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  1. Salam, mashaAllah this doodle is really good! The content as well the design! May Allah bless both author and designer with barakah, and may he reward you abundantly,ameen.

  2. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah.Aalhamdulillah. For such this article I was eager to receive .Now having this. I am profoundly glad and greatful to you.May Almighty Allah amend for yours these good deeds and give His the best reward at the both world.

  3. Salaam Alaikum everyone;
    The Seven Stations of the Heart; At-Tawba,-Return to God. At-Taslim-Surrender to God. Al-Adab-Politeness. Al-Khawf- Fear of God. As-Sidq- The Sttion of Righteousness. Al-Haqiqat-The Station of the Truth. Al-Mahabba-The Deep Love
    We ask Allah to give us a strong Heart and a quiet Heart, and to make us polite.
    My Lord, help me to open my heart and soul, and to give my heart to anyone who wants to know You. help me to show the flower inside my heart, so that anyone can take what they need from this flower because everyone needs the fragrance of this flower. This fragrance is different from any other because this is Your fragrance. Put it inside me and help me to know all the stations. This is what I want, nothing else. Keep me, and do not discharge me from this life.
    In the name of Allah, look with the eye of the heart and don’t look back. Understand with the ear of the hearing of God. Listen with God, that your hearing may be merged with the hearing of God. See with God and His name will come to you. then you will hear with the ear of God and see with the eye of God. One needs to cleanse itself from the nafs of arrogance, envy, conceit, boasting, bad character traits Ridicule or jesting, Ostentation, talking excessively, avarice, etc…
    if anyone travels the road in accordance with the way of Allah he can rid himself of all o f these low qualities and of all the hidden and manifested diseases. This is because during the travelling on the road to Allah the traveler uproots these qualities and diseases, and no trace of them remains. Whoever seeks to rid himself of these disease and qualities without the prescribed way, let him know that he is seeking the impossible.

  4. Assalamu-Alikuk excellent doodle for purifying heart in addition to these, most important habit is to be in zikr all the time morning,night bismiallah,alhamdulilah ,Istigfar,the dua’ when you go to bed ,dua’ when you wake up ,when you go to bathroom and most importantly be grateful to Allah (swt) all the time no matter what degree you have from him that will really strengthen your Iman (faith) Jazak Allah khiran.

  5. In Islam, the center of every behavior is the brain. It is exactly what make the difference between as and animals. However, This brain should work in tune with the principles of islam. Telling somebody to follows his heart seems ambiguous and acctually not practical, yet telling him to use his brain to do good, use his intelligence and skills to be more productive is acctually a step toward change. Any way the doodle is interesting and thank you for that effort :).

  6. MasyaAllah.
    Very creative and informative.
    Love it! Please continue to do more-May Allah reward you with great rewards!
    Wsalam wbt

  7. Mashallah. .. a really nice work from you to increase productivity. .. its really appreciable. Jazakallah u khairan kaseer

  8. salam

    Jazakallahhu khair .the article is motivating and discusses about a important matter.

    i would like to suggest that the flowchart or diagrams used in the content if could be improvised it would have better understanding and more clear picture regarding the topic .

  9. Alhamdulilah robili ala min for this month doodle each time i find article like this am so keen to know what it talk about may Allaah ta’ala enrich the brain and thinking faculty of the writer of this article and other islamic writers with barka to do more.jazkunlau khaira

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! its very informative and I hope inshAllah to start implementing this as soon as today. It gives a very detailed step by step guide for people that are struggling to be consistent for whatever reason. Jazakallah khairan!

  11. Jazakallah khairan dear sister,
    Really encouraging one…..
    May Allah provide you with deep knowledge…so that we can also have benefit from your doodles…..Ameen

  12. At the last part
    “Make lots of dua for Allah…..”
    I guess it should be “Make lots of dua TO Allah…..”
    But everything else Awesome

  13. JazakAllah o khairan

    when i try to enlarge the picture the texts becomes blurred; can you please share a larger version of this picture as well


  14. Very True : EXAMPLE ;
    How Sharp our eye vision is v will never b able to see without Light [sunlight or bulb ] ,
    Eye Vision is Brain knowledge which is only useful n worthy when guided by Heart penetrated with Qurans Noor. [Light]
    Feel n understand through light of heart . [Qalb e Saleem ] is practicable !!
    JazakaAllaho Khair

  15. Assalamualikum…wow! Alhamdulilah Subhanallah its so wonderful reminder… in sha Allah it ‘ll help me a lot to pick myself up… shukran to the whole team!