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  1. Assalamu alaykum,

    Great article, masha’Allah. I like whatever is mentioned about sincerity. But I don’t fully agree with the article. Quantity (along with quality and intentions) does matter. If every Muslim contributes to the society, then it will be great. Moreover, there are very few Islamic novels and other items. As a result, many are turning to other options which may not be so halaal. So I believe there should be an increase in production, but yes, our intentions should be clear. We are doing this to please Allah (SWT), we are doing this to give our children and families halaal options.

    JazakAllah khayr! :)

  2. i just found your blog!, i love this blog, i think i’ll be your loyal reader. Thank you for motivate us through islam perspective.

    Anyway, i have a question though.. i’m sorry i didn’t quiet understand about the Imam nawawi 40 hadiths and other islam books as your analogy.

    Being productive is to do everything sincerely or sincerely to do something will leads you to greater success? what do you mean by the example of Imam nawawi 40 hadiths?

    If you have time please come visit my blog @ is about my spiritual journey to witness Allah “touches” and so i became muallaf. You might found something huge there =).

  3. Jazakum Allahu Khayran. Amazing article, as usual !

    May Allah make us one of those who don’t reduce their good deeds by a bad/corrupted intention.

    I didn’t really search on the blog, but could we expect any article about studies and how our Iman in Islam can make us more productive on this field.

    Salam !

    P.S: I’ve noticed a *very* minor mistake, the sentences in the translated Ibn al-Mubarak quote are reversed. The one about the small deed comes first in the original quote.