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  1. JazakAllah khair for this nice article. I just noticed how messy my study table is and I’d better begin cleaning before college begins!

  2. Jazakum allah khair for this
    I watched Julie Morgenstein’s Organizing DVD once and I think it’d be good to incorporate this into the standard ‘How to be organzed’ article too.
    Organizing Iniside Out is the one I meant.
    Here is her website:
    she says that merely organizing stuff as above is not sufficient bec the part 5 is what will collapse and bring it back to square one. She says that behind all that clutter is emotional clutter and that’s what we have to get at. It’s pretty interesting.

  3. Jazakallh hu kahir for the article.. This is basically used for quality management.. here i have another tip for everyone.. the article talks about making it a habit of being organised. Research done revealed that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you guys are consistently trying be organised yourself using "5 S " for the next 21 days, then it becomes a routine task in your life.

    Get it into action rather than just reading the article, the moment you read the article just take a pen and paper and start it." DO NOT PROCRASTINATE". It's a strategy used by Shaitan….

  4. great advice!

    "Get rid of anything that is broken, is never used, is outdated, or is not needed. Keep only what is needed and sell, donate, recycle or throw out anything that isn't needed!"

    this is the single best piece of advice in this article. jazak allah khairun!

  5. inshallah what a great article it was…. i loved it very much…. very fine tips to follow to come over from stress…. thanks for sharing….

    • I disagee you have to start somewhere if your’re in a mess,you need to keep it simple. So this does have basis in fact. It may seem obvious to someone who is organised. But take the person who can’t even open his post and leaves it till later, it won’t occur to him he needs to just be neat in his surroundings and soon he’ll feel less cluttered and more inclined to do what he put off.. Of course there’s always more but I wouldn’t dismiss it as not being useful.

  6. Assalmu Aleikum,

    I personally think the 5th S is the most important but also the most difficult to implement: Consistency! It the hardest part of all as it takes discipline and motivation to relentlessly keep doing the effort. 
    This is why you see people stop exercising or blogging after the first few weeks/months. But we muslims have something special. We pray 5 times a day! No matter what. So my idea is to associate with prayers things we want to achieve. Say, ” I’ll jog after every maghreb salat” or “Read 1 hour about my area (economics, marketing, IT…) after ichaa”…etc…

    Just an idea.

  7. Assalmu Aleikum,

    hi i m fully motivated by ur posts…
    the thing is
    animating a character
    or drawing is 
    HARAM in muslim religion.
    even i m troubled about dis…
    so can u find me an answer plz??

  8. Jazuk Allah khair brother pruductiveThank youforyour sharing of these techniques. Al hamdillah I need themjust ttry to keep up withwhat’s going on in life. alhamdillah greatly appreciated. I want totake that course you offerforimplementing productivity tomake this way ofrunning like a snap response that’s just second nature. I needthat because Ihavethe habit ofg starting the race of productivnessthen falling apart in a few weeks time. InshaAllahone dayhope to will. May Allahincrease us in what’s goodandbeing steadfest Ameen