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  1. Thank you for suggesting the Task Order Up form! It’s the closest technological task keeper I have found to a pen-and-paper list. For people like me, who like to keep pen-and-paper lists, I’ve found the ScanCard System is extremely helpful. It fits perfectly into a 3-ring binder and each project has its own slot to keep notes. Here’s the link to their site if you want to check it out:

    Thanks for your help!

  2. I was the person who submitted this article to StumbleUpon yesterday. I see it’s gettinga few hits on there now. If you want to thank me, and you are interested in getting things done and improving your life, you might want to follow me on StumbleUpon as lifethinkist or Twitter as @lifethinkist. And you might be interested in an article I wrote recently about setting and achieving goals on my website.

    Set and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams: The 7 Essential Steps

    Thanks Abu for writing a great article. I think both tips in this article are excellent. Using a single piece of paper for each task like a chef at a restaurant is a great idea. And I especially like the tips about separating tasks into projects. I wrote about how this differs a bit from the traditional GTD way of using contexts when I posted a link to this article on my website. Thanks again and I hope everyone who came across the article on StumbleUpon enjoyed it.

    Organizing Your Daily Workflow: Tasks vs. Projects


      • Thanks. I hope other people that come here from StumbleUpon or anywhere else might find the Life Thinkist website useful. My website is all about improving your life, getting things done, and learning to be happier.

        You’re welcome. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more from here. Anyone coming here for the first time, I’d suggest you subscribe to the Productive Muslim newsletter or add them on twitter too. There is so much great information on the Productive Muslim website for anyone trying to better their life or be more productive.

        Have a great day everyone.