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  1. Masha Allah great article! One knowledgable brother I know was recently asked about how to have khushou in salaat, he answered with the following great advice:

    This is an issue that almost every Muslim faces, which can be due either to the whispers of Shaytaan or the lack of focus during Salaat.

    If you notice and review the hadeeth that are related to Salaat, you will realize that the Prophetic guidance directs us to free ourselves from any dunya matters. That is why you find many Hadeeth which advise Muslims not to pray if they were hungry or when they need to relieve themselves. The wisdom behind it, in these two simple examples, is that one needs to begin his/her salaat while there is nothing else busying his/her mind. That does not mean however to abandon the Salaat because your mind is busy with other things or because you cannot focus. This process of Freeing Mind and Thoughts normally takes time and hence one should not rush results.

    The following are some thoughts on how to manage to attain khushou’ (comfort and tranquillity):

    – When you hear the Adhaan ( if you could hear it) repeat after him and think of the meaning of each phrase i.e. when it says Allah Akbar it should give you goosebumps as this is the call for you to soon meet and be in the presence of Allah the Greatest and it is to remind you that regardless of whatever you are busy with at that moment that Allah is Greater. Similarly the other parts of the Adhaan, when it says come to success it is an invitation that every reasonable person should enjoy and attend. So, if you prepare yourself psychologically and emotionally from that second then you have just made your first step toward perfect salaat.

    – At the time you are making your wudu, think of the following: with every drop of water that flows on your limbs due this wudu the sins will fall off. So, think of yourself being in the process of purification and that you will soon be in the presence of Allah as pure as He wants you to be.

    – While walking to the prayer, remember the advice of the Prophet that you need to walk humbly and in comfort. It is a way to control your thoughts and your heartbeat so that by the time you are about to start you will be indulged with an experience that will take you to another world.

    – At the time you stand, think that this could be your last Salaat and act as if you will die upon saying tasleem in the end. Even if you do not know the meaning of what you recite , just keep in mind that what you recite are the words of Allah, the One whom you are standing before.

    I always view Salaat as being the minor pre-day of judgement..Subhan Allah…I cannot write further, my hands are failing me here but I hope this can help.

    Wallahu A’lam

  2. MashaAllah, JazakiAllah khair for the wonderful contribution! Very practical steps that would truly transform how we pray!

  3. This workshop was excellent in decluttering the mind.
    this course really teaches you shut the inner voices.. plus Islamic :) To see what it is all about and how this workshop to declutter your mind has changed many lives around the world

    Another trick I heard to snap out of all the mental noise is to put a rubber band around your wrist and every time you find yourself in that vicious cycle of negativity snap the rubber band and SNAP OUT IT.

  4. reciting Quran ans Qyam are two of the most powerful ways to meditate ourselves , may Allah grant us those two gifts and help us with our thoughts and struggles in life

  5. Masha’Allah brilliant post. Just what I needed. One thing I noted, the Ibn Al-Qayyim quote is very similar to the Gandhi quote:
    “Watch your thoughts; they become your words
    Watch your words; they become your actions
    Watch your actions; they become your habits
    Watch your habits; they become your character
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”
    Proof that such wisdom is timeless.

    • If only that wisdom had led him to Islam, it wouldn’t have been a witness against him on the day of Judgement.

  6. One thing I’ve found quite helpful is writing things down – whether it be numbers or tasks I need to do later. Once its on paper I can forget about the details and refer back to wherever I’ve recorded it. Saves me a lot of head space!

  7. i have a question for my friend. Relating to the Surah Bakqarah 258 – 256.
    my friend was married against her will and went through the marriage quietly to please her parents and avoid all the problems by refusing to marry her cousin. When it was time to move in with him she refused and ended the marriage. could i please have some advice on this matter? do you think she should have done this? or listened to her parents? please reply asap. salamualaikum


  9. JazakAllahu Khair! This helped a lot… May Allah forgive us our sins and help us to strive in becoming better Muslims. :)