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  1. yes, and this is why i like “productive muslim”, im from morocco, so my second language is french, however i try to translate when i don’t understand and i try to keep up with the productive muslim news, because it’s the model and the routine that each muslim should follow, i read many articles and books about productivity but your articles gave special touch, because it came from the suna of the prophet muhammed( salah allah 3alayhi wa salam)

    • Masha’Allah, absolutely agree with brother! Would love to thank your team for lovely web site. Myself for example, from Tajikistan. (i am sure you even did not heard that there is a place in the world called so) It is post Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, we are arrounded by Bid’a, Russians and so on… Especially great thing is about PM that your style of writing articles is very easy for us non native speakers to understand how to follow rules and be productive Muslim! :)

      Jazakallahu Khairan!

      • And I agree with you :) I’m from Tatarstan – another post-sovjet Republic and also being a non native speaker.

        A great site. Jazakallahu khairan! 

      • And I agree with you :) I’m from Tatarstan – another post-sovjet Republic and also being a non native speaker.

        A great site. Jazakallahu khairan! 

  2. Salaamunalaikum,
    AlhamduliLLAH wa lahaula wala quwwata illa biLLAH.This is the most encouraging writeup by PM and thank you.May The Most Appreciative One reward you all.
    Let me suggest,as a global system with a such a noble and huge responsibility,huge in the sense that you r writeups push some Muslims into the jaws of unbridled worldly pursuit against ALLAH’s clear caution”….فﻻتغرنكم الحيا ت الدنيات ” Do not be beguiled by the life of this world….”Then the penalty of misguiding is inevitable. May ALLAH SubhanaHU wa Ta’ala protect you and us.PM should have an Editorial Team who will be infusing life into writeups with Islamic
    ways . This is because in truth,all thats good and productive for success in the two worlds is Islam but the non Muslims have plagiarised all and are writing as if it originates from them and of course since they are materialistic, the spiritual aspects are always missing! I visualise,PM with time can help The Umma reclaim what belongs to it originally.
    I wish you success in The Name of ALLAH,The Benificent,The Merciful and may best ever of greetings and salutations be upon our Guide,The Prophet

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Dr. Nurullah,

      JazakAllah khair for your encouraging words and advice. The last and key part of our definition of productivity as we explain it is to exert oneself in this world towards the benefit of one’s akhirah, towards maximizing it. And that is what we try our best to convey in our articles.

      Ameen to your duas!

  3. Only in Islam, this great religion, we can find all we need to love this life in the most perfect way, and win all the good and na’eem in the paradise at the Hereafter..
    May Allah reward you for your great effort and kind help!