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  1. This is a skill i have always struggled with year in year out, how to effectively manage my time properly, the book you mentioned above is excellent read indeed by Peter Drucker, here are a few of his quotes

    "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all"

    "Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed"

    "Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans"

  2. masyaAllah. I really love this site. I’ve been a fan of productivity sites like Lifehacker and ZenHabits, now there’s one specifically for Muslims. I’m very happy.

    I really hope this site will continue to grow and provide useful information to us all.

    thank you.

  3. thank you,
    JazakAllah Khair.
    Im a gap year student, and I keep killing time for no reason. :(
    Awesome site, btw.

  4. I’ve been looking for guidance and this site really gives a lot of tips and advice. i can’t thank you guys enough. may Allah bless all of you

  5. I’ve been looking for guidance and this site really gives a lot of tips and advice. i can’t thank you guys enough. may Allah bless all of you

  6. Thanks for this post brother.

    The best part was the inclusion of ‘Praying to Allah’ as one of our main priority and not to take it as an excuse for saving time, which a lot of people do nowadays.

    May Allah help us do equally well for the Deen as well the Duniya. (Note: Deen comes first!!!)

  7. Very nice article. I sincerely beileve that if you can manage your time, you can do anything. And I think that managing time is a difficult task. Its not simply about allocating tasks, you must also take many other things into consideration. I, myself, had to create a tool to manage my time because I had difficulty finding something that fitted my needs.a

    • Adeel

      Under every article, in the “Enjoy this article? Share it!” section – we have a print icon.

  8. Masha’Allah :) even tho one have read much abt time management but it feels more amazingly new when u connect it with our beautiful Deen :))

  9. Assalamualaikum 

    Jazakumullahu khayran katheera.

    It’s true. I was not a person who used to plan what to do, allocate time for things or keep record for I did. But after doing time analysis for academic semesters last year, I then realise how poor I was as a time manager. 

    I estimated my time for activities during semester on a week basis. Shockingly, sleeping (about 7 hours per night) took almost 1/3 of the pie chart. Maybe because when sleeping, didn’t realise that time did not stop moving. Adding to the list were time for religion, university, house chores etc.

    It’s true. Time is life. Wasting time is indeed wasting one’s life.

    Jazakumullahu khayran katheera once again. May Allah bless your good effort.

  10. Salam ‘alaikum,
    Any tips on how to keep track of our time? I’d love an article reviewing time tracking apps/devices!

    • Wa alaikum assalam Sr.Callista, good to hear from you again. That’s a great idea, we’ll do that inshaAllah. I’ve had my fair share with some of these apps :S.

      • Great! Thanks so much, I look forward to it inshaAllah. :)
        PS – It won’t let me sign in through fb for some reason… I just keep getting “an error occurred”…

  11. Jasak allah khir for this article   there are  so much great advice. I just would like to know if it possible to synchronise the daily taskinator with Mac or android phone ?

    Thank you

  12. articles in relation to productivity and in Islamic light is very important. i am very fortunate to have met this website through generous sharings on facebook. i pray that this website will stay strong, illuminating muslims to the right path with Quran and Sunnah.. insya Allah

  13. Subhanallah, very beneficial article, thanks brother.

    Hopefully, every muslim in this world realize this. You have remind me how important time is.

  14. In fact it is an important speech..
    thanks because u reminded us with such an important element of life..
    it is the life itself.

  15. Mashallah, this is a great website I only wish I came across it years back…can’t help but think I would have wasted a lot of time!

  16. Personally I find it really hard to manage my time. I have made countless attempts to create a timetable for myself but it never seems to work out. I feel as though i don’t have enough hours in the day to fit everything in (university work (which is A LOT!) Alongside my university work this year I also aim to study more about Islam and build my Imaan Insha’Allah, but I just dont know how to allocate my time and stick to my timetable!

    Any advice on how to stick to my timetable would be greatly appreciated.