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  1. This is a beautiful and uplifting article, Mash’Allah, because it shows the love that this couple has for our deen, our ummah, and all of humanity. This blessed couple is trying to improve our world and lives by using one of the most important means of communication: film-making. May Allah (swt) bless everyone involved.

  2. I so love the article!!!!……and the cute thing about it is how husband and wife are putting their expertise together to produce something that is good for the Ummah. May Allah bless you all at ProductiveMuslim!!! Salams

  3. A question though….is studying Journalism and Mass communication adequate to start something in film making? …..i’d love to get some help from ProductiveMuslim on this please (smile)

    • Jazaki Allahu Khairan for your comment! :)

      I think this depends on what exactly you want to do. Journalism and mass communication might be a good start for becoming a film critic, a creative writer, a researcher, a marketing expert…etc.

      It all depends on your talents, skills, what you’ve learned and how you can invest it.

      Now, if you want to specialize in film production and you haven’t studied it yet, then it would definitely help to find a suitable film course/workshop nearby. You can learn the techniques and find out whether this is something you want to pursue and whether you are really capable of doing it well or not.

      The most important thing, insha’Allah, is to identify what exactly YOU are good at and what you enjoy. Then, continue to educate yourself in that which you’re good at and try to earn experience if possible. All the while, of course, check your intention and keep an eye on the goal: wanting to use this as means for personal growth, being of benefit to people and getting closer and closer to Allah [subhanahu wa ta’ala].

  4. AsSalamu Alayikum…
    MashaAllah very inspiring interview of the Inspiration team. I watched all episodes of INSPIRATION. And it boost my productivity and the way of thinking Alhamdullilah. I appreciate your work may Allah bless you both. The series was very marvelously produced and directed. Hope to see some more productive work from you two.

    AsSalamu Alayikum…

  5. MashAllah! I actually watched the series, very inspirational. InshAllah in the near future we will have more inspiring Muslim figures in the film industry.

  6. Bismillah,

    All I can say is subhanAllah after reading the interview. I am a physician and wanted to pursue film making as I exactly felt the same that we need individuals who can contribute in this manner especially having an interest in this field made it even more attractive to me.

    Also as a child star back in days in television , experiencing the camera and working with other senior actors and then growing up getting close to my deen , I always felt that urge of doing something in this area.

    Unfortunately it was always discouraged as its somehow been considered a taboo but we live in a different world today where we have to think above and beyond and especially with our kids glued to media we have to give them a healthy , productive alternative .

    We loved watching inspiration as a family and we would wait for the next episode desperately .

    InshAllah I would like to work and learn from such team members and contribute whatever I can do in all my humbleness .

    Aisha .

  7. I love this article, I feel somewhat relief that some people are doing all they can to bring us islamic entertainment( an option to the regular ones).
    I look forward to more productive muslims inspirations.

  8. MashaAllah, what an inspiring article!
    I actually studied broadcasting at university , film was part of the course.
    This article makes me realise that I really need to stick to my field so I can help the ummah!
    Jazakallah khairan

    • Jazaki Allahu Khairan for your comment. You can use the link below to watch the first episode and in the playlist you will find the rest of the episodes as well, insha’Allah :)


  9. très bonne initiative, j’espère que les mini-séries seront sous-titrées en français. Qu’Allah accepte vos initiatives

  10. I am a student of Media Production and I loved reading this interview. I am a big fan of this couple. I want to request them that please do post on Facebook and Twitter in English language too so that maximum students worldwide benefit from your life. They always post in Arabic. :(

  11. i first heard about the inspiration series from omar suleiman. Thank you so much for this article. Its wondeeful to see the professionalism of this couple and that they have found a way to work together. May Allah bless their efforts

    Thanks to the author of the article and all the team at PM for their continued efforts to find ways for us to grow closer to Our Lord

  12. SubhanaAllah I am here also kind meebezig..
    I am working on.. I will tell you go.. I’m sitting on a theatre.. I am 15 years old.. I look around me and I think something may change. I am a muslimah.. I want the media change the countries and the truth word! : ‘ ‘) I want to come true! But as I said: I’m working on writing a story for a performance so that inspire people in it and they go on the way of Allah Inshallah.. I am trying me best to do.. I am really concerned with writing and the title is called: after the bad comes the good! ) so me name in the sense: Youssra.. I don’t want to let the world choke with bad media.. This world.. Changes in the future … Especially that media’s spreading … I hope Inshallah that it suits us brothers and sisters! The media should disseminate the good not bad!!?!? I try and I try but.. But.. I know.. After the bad media.. Is it good media.. People believe me not because they think I’m talking just fantasy.. Sure not!! Spreading the good comes to it.. Inshallah…

  13. Heal the world..
    Make a better place ..
    For you and for us..
    Change the world..
    And really..
    Change the media.. inshallah
    Before its to late..

  14. As you all aware we cannot clap with one hand it needs two hands to hear the sound. In the same manner this couple has joined together to show the world their inspirations, thoughts and feelings by exploring and sending a message to the people through a Film that the love, unity, peace will prevail only b y way of following and adhering with Islam life. The Film is marvelous & wonderful and I hope this message will go to all the Ummaths globally and thereby we can see many changes. “INSHAA-ALLAH”

  15. Mashallha.. Allha is the greatest. The most loving the most mercyfull the most helpful. World needs to be educated scientifically how mearcyfull is allha. N he cares for all. N Mohammed taught us how we can unite in better way for our betterment n develope our positive wibes all together. The internal the ultimate energy( v human named it allha scientifically) has it’s presence everywhere ( million times smaller than X rays ) he is all knowing. V should make scientific movies to unite n educate. Routes of corruption started when humans praised someone instead of almity energy.