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  1. Salaam. very nice article. true in so many aspects. jazakumAllah for that. I would like to add a few things which do add to the list but have many advantages.
    1. travel prayer mat
    2. travel compass (or download on the smartphone but don’t forget to change location when on the go and calibrate the compass!)
    3. miswak (because it is sunnah)
    4. mirror (sunnah)
    5. small itr (which is very handy when running late for a women-only gathering)
    6. 3 safety pins
    7. travel sewing kit (has one needle, button and thread…a stitch in time saves more than nine!)
    8. crunch/granola/raisen bar
    9. mint (because one of the most disliked things in our deen isa bad odour, once again proven from hadith)

    much duas and in need of many. wassalaam.
    bint farooq

  2. AND alhamdulillah i just remembered. Plasters! which can be a source of helping in first aid situations and earn you many duas! there’s a thin pack containing 15 odd or so and are called travel first aid kit/plasters that one can get easily from any pharmacy/local store.

  3. Excellet article and really needed. I find a numberof my friends always rumaging in their bags looking for essential items, especially under pressure.
    Your list of essential items are spot on. The only item which one can do without is the notepad. A phone can now double up as a notepad. I even use the notepad function on my phone to write up my shopping list. Even my kids update the list with items they need to include on the list.

  4. Love the list! Only my bag also contains a lip balm and a pair of ear phones :) rest I love love love the list. JazakAllah especially since I had my baby and he is grow his food is always in my bag

  5. Yes this is the most interesting article ever it got me thinking of how to start organizing mine but this days things re very funny because even the electronic gadgets one Carries around is just uncountable. One person has an iPad ,Apple phone,samsong for other SIM cards, laptop of different brands etc which re all used for desame purpose. Instead of just using one thing to serve all purposes.

  6. Thnx for the advise.
    Organising your bag is an art few accomplish. Little do we know that it’s actially useful.
    I learned through the hard way; through experience. When I started college I would take fancy tote bags with few compartments and would make a mess of things. I would actually spend lots of time searching through the rubbish piled in the bag. Now I use a canvas bag and things are more sorted out, I keep my keys and phone in the outer pocket making it easier to access when in a rush. You never know how these tiny things matter and actually help you.
    Btw jarir sells great canvas bags (those of u in KSA).

  7. This is really nice and helpful. What I usually do and also find useful is using a wallet for my cards, money etc, then a small purse for my bank tokens, a small notepad, pens, flash drive & a small stapler and then a small cosmetic purse for lip balm, small tube of hand lotion and compact powder. That way I know where to locate each item & stay organized. My phone has my Quran, hisnul muslim and so many useful apps.

  8. Sallaam Alaykum everyone, now that I am a grandmother, I don’t need to carry so much in my handbad, now I use a back-pack. very light. I find it easy, and I don’t worry about carrying my handbag in my hand, and it getting swiped off my hands by a thief. In my back-pack I carry a small Quran, my cell phone, and a small wallet with only my bank card, and ID. Some tissue, and a pen, some small change (Quarters etc). Oh, and also, some pins for my hijab if it comes loose in a small case. This is very light. I use my cane to walk, I feel comfortable with this. Reading the Quran while waiting for the bus, or in the doctor’s office.

  9. Great article ! Very informative. A big thank you for this. I always end up carrying a huge bag and I hate it. May Allah bless you ! Ameen

  10. Actually I travel weekly and the tips given are essential for a stress free journey. I will adopt them for more convenience.
    Very useful significant tips.

  11. Salaam I’m so happy to read this article it is actually

    what I carry all the time in my bag. May Allah guide us ameen

  12. just what i need..thank you..lately i find myself mostly browsing on essentials for woman,may it be on bag, wardrobe etc..I even bought a bag organizer its a big help when you transfer from bag to bag.Nowadays with too much ads on product we tend to have what they have, and at the end of the the day we dont use them..I include a compact umbrella in my essentials..rain or shine..

  13. Loving your ideas althought I think its important to keep a bottle of water in your bag and hydrate yourself throughout the day. Great article!

  14. Masha ALLAH. This is a very important article that all ladies should read. I have lost an important document due to gabbage in my hand bag, so I have learnt a great lesson and since then I try to keep my bag very light. I have dua, Quran apps on my phone so I don’t have to carry dua books or copies of the Quran in my bag. These apps are very useful. Jazakillah khairan in sha ALLAH I’ll stick to this list.

  15. Small portable masala, and a tasbeeh. Pray anywhere and don’t lose any spare time , even while listening to talk, with friends , in a meeting….. Fill it with zhikr.
    Another option is a tasbeeh that can be worn as a bracelet. ….empty the bag further.

  16. jejezakellahair sister l hope this is Avery good and useful article for all the women as women have more stuff to carry than men.also most of the time we go with kids and when they disturb us we easily get distracted and forget the places where we put the things. As I am mother of 3 younger kids I found its easy to use a small bag with one long belt for the valuable things to put and can be worn on across the shoulders, and use a separate bag pack for kids waterbottles, food and snacks.always it is useful to keep a small water bottle rather than spending money for water specially in summer to prevent dehydration.

  17. This is very useful. Jazak Allah. Especially the tip that handbags need to be freshened up every 2 weeka or so to avoid the clutter to grow.

  18. Its quite handy article.we tend to carry unnecessary stuff not required the way we do in our lofe.very essential things are mentuoned.this way very essential matters should be given importance .overall quite prolific article.

  19. Great post! I find these ‘life-hacks’ really useful. Maybe a good post would be gathering all these different ‘life-hacks’ from around the internet, to share which would be especially beneficial to Muslims? Also, I think having pictures would be helpful – people love to see pictures…
    Again, thanks for this! :)

  20. Thank you for inviting me to comment on your article. The comment of this article should be made by our Muslimah (sisters) not Muslims (brothers). But I want to share with you my personnel experience. When my wife goes for shopping and I took her there because she does not drive. I move with her in the shopping malls for around 15 minutes and leave her to enjoy the environment and stay in the car waiting patiently for her miracle to arrive. It is not pleasant experience at all because Allah encourage us to be patient in life especially with our caring wife.
    Today most of our sisters buy items they do not need because it is already at home and that means in Islam waste. Sadly, we create our waste because we are consumers not producers societies that what the west wants to achieve and they target us because it is huge business. They also create for us the shopping malls to spend more than what we can afford at the end our homes collapse and so does the marriage because of the endless conflict among husband and wife about who pay the credit card bills. Luckily under the name of convenience and instant gratification, government agencies has succeed to interfere in our private life that leads to erosion and end of marriage. The rest is easy nowadays in terms of wealth distribution. So it is fashion now days to see Muslimah sisters at the age of 20-30 divorce and who pays the real bills it is not important. We have been told recently by my wife sister who lives in London that young Muslim sisters are divorce after six or one year of marriage only. We also knew two Muslims families here daughters divorce in less than a year. Thanks to the advance technology of credit cards and shopping malls that succeed to destroy our life. It is time for Muslim leaders to discuss before it is too late. It is wake up call and time and history will tell.

    Please read my book: For Today’s Social Ills: Islam is the solution by Dr. Saad Al-Harran HOME (very cheap) please read chapter 4: Youth, Credit Card and the Shopping Malls.

  21. Yes I agree with your solution :) every women should bring impotant things in their bags.
    But in this fact I always meet woman with a heavy bag if they go to everywhere, dont know how what inside their bags hehe
    In muslimah’s bags should bring tasbeeh, because its very usefull in boring time
    Thank you for this articel, its very useful

  22. Asalam o alikum…JazakAllah khairan kathira for your lovely tips. As a teacher I believe handbags should be freshened every week or after 2 days…I usually keep a plastic bag inside and tidy it up while sitting in a bus or waiting for my turn. Obviously, getting all ur stuff out is embarrassing…so putting it in a plastic bag and remembering to take it out at home REALLY keeps u ORGANIZED!:)

  23. Assalamun aleykum sisters,

    Hope you don’t mind a brother reading this and commenting…

    I just wanted to add that not only Muslimah’s carry bags these days, men need some tips like this as well!! JazakAllah khairan for the article…

    Sometimes I feel that I’m carrying too much (camera, small tripod, torch [useful for these dark evenings], telephone, Kindle [with Qur’an and other books loaded], earphones, USB charger, pens-notepad, and an Onya Bag a shopping bag sized bag which folds down into a little pouch [no, I’m just a user!] I think that’s enough!


  24. MashaAllah…..
    Nice Article…!
    One Article must be published about Brothers as well….. like carrying Laptop etc. in Bag…
    JazakaAllah Khairn…..

  25. Jazakumullahu khayran. What a nice, benefitting article. We really appreciate this. May Allah reward you abundantly.

  26. Assalaamu’alaykum.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. As we often complain that we never have enough time to read a good Kitaab/Islamic book, one way to combat that is to carry it physically around with you (though we should try not to take it to the washroom out of respect). I had this one Kitaab that I’d been meaning to read for the longest time, but it was only when I started to carry it with me that I noticed how much free time I had that I could put to good use.

    Granted, I realize this article is about reducing clutter, but when it came to accomplishing goals that I had ‘no time for’, it made it easier when the Kitaabs I wanted to read were in my sight, and thus also on my mind. So when we find some time (like on the bus, waiting in line, breaks, etc), pull out the Kitaab and pretty soon, we’ll find ourselves not only finishing that Kitaab we always wanted to read, but we’ll also be looking forward to this “me & Kitaab time” and putting what we read into practice InshaaAllah. As my mom always says, “you never just find time for things; you have to make time :)

  27. JazakAllah khair for for sharing so many useful tips. My suggestion is to add very lightweight purse/handbag organizer to your existing bags. They have lots of pockets and spaces for everything you need.I have started using one and would definitely recommend them to everyone. Another benefit is that you can switch your bag at a moment’s notice since everything is in that organizer.

  28. Assalaamualikum, JazakAllahu Khairan katheera for the info.
    I would like to share what I have Alhumdulillah found to be pretty useful for me. I dont remember the last time I carried a handbag due to this. I carry a hand bag only while travelling via plane.
    I have,on order,got pockets stiched into the 2 sides of my extra loose abaya, big enough to fit in a 500ml bottle (eg given to let know how big my pocket is). Alhumdulillah, due to this I have been travelling light most of the time.