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  1. nice article but i think it kinda makes a person pray extra (referring to the Duha prayer or other Nawafils) because they wanna be refreshed, not because they want to worship Allah (SWT). It is important to remember the MAIN reason of praying. It is to worship Allah, to act upon the Sunnah, to gain Allah’s pleasure and hope to come closer to Him. Being refreshed and re-energized are definitely some of the great benefits of prayer but they shld not be made the main REASON to pray.
    Sorry if I was offensive but I was just trying to help people not get the wrong message from the article.

    • MashaAllah! JazakAllah khair, very good point! I guess we were trying to highlight one of the benefits of Salah but definitely we agree that Salah should not be used as some form of ‘meditative’ exercise without truly understanding who you’re worshipping or why. Well done for that observation!

    • I think what the author is saying is in order to get energized & focus ….worship Allah (swt) by praying salah. Many times we have coffee or chai to get “renergized”…..yet the point this article is making is that when we cannot focus it is because our soul craves to make sajdah to Allah & we should feed our soul by offering salah & we will be able to focus inshallah afterwards because we have done wat is most important in our life first: worship Allah (swt).

      Allahu alim.


  3. Nafs Ammarah & Humans – 05
    (NA distracts from Salat)

    It may sound difficult for some of us to understand as how Nafs Ammarah (Evil-Inner-Self) could distract a Muslim during the performance of Salat whether obligatory or voluntary. Evil, which is within human body, would do its utmost to distract the attention from the righteous deeds while Salat is such a righteous performance by which a person would be set free from vulgarity, disbelief and sedition acts. By distracting a Muslim during Salat with any lusty or irrelevant matter, Nafs Ammarah would satisfy its natural ally Iblees. Who is always ready to see a Muslim indulging in vulgarity, disbelieving what is from Almighty The – God and revolting (sedition) against Him in order to become the supporter and follower of Iblees. One may fall into trap unwillingly; one who is continually aware of such a threat would close all inboxes to the evils. The tug of war perpetrated by Nafs Ammarah and Satan during the Salat against a Salat performing Muslim is the opportune moment which they would not leave. A Muslim shall be not only aware of such a danger but shall be determinative and protective of Salat by all means as Salat is the highest form of prayer (Zikr Akbar).

    A Muslim by his conviction would do every knowledgeable act as directed by Almighty Alloh and The – Prophet (PBUH) before and during the Salat in order to defeat Nafs Ammarah. A proper dress, proper Wodhu or a proper Tayammum if eligible, purity of intention, better it be in a congregation unless eligible to perform alone, performance of each of the physical acts as proven by The – Prophet (PBUH), recitation of each and every of the recitals at every juncture during the Salat especially Surah Al Fatiha and other verses of The-Qur’an whenever and wherever need be, would suffice to defeat Nafs Ammarah. The bottom line for the performance of Salat is to follow The – Prophet (PBUH) who said: Perform The – Salat as you see me performing The – Salat (Hadith).

    If and when a Muslim performs Salat by remaining continuously vigilant of performing every of the tenets as The – Prophet (PBUH) guided and performed beside completing the recitals with reverence (Qhushoo’a) and concentration (Qhudoo’a), there are far better chances to complete the Salat with perfection. During the process, make continuously sure that all sensory inboxes are shunned for every distractive thoughts and visions. Now think about Salat for a moment, and the power it has to fight distractions when performed properly and full concentration. Since Islam teaches us to develop complete focus on our submission and relationship with Allah, this focus is not only meant for our daily prayers, but should stretch to every aspect of our life. Living a distracted life might be ‘fun’ but it’s not productive, and to be honest, I would suggest that a distracted life is one of the tricks of Nafs Ammarah and Satan to keep our focus away from what is truly important in our lives.

    Note: The – Prophet Mohammad recommended: “Make Salat Al Witr the last Salat of night” meaning after you have performed Salat At tahajjud (Hadith).

    Jazakum Allohy Qhaieran

  4. thank you so much for this i find it hard to avoid distractions during salah inshallah i will try the techniques to improve my salah :)

  5. Thank you so much i really just dont know how i can appreciate enough for this email so i will strongly take this beautiful advise and put it action inshallah.Jazaakallah khair brother. May Allah SW accept our deeds. Amin