us are, and you are away from home. For those in Muslim communities, this should not ‎arise.‎

    A general answer is to plan your time before going with specific concern of the prayers to be ‎encountered. If you are going out for the afternoon, you must plan ahead about the afternoon ‎and evening prayers. Many fail to make their prayers because when the times come, they are ‎at a loss where to do them. Some even fail to notice the time when a prayer has become due.‎

    Another practical preparation is to make wudu every time you go out. It is self-assuring to be in ‎a state of wudu most of the time, and especially when you are out of home. If you are free of ‎continence problem, a wudu could last for more than 12 hours. Otherwise, always have a can of ‎mineral water.‎

    A final preparation is to have a magnetic compass and a knowledge of its usage. ‎
    The main obstacle is finding a suitable place or mosala in a crowded area like public buildings. ‎There is little of this problem in parks and other open grounds where you can always find a ‎space away from passageways. ‎

    There are always places that are relatively free of human traffic in the malls and offices. These ‎are at the ends of lanes or hallways, or cul de sacs. Usually the areas beneath an escalator have ‎ample unused spaces. Be on alert to mark a space that is relatively free of people or a corner ‎that is a bit off the passageway. There is a lady journalist who is adept of using fitting rooms as ‎momentary mosala. As a busy professional, she always finds a fitting room that she can occupy ‎alone for about five minutes for her prayers.‎

    When you are praying in a public place, be sure to put a sutra just in front of you so that people ‎will avoid passing too close to you. A book, newspaper, bag, overcoat, even shoes, may be ‎placed a meter or so away from point of prostration for this purpose.‎

    In sum, plan your outing with the prayer times as milestones, go in a state of wudhu, a ‎compass, and a can of water. ‎

  29. As-salamu alaykum
    I find it really helpful to have wudu most of the time and also carry mint chewing gum as if you have just eaten in a restaurant and it is Salah time then by having a mint chewing gum your mouth is kind of clean for you to start reciting. Also by making a firm intention and making du’a that you don’t miss your Salah really helps. By asking around for a clean place might encourage other Muslims to also go and pray. Alhamdulillah I live in an area where the people around me are mainly Muslim and so i don’t really have to ask around much.

  30. assalamo elaikum wrwb,

    i believe that Allah never put burden on us which we can’t bear , so whatever the situation is Allah will surely make some way ..i have one important tip that make salah your first priority over everything and then Allah will certainly make the ways easy for you inshaa ALlah …and mashaa ALlah lots of sisters and brother has already posted very beautiful tips,,,also make dua its a weapon of mumin

  31. Most of us believe that wudu must be taken in only clean places and perform prayers in clean place. And in most case we dont find both and we end up missing Salah. But that thought of us must be changed. Nothing is more bad than missing Salah. Always Remember when you miss your Salah you are missing the meaning of life. Cause after all we were created to worship Allah only. And shaitaan often fills in your heart that you have no means to pray but if you really want to pray you will eventually find a way if you are determined enough. And Remember everytime you miss a Salah you are making Shaitaan jump in happiness and Allah angry.
    I slacked of few months of duhr cause of the lack of facilities in the campus. But after hearing some hadiths and kutbah I really wanted to pray. And thats when I started to look out for my prayer. And guess what I did I made wudu in the restroom and prayed in my class room. It made me uncomfortable. But soon I realized that it was better than not praying at all.
    As for works there is always more probablity of praying I guess. But I have no Idea about it.
    As for when you are out in the mall then go out after praying duhr and do asr as kasr so that will give you enough time. If not them dressing rooms as stated above is a great idea. And thanks for whoever stated it.
    Then as for kids Put your trust into Allah. If something is to happen to them then it will happen if u look after them or not. Just secure them as much as u can. Ask protection in Allah and it is also allowed if you can carry your child in your back if you are still unsure. And thats not immpossible with the carry bags we have for children(I dont know the name for the bag).
    And as for any other situation if you are determined to pray then you will pray. If there even a small uncertanity then chances are shaitaan will get to us and make us miss Salah.

  32. Alhamdu Lillah Assalatu Wassalamu ala Rasululla. Before I give my tip I would like to advice my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to always write In Shaa Allah in 3 seperate words and not together. According to Dr Zakir Naik if you write it together it means create Allah but if you write it seperately it means if Allah wills. Now to the tips. If you’ve just being newly employed and work time over laps with salah time, you should let your employer know that you’re a muslim and you have to pray at certain times. If he agrees, fine you can start the job, but if he doesn’t agree, you can’t choose the job over your salat. You should know that it is a trial from Allah and you should expect trials in your life. Things can’t be smooth all the time. If you die joining your salat what excuse will you have before Allah on the day of judgement. If you can’t find an empty office you can pray by the side of your table. For the ladies make sure you carry a big bag which can take a prayer mat and a small bottle of water. The men can put the bottle of water and prayer mat in their cars and get them when needed. May Allah help us to remain steadfast upon his religion Amin

  33. At work request a spare room or less used room to pray in esp with conscious of not discriminating in work force, they tend to be more accommodating nowadays which is a good thing. Plus u can create a dawah platform stemming from that. Out and about do wudu before u leave home and when u r out either find a corner or hit the floor in any shops changing room. Only recently i have used the shop changing floor thinking about dawoud warnersby Ali song, with it, also do dua before u leave home that u find space to do salah, plus i left with wudu that sooner zuhr salah started i was able to complete it. If u r a driver then use ur car to do your salah instead of out on the street.

  34. If shopping and it is salaah time, the change room is a good place to pray, even when I have my child with me as I lock the door to the change room, so my child is safe and I can pray without rushing or distraction.

  35. At work you can usually make woodoo because most work places have a bathroom facility. I use the disposable coffee cups from the kitchen to make woodoo. I make sure I wear clothes that I can wear for the salat so I don’t have to waste time covering. For the salat — I go into an unused office. It’s challenging when I am out and about but I noticed that libraries are great places to make salat. Find a quiet corner and I use my smart phone compass app. Also parks are good if you are away from men’s gazes… other wise I will stay in the car instead so no men can see me prostrate.

  36. Assalam aleykm.making sure that u are alwaz in a state of wudhu n puttin on of socks is vry helpful.alwaz rem if u r scared of making salah before non-muslims mayb in campus or parks,how much do u fear Allah in regard to His commands.Allah’s command should be a priority even if u ave to fight fr t.let the professors n others realize that ur salah comes first n trust me they will respect t n will infact be the ones to remind u during salah tym in sha allah.Juz make da first step n be confident n the rest will follow.

  37. As-salamun alaykum,

    Despite living in a Muslim country (Turkey), it’s surprising how difficult it is to find a masjid when you’re out sometimes. Years ago I was in a shopping center and asked the security man if there was a masjid, he said there wasn’t, so I went outside and found a clean place under some trees next to the road. I was able to pray on the grass as I don’t carry a prayer mat with me. So we all have to learn how to tell where Qibla is from the sun, (in those days there were no mobile phones, let alone apps!).

    Alhamdulilah during the passing years the number of masjids in such places has increased (they realise that even pious Muslims spend money!) so praying in the mall is easier. But there are times when we are in a completely strange place and need to define our Qibla from the sun or north. (This link maybe useful:

    Thanks for the spray bottle idea, I wonder if a small perfume bottle would be enough? I don’t have room in my bag for a 1 litre bottle! (Alternative: keep a spare bottle cap which you have made a small hole for the water to spray out and fit it onto a bottle of drinking water which you can buy from any shop nearby, most caps fit all similar bottles these days).

    May Allah accept our intention to keep all our prayers on time – don’t forget that if our intention is right then Allah will make it easy for us, insh-Allah).

  38. Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu every one ^_^
    Being a nurse and working in different shifts and units, Alhamdulillah, I have always make dua’a to Allah Azza Wa Jal to make it easy for me to perform my prayers while at work or traveling. It is also my habit now to make ablution almost every time I go out of my house and I wear socks so that whenever I need to make ablution, I just wipe my socks with wet hands. If I can’t find a place to make wudhu, I do tayammum. I also keep a small sujada with me. I like the water spray idea. In shaa Allah, I will remember to do that. Jazak Allahu khairan.

  39. I once went to visit my grandma in the hospital and the visiting time clashed with maghrib, so after we came out my aunts insisted on visiting a mazaar/Karbala since they believe in all that ,so in the Karbala there was proper wudu space and I prayed there even though it had multiplr graves symbols and shirk symbols. People were literally doing sajda to graves and all and doing writs ritual things unelated to Islam. It was one awesome experience

  40. The way I see it, Ṣalāh really shapes you as a person. Most importantly, it builds functional skills like Planning & Coordination. The best way to make sure you don’t miss your 5 obligatory Ṣalāh is to plan your day around your day-to-day activities like sleep, work, school, leisure, etc.

  41. I live abroad in Germany….and praying on time when you are spending most of your day out can be pretty challenging, and it is often not practical or feasible to go back home for every prayer. Some ideas that have been working for me are:
    1. Always keep one of these light foldable seggadas with you – it takes as much space in your bag as your tissue pack.
    2. If you are shopping, schedule your shopping time so that you visit a shopping store or mall with a bathroom and lots of private fitting rooms when a prayer is due. Make wudu and pick an item of clothing to try on and use the privacy of a fitting room to pray and “try on” that item – it becomes financially unfortunate if you do end up liking that item and buying it! ;) That is just the easiest trick to keep your prayers when you are around shopping stores.
    3. Always be confident. If everything is absolutely impossible just find an isolated spot that is not in the way of anyone or anything and just pray! Basements, open air gardens, parking lots, etc. would work.
    4. Always bear in mind that there will always be a way to pray – even if you have to do it with poor focus or distraction sometimes because of such circumstances – I have faith Allah appreciates the effort you do to try and do your prayers.
    5. Make use of licences Allah grants us (shortening prayers when travelling, etc.) so that you do not end up missing prayers unnecessarily. Simplify things for yourself when Allah grants you that merciful opportunity.

  42. Alhumdullilah, I love the tips and inspiration on this comment thread. Unfortunately I have little to contribute as I am still getting this right. Good to know there is an entire community working on this with me!
    May Allah make us all timely performers of Salaah and reward us for our efforts at Dawah.
    PS. Making an effort to pray Salaah during work hours is such an excellent way to do Dawah…every single one of my colleagues has been impressed or asked to join when I go to the Masjid.

  43. Praise be to Allah the most exalted. I am working as an HR in an Hospital. My Daily challenges facing to perform salah is time & people. My Management allows me to go to masjid Alhamdulillah but i miss my jamath that is worried because of unplanned interviews & meetings.

  44. I was travelling to London, and on the way back, me and my cousin did wudu in the bathroom of a service station and prayed on one of those sheltered bridges over the road of the motorway. People in their cars could see us, but we didn’t care, though it was disturbing when a group of people went by making “unpleasant”-should we say- comments. But, alhamdulilah we managed to finish our salah.

  45. Fazar : Not in office. So either in home or in masjid if available But don’t leave Namaz
    Zohar : Lunch time no organization or institution stops you in doing lunch. So spare some time after lunch instead of chitchating with colleague. If possible go to masjid from your office if not find some suitable good place in the Office premises like meeting rooms or balcony or lobby surely where there is a will there is a way.
    Asar: If snacks or tea time. If this time is very short do not have snacks or tea but perform NAMAAZ
    Magrib: Here you have just finished office works either go to masjid or home quickly which ever is near..
    Insha: Here you are at home playing with kid. As soon as you here azan go to Masjid.

  46. Assalamu Alaykum :) Indeed, when you learn about our religion, it is really easy to follow. I am a student, so I can ask for a key, go to an empty classroom and finish my salah for 5 minutes. You should not be afraid that someone will catch you or that a teacher/ director will be angry with you, because it is your elementary human right! no one can take it away from you! Take your wudu than put your socks/ shoes on. Next time when you take wudu, you don`t need to wash your feet, just wipe your instep with your wet hand 3 times. Fulfilling just fardh for wudu and fardh for salah and leaving out sunnah will spare your time. it may be hard at the beginning to cope with your own nafs, but later it will become your daily routine and you will realise that salah at work/ in school is such an easy task from Allah. remember that we have so many facilities today like warm water, nice and warm space, smartphones …etc that the sahaba surely did not have. Allah will make everything easy for you if your intention is sincere : And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good. (29 : 69) stay blessed and steadfast. جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  47. Jazakallah khair I wanted to ask a question that whether prophet saw took saluki dog to the battle n is it permissible to keep this saluki dog as a pet

  48. Ma Shaa Allah great tips on here. I agree with those that say you just have to bucker up and be confident. It’s like a switch inside of you. To be honest we end up having so many weird thoughts about what people would say etc but in reality its not like that.

    When I joined a new office last year I went to my HR Manager and requested if there was a room I could use for prayer. They were so accommodating! There is a computer stock room which they gave me a key for and so I use that whenever I need to and stick a note on the door when im using it for prayer so I dont get disturbed. Alhamdulillah. Other than that, meeting rooms etc are fine to use..just let people know.

    With regards to shortage of time, and I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly, but if you are really stuck for time then you could do bare minimum…i.e. in rakah read Surah Fatiha only, without a short surah afterwards. So by this I mean make sure the pillars of the salah are there.

    Fardh prayers are the bare minimum too.

    Agree that once you have done istinja, you dont really need a bathroom to do rest of wudu. As long as water rolls on body parts you can get wudu done with little water and this can be done in your prayer room.

    I always do wudu before leaving house so I wipe over socks and hijab. SubhanAllah so much ease in our religion.

    Now when it’s winter, Dhuhr, Asr and Maghrib are so close together, so I try to not drink in afternoon so I can keep my wudu!

    When your colleagues know you have gone to prayer its so much better – just make sure you make your time up. Non Muslims will respect you – trust me.

    I would like to keep tayammum pack in the car just in case Im on the road and have no access to water.

    I think for sisters its not that easy to pray ‘outdoors’ but try best to find secluded place. To be honest I avoid shopping/get home in time if salah time is due – plan beforehand – it also makes sure you dont waste your time.

  49. For wadu I have a tip and it always works for me alhumdulilah!

    Always leave home in the state of wadu and as soon as it breaks (whether its Salah time or not) hurry in performing Wadu again.

    And since you will hardly be in state of without-wadu most of the time, therefore the problem of performing wadu outside will rarely occur, In sha allah ! :)

  50. Assalamu’alaikum.

    I agree with some of the comments that a sink is all we need for taking wudhu’. However at my school, the cleaners always have an issue with us making the toilets wet and slippery. To counter this, insyaAllah, I would carry a small spray bottle with me, fill it up with water and take wudhu in the cubicle. Not only is this method less messy, it also saves a lot of water (and we all know that Islam does not condone wasting of resources) so it’s a double win!

    May this piece of information be beneficial insyaAllah!

  51. Aa.
    -Disabled toilets always have their own washbasin and usually no queue or people looking at you strangely
    -Kuffs / sealskins socks when you are out. Leather boots can qualify as kuffs.
    -small sajada in your purse and one in your car
    – bottle of water in your car ( empty 2 litre milk / juice carton)
    -Parks , behind trees , park at the periphery of the carpark and pray next to the car, change rooms , empty offices, stairwells, there is always a way when the will is there.


  52. I like the spray bottle idea. The compass app on my cell phone is very useful and carrying a small prayer mat in my bag makes prayer easier. I attend a weekly evening meeting for 2 1/2 hours during which Maghrib prayer time often occurs. After discussing my needs with a few people in charge, the club president announced to the group that if anyone needs to step-out of the meeting to perform private prayers, they may feel free to do so. They also explained that Muslims pray 5 times a day and that prayer times can coincide with our meeting times. I try to sit near the door and quietly leave when needed. Everyone has been VERY supportive. One person said that more prayer is good for everyone. For women out shopping, there is often a room for nursing mothers that is clean and quiet. My daughters and I do this on our annual “back to school” shopping trips. If you can’t find a quiet place, praying in public is not as difficult as it first seems. Maybe a parking lot, between cars, in a quieter hallway, etc. It’s something even shy people can do. Just remember the value of the prayer.

  53. Unfortunately I work in the restaurant business for now while in college. And as you may know here in the USA there is alcohol, sometimes my work clothes might get splashed with alcohol while serving it. So I wait til I get home to change and pray. Usually I leave home to go to work before dhuhr or asr’s time and I get back around 11pm.
    What can I do?

    • Brother you should quit this job and find another one (halal one) if you are forced to serve alcohol in your current job as the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah has cursed alcohol, the one who drinks it, the one who pours it, the one who sells it, the one who buys it, the one who squeezes (the grapes etc), the one for whom it is squeezed, the one who carries it and the one to whom it is carried.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

  54. Assalamalaikum excellent suggestions all especially the spray bottle , women can also pray in the car when traveling or in some place where there’s no clean place as for children you can carry your baby in a snugly as someone write earlier and do your sujjood with action if carrying your baby but it’s only sometimes that this has to be done or put baby in stroller/ pram with the belt on & just say your fard Allah knows our intentions

  55. I think intention is very important too. If we make intention that we are going to pray no matter where we are then Allah will surely help us in fulfilling our obligation.

  56. As-Salamu’alaikum,

    Firstly, apologies if any of the points I make have already been mentioned, haven’t had a chance to read all of the above yet,

    Having experienced various jobs, travelling etc, I’ve managed to get into practice the following points Alhamdulillah:

    – Leaving the house with wudhu in the mornings (normally done whilst showering) – generally easy to keep wudhu if fasting leading upto Zuhr
    – Office workers: block out salah times in your calendar (as private if needed) so that you’re not booked into any meetings
    – For those who travel to the Masjid at lunch by train/bus, ensure that you know the times inside out
    – Depending on which country you reside in, you can usually catch ‘Asr/Maghrib Jamaa’ah on the way home from work
    – Never be scared/ashamed to ask for prayer space, HR departments respect religious requirements and take them very seriously
    – When the days are short you can try to keep your wudhu from Zuhr to ‘Asr
    – If in a shopping centre, you can use a changing room to pray
    – Keep a prayer mat in your car/bag so you can pray in areas such as car parks

    Final tip, play your day around Salah and everything will fall into place – fact

  57. Really you cannot earn the reward of Jamath prayer through praying in your free time . Praying on time is can’t can’t reachable through praying after jamath . May Allah give all of us the strength to pray on time ,insha Allah

  58. Alhamdulilah, I am very lucky to be attending a muslim school where we hav a wudu room!!! may Allah reward those who have difficulties in finding a wudu area

  59. TIP: Toilets for disabled persons (where available) usually have a private washbasin which helps a lot for availability of water for both istinja and wudhu.

  60. Jazaakallahu Khairan to every one who has contributed to this discussion. You have made me aware of how much I have neglected my salah and that my excuses are not good enough. thanks for all the tips.

  61. Alhamdulillah, I’ve learned a lot from this thread. I agree with the about comments that confidence matters, one should not let the fears of others watching us hold us back in public places. I study in Canada and our University has a prayer room provided which is a great asset. Having the azan app helps me work my schedule around it. But where its more challenging is at work. My workplace didnt have any spare rooms to use, so i found myself praying in my car.
    I love the idea of the spray bottle mentioned earlier and after reading the above comments, will insha Allah try my best to keep up with prayers on time and heedfully.

  62. Assalaamu alaikum,
    At Hajj I wore cotton socks after wudu for 72 hrs at a time (as is permitted when travelling).
    For the purpose of wiping them, however, the socks cannot be sheer as is often the case with ladies’ hosiery.

    Furthermore, while leather socks are preferable (as it was a practice of the Prophet’s [saw]) there is nothing in the Sunnah restricting the wiping over socks to leather ones.

    • I have heard this is permissible as well. Cotton socks instead of leather, although some conditions still apply.

      Question Date:
      Topic :
      Ablution and the wiping of socks:
      I read in an Islamic monthly magazine that when a Muslim does his ablution, i.e. ‘wudhu’, he may pass his wet hand over his footwear, only if it is made of leather. Wiping of socks made of cloth is not permissible. The writer supports his opinion by saying that according to Arabic literature, the word “jawrab”, which denotes socks, applies only to leather-made socks. Is this true?
      What I find strange is the definition the writer uses for the word “jawrab”. It is certainly not true that it denotes only leather-made socks. According to one of the best Arabic dictionaries, it means “feet wrapper”. There is no hint that it must be made of any particular materials. Where the writer has probably got confused is the fact that the question of wiping feet covers is entered into books of fiqh, or Islamic rulings, under the use of the “khuff”. This is traditionally made of leather, but is different from socks. It is similar to shoes, although it is without heels. That scholars agree that this concession meant to make it easier for people to have ablution, applies to all the types of footwear which cover the area which we normally wash when we have the ablution. That includes the whole feet up to the ankles. In operating this concession we rely on the Hadith which tells us that one of the Prophet’s companions was helping him to do his ablution by pouring water for him. When that man got ready to pour water over the Prophet’s feet, the Prophet motioned him that he did not need to have his feet washed, but wiping his socks was sufficient. He said: “I have put them in when they were pure.” That meant that he wore his socks after having had ablution.

      It is perhaps useful to mention the rule here that if you do your ablution in the morning, or indeed at any time during the day, then put on your socks or boots, you make the intention (not by words but by being conscious of what you intend to do) to avail yourself of this concession. If your ablution, or wudhu, gets invalidated afterward, you do not need to wash your feet anew when you have a new ablution. It is sufficient to wet your hand and pass your fingers over the top of your feet. To pass one wet finger over a small area of each foot is adequate. Many people find this concession very convenient if they spend a long time at their place of work, where ablution facilities may not be available. This applies particularly in countries where Muslims are a minority or an immigrant community.

      Note: you may pray with your shoes on unless they come in contact with something impure (i.e. najasa- for e.g. blood, urine, and etc. Note: dust/mud is not considered najasa) where you would have to clean them to be able to pray with them. you are allowed to do so only in case the shoes cover your anklebones, otherwise, if the shoes don’t cover the anklebones, then you have to take your shoes off. Please note the following rulingalso about the permission of wiping over socks in certain conditions: Wiping over socks is permitted according to some Islamic Scholars. However, wiping over socks has certain conditions: 1-they have to be thick (the skin can’t be seen through them, unlike nylons from women), 2-they should hold on the feet (you don’t tie them with a lace or a string), and 3-you should be able to walk wearing them without being hurt. A person has to wear them over his/her feet while in a state of ablution, and they have to cover the ankles (the two bones sticking out on the bottom of the leg). This means, you can not simply wear socks and then wipe over them. You should instead take a regular ablution (including washing the feet), then wear the sock. If later on in the day you lose the state of ablution, then, you may do a regular ablution but simply wipe over instead of wash the feet. Note: only the top of the sock (foot) should be wiped not the bottom where you walk on. This rule applies regardless if you are traveling or if you stay in the same town. As to the period of time, if you are traveling, you can keep them up to three days while if you are staying in the same town, you can do so only for a period of 24 hours after which you have to take them off to wash your feet again. This means, even if you intend to take them off in three hours and not to wear them for a whole day, you can still do the wiping off. There is no minimum time, but simply a maximum time.

      Three things end the validity of Mash: 1) Taking off the shoes, 2) end of the Mash time mentioned above, and 3) anything that requires gusl (Major cleaning).
      Reference: Arab News

  63. Some of these comments are impossible I work for Nissan and no way they will let anyone pray you have two short breaks as for taking time to go to the mosque they would terminate my contract but I need the job what.shall I do

  64. I sympathize with Brother Lee Williamson. There are organizations that are not mindful of the cultural differences of their personnel. I heard that many progressive corporations in the west (Europe and USA, etc) have allotted brief periods when Muslim workers can pray. In Australia many business organizations have policies that provide provisions for Muslims needing time to pray.

    In the case of Brother Lee, he has to follow Nissan’s policy. In one of the short breaks allowed, he can pray Dhuhr for about 5 to 7 minutes. If the breaks are in other times, he can try to squeeze that 5 minutes or so for the prayer. Of course he has to find ways to have his wudo.

  65. I always bring a set of prayer garmet, prayer mat and bottle of water. I will do my Wudu in the public toilet over the sink (while trying to minimise ‘out-splashing’ of water out of sink because it infuriates the cleaning lady) and wash my feet over the toilet bowl (so that again no watery mess) and i pray in a quiet place where im unlikely to be disturbed such as below the stairwell, the emergency exit stairwell, rooftop or basement carpark. There was once when i borrowed the storeroom to pray in when i was working at the office.
    You’ll find a place and opportunity Insyaallah :)

  66. Alsalaamualaikum brothers and sisters. I have a question which I was hoping some one could help me with. I am a chauffeur based in central London I was wondering what the best way me to offer salah is, streets and roads in London are always very congested so I am constantly on the move picking up and dropping off different clients. Now in between comes salah times even when I am free some times it’s very hard for me to pull up find a parking space and preform salah on the street. Is there an alternative way or dose anyone have advice which will help me?

  67. I try to keep my wudhu all day long. Especially when I am leaving my house, I do it again afresh. And whenever it is time for salaah, I perform it even if conditions are not perfect i.e I am in a car or bus.
    But I am guilty of missing them a lot. :(
    Working on it though… :D

  68. MashaAllah its so amazing to see so many Muslims sharing practical tips to guard our prayers.
    Aphamdulillah, I managed to offer prayer at school, college, academy, university, hospital (being medical student), shopping malls, restaurants, picnic areas etc. Its never difficult if you really want to pray and you carry the required stuff with you.
    I remember when I was the only who asked my teacher for prayer break and place in academy and as I started praying, so many other girls joined me.

  69. Assalamu Alaykum ! Here is a tip that usually keeps me from procrastinating Salat regardless of the circumstances (especially since I travel a lot): I think about Akhira, and how all the people around me will wish they did what I am about to do. I find this prospective very helpful to overcome both shyness and procrastination whether I am in an office, a parking, a mall, an open field or a social gathering !;-)

    Hope this helps !

  70. Infact I am so impressed with this dat u set up for Muslims may ALLAH bless you nd reward u as u have been helping us

  71. I work in an engineering office, there is no place to offer prayer.
    My Zuhar, Asar and now Maghrib as well during winter is missed. What should i do, i can avail only fajar and isha when i am at home.
    It is just unacceptable to sit and listen to Azan without preparing for namaz.


  73. Salam,

    thanks for all the tips, however, I have doubt regarding making ablution with a spray bottle, this is more like wiping than washing. Any fatwas regarding this issue?

    thank you,

  74. Asalam Alaykum,
    I work in an hotel, and i observe my salat in the changing room with no disturbance. The only challenge i have is that some of the ladies come in the room with there hair open and sometimes undress while i observe salat.

  75. I really am very clueless as of what to do I work 12 hour shifts where two sometimes 3 prayers times conflict with my work. I also work in a job that requires me to sit next to a phone the entire time and there is no allotted break times even for lunch most often we eat while doing our job. If I make the time I am interfering with my work tasks. Although the information on the spray bottle or wuhdu before work is beneficial for me there is also a problem with a suitable place for salat at my work. I work amount men and the building hasno areas I would consider a suitable place to pray because it is a taxi service so most separate rooms are for tools or car parts or something and not the cleanest of places. I have been through the whole thing to miss prayers tI’ll I got home from work and would be in constant making up for prayer. I have also made prayer by sitting in my station but even then have messed up prayers or abandoned them because the phone will interupt me. I feel very upset by this and have even gotten very depressed because I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. And I also everyone I work with doesn’t understand why I am Muslim anyway being the only Muslim in the entire community. Any ideas I have read a lot of these comments but they are about schools or malls or offices even hospital. Where there are many rooms or spaces you can go to pray as well as break times even for five minutes. I have found that I am alone in building and have the time to pray but can’t leave my station to do so even if I went outside because there isn’t someone there to cover the phones at the time of prayer.

  76. All the answers are for brothers with mats and sisters with mats not taking into consideration that a sister will NOT feel comfortable performing her salah in a dressing room, parking lot, park, etc. She is supposed to be demure, not draw attention to herself. It is very difficult to observe salah when you are not in a masjid or at home. Many masjids do not have sister areas and this nation is “hostile” toward Muslims, so performing salah publicly, at times is not ideal. As a sister, I will not feel comfortable doing this so it leaves me compromised. I WANT to perform my prayers on time but where and how when I am away from home?

    Is tayammum permissible in these instances so I can cover my head and walk while I am making my salah and make the motion with my hands for prostrating? I am not trying to offend anyone but I am genuinely lost in this area. I need guidance, not speculation.

  77. I just wanted to clarify. In my last post, I said that it is difficult for sisters to make salah outside, however, Allah (SWT) made the earth specious and a mosque for prayer. I hear the birds making their prayer before Fajr, Zuhr, and the beautiful birds of Asr flying in patterns. Sisters can find comfort anywhere on the earth by Allah’s Mercy to make their salah on time.
    I was posing the question because in this city, I feel different.

    In suburban or country areas where there are fields where sisters can congregate and make prayer or in a university where there are acres of greenery or even in an office building where you might secure an empty office for prayer are wonderful solutions. I have admired Muslims praying in different circumstances so they do not miss their obligatory prayers.

    I will pray and ask my Lord for Direction. Praying on time is better than having to make up missed prayers. It leaves you feeling cleaner, five times a day. I LOVE salah and by no means did I intend to discourage anyone who has found the solution – sister or brother – as making salah on time is a “gift.”

  78. At work i have little spacy to pray i always keep à scarf sit On à chair and pray, aslong as you have wudu you can almost pray everywhere. Otherwise you pray qaza at home it only takes 5 minutes, when I’m going out I combine prayers too.

  79. Hi my name is Nick Greek background but been a Muslim for 28 years. I’m have problems in completing my prays due to after working. I get really tired and mined and body won’t allow me to make a decision to get in wash up and pray. This is really bothering me frustrating me and feel really guilty the next morning. I have a young family with a two year old Boy. So you can understand what happens when I come home it’s overwhelming. Can you please help me. Thank you may you have a great day. God Bless!!

  80. Ma sha Allah I just want to say I love my brothers and sisters in Islam so much. I was really worried about my salah, I am in a course where I sit from 10-5 and I was desperately trying to find a mosque nearby but to no avail. Ma sha Allah I love the way you are encouraging each other and then it occurred to me, its only as complicated as you make it for yourself, alhamdulillah, where there is a will there is a way. These comments and suggestions have been so helpful. May Allah bless you all and grant you all paradise.

  81. Assalaam O Alaikum

    I am doing bus driving course and here no plaza for pray i ask them, for plaza to pray they refuse they say it is no plaza in this building so pray park plaza they say your not allow to pray in park plaza please help me how to handle that and what can i do.
    thank you

  82. I live in Canada, and works in a call center, usually my work time overlaps with my prayers time but I am trying to manage. the problem I am having now is, it is difficult for me to perform ablution in work place specially washing feet is difficult because some people working there mind washing feet in a sink and also all my shoes get wet because it is difficult for me to dry it, for now I am doing taymum on my feet. any piece of advice or any clear instructions will be appreciated .
    Stay blessed everyone

    • Brother, alsalamo alaykom.

      You can not do tayammum when there is water and you cannot do tayammun for feet. Maybe you meant masih. While in state of wudu,put your socks on and if you have to make wudu then just wipe the top of your feet.

      May God bless you

  83. in fajr salah during time my brother is sleeping in front of me in the bed is there is any problem for that my salah will acceptable or not in this procces my brother will happen any bad effect please adivise me

    • If your brother is in front of you then you should place a ‘Satar’ between you and him when you are performing Salah. This can be in the form of a chair or something similar in size. You should try to give him some daawah for him to join you, speak about the grandiosity of Allah S.W.T and what is the meaning of this life comparing with the Akhirat (which is eternal). Last, but not least make Duaa’ for him, ask Allah S.W.T to guide you, your brother, your family and the whole Ummah towards the right path. May Allah S.W.T bless us!

  84. As-Salamwalikom

    My school sometimes starts from 1pm to 8pm so I usually pray Fajer and Zuhur before I go and then combine Aser and Magrib and when I get home I pray all three prayers.
    Since I don’t have a place to pray in school.

  85. If I’m flying and the time for salah comes while in flight should you wait till you get to your destination which will leave you enough time to pray salah it not

  86. Salam, i am in kuwait for 15 days on official trip. Please advise if there are any changes i need to do the way i do salah.


  87. how to safeguard your salah when you’re at work
    If you need to go to toilet, clean the toilet seat with tissue once, then with wet tissue, then with dry tissue. Then sit and do your thing. If you don’t have any glass or bottle for cleaning water, wet the tissue and clean yourself. No need to be so fussy.
    For wudu (ablution), do your normal wudu on wash basin, then wipe upper feet socks with wet hands. Don’t stand on floor without shoes on. After wiping right foot sock, put the foot straight in the show. then repeat on left foot. InshaAllah, your taharat and wudu would be accepted. Allah knows the intentions and efforts.

  88. Hi,

    I’m a revert and have a question. When I visit my mum’s home, how can I pray in her house if she has a dog. Do I just clean the area where I am praying on? Is it permissible to make up these prayers later when I go home or do them before I leave?

    Thank you

  89. Reading this post has helped me a lot in being able to observe prayers even if I’m in the middle of a class at a Western country’s university (Jazakum Allah Khaiyran). In return, I’d like to share an idea that occurred to me while praying on campus one day. As you might know, all the places in which we pray during our lives would testify in our favor on judgement day, and that is a very good reason why we should keep adding more and more spots to our lists!

  90. As salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Can I perform namaz sitting on a chair if there is no sufficient or neat place and short time is left for namaz?

  91. Salaam i would be grateful if someone could inform me as to whether a woman’s ablution is invalidated if she walks outdoors without her head covered