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    • Wa iyak Huzaifah! Kind of you to say so.

      I expect that IIUM has changed a lot since I was there; the new campus at Gombak was only opened in my last semester! Yet it doesn’t seem that long ago since I left.

  1. Jazakallah khair for this very informative article. I enjoyed learning about the time management matrix as well as all the other great information presented in this article.

  2. mashaaAllah very nice n informative article.i loved it ..really enjoyed to read it and inshaaAllah wil act upon it ….jazakumullah khairan 

  3. i havae a question in all this frame where we do like help pple in our busy shedule like giving dawah on facebook and etc

    • Sorry, I’ve only just seen your comment. Helping people and dawah can both be Quadrant II activities, if you are doing them with the right intention, using effective productive means and if they are helping you to reach your long term goals, and they are not being done to make you feel that you’re being busy or to avoid doing other things that are more beneficial.

  4. I ve read Stephen coveys book the 7 habits… N it’s really good the way u moulded all tips keeping the Islamic essence intact!