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  1. i am very honored blessed to be able to read as many of our muslim brothers and sisters i take precaution as to my source of information i have read and listened to a lot almost all of yasir qadhis lectures i urge those who have not done so to try and do so he has been very consistent in his lectures never has there been any ambiguities whatsoever
    may allah preserve him to continue with this journey ameen

  2. Assalamoalaikum,
    mash’Allah good review. This book is fantastic mash’Allah Tabarak’Allah. Alhamdullilah. Insha’Allah it will change many lives. I would also recommend the CD version as some people benefit more from auditory knowledge – putting it on in the car, or in the kitchen really makes that time more productive mash’Allah. I myself bought both book and cd and benefitted from both. what is great is that as you all know eman waivers so it is always good to go back and listen or read again and again. May Allah bless the author and his family and all of us in this world and the next. ameen.
    Umm Abdullah