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  1. Jazak Allahu khaire Khafayah Abdulsalam.

    I myself am a mother of 3 children and a grand mom of 2. I really appreciate all your points cause i have been through with all this with my children. And there is nothing more satisfying to see your children grow into good MuslimsThere are 2 points i woild like to add is that when they were young i used to tell them bedtime stories based on the Quran and the Sunnah. Children love this. There does come a time when you have to slowly make your children start reasoning out things for themselves. This is really important for their growth process. Happy parenting.

  2. Salaams
    Very intersted to hear how you integrate Islamic principals with NLP. I find the NLP techniques very interesting


  4. Alhumdulillah very good information for all of us mothers. I could totally relate the family dinner importance as that is what we had as children and I still cherish them. Unfortunately due to some differences in everyone’s schedule I am unable to have that in my family but I hope to inshallah instill it in future.

    I have a daughter of 3 and I think this will help me a lot Inshallah

    Jazakallah Khairun Kaseera

  5. Maa shaa Allaah. A beautiful and well-written article. May Allaah reward Sr. Khan ayah & ease the affairs of all mothers and fathers striving to train righteous Muslim children, Allahuma Aameen!

  6. Jazakallahu khaeran, Good and timely effort, May Allah make it beneficial to the ummah and may Allah reward you for this and empower you to do more.

  7. Mashallah may Allah subhana wa tala reward you beauitful article
    Also is there a way to contact this sister and ask her questions ?
    Jazkulallah khayrun

  8. Masha’allah, great article.

    When I scrolled down the screen to read through the comments, I wasn’t surprised to see all the ‘mothers’ commenting, as though parenting is only mothers’ duty.

    Where are the fathers!!

    In Parents Teachers Meeting, it’s mothers. For hospitals, it’s mothers. The fundamentals of bringing up of the children begins with the joint and balanced efforts of both the parents without which it won’t be sustainable. In most cases, parenting is a delegated role to the mother, where father’s sole responsibility is somehow the finance!!! Whereas, it must be a complementing role where father and mother takes up the responsibilities of ‘managing’ the growth of children; whether we are around or otherwise the children will grow by default, but the element of ‘managing’ is what’s missing.

    It’s also worth noting that teaching is secondary to the huge impact of role-modelling by parents. You don’t ask your child to get up early for fajr and go to bed early if you are to be seen doing the opposite. What rule applies to them should apply to you too. In doing so, it carries genuineness and therefore the higher receptiveness.

  9. Excellent content jazakAlaah khyer please make duaa for me to Alaah swt to grant us by his mercy a child. Baraak Alaah feekum all.

  10. I’ve just seen your fabulous blog and your highly appreciated tips … Allow me to translate your ideas into Arabic so that benefit and hasanat would spread and prevail … surely , i shall mention the source .. waiting for your Ok :)

    • Assalaamu alaikum Nora,

      I’m glad you find our work beneficial, and I really appreciate your willingness to contribute and spread the message. Can you please get in touch with our Arabic Translation Team ( and let them know you’d like to help? You could work with them in case they require more translation resources for :)

      Once again, jazakiAllah khair.

  11. I really love this post and am praying very hard to almighty Allah to give me the strength to train my children well. I am so scared of the unknown, can I really do this? I think I can do better with the help of almighty Allah.

  12. jaazakallahu Khairah I am glad to read your workings pleased help am a mother if seven within an extended family I’m ever stressed tough in return I hurt my kids please mold me to be a good pleasant mum

    • it’s easy to get frustrated while living in a joint family where everyone has different opinions. in shaa Allah we plan on writing a detailed article on that one. may Allah help you through your situation.

  13. Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters,I love Muslim productive . it really helped me a lot about raising my children and teaching them about islam and they are enjoying now, I am interested in NLP techniques can anyone guide me through to it please I live in London.