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    • dear sis, make a firm resolution about concentrating in sallah. pray to Allah about it. make wudhu in preparation for sallah even before the adhan. concentrate during the wudhu too.knowing u are washing away ur sins during wudhu . may Allah make it easy.

  1. Jazzak Allah ho khair sister…. I really need to set my priorities and to bring balance in my life …..thanks again for such a nice reminder and practical tips to have it by myself. May Allah Rabbi give us taufeeq to set our goals and manage our valuable time. Ameen

  2. Masha Allah.. a wonderful article. Especially, ‘Bring yourself back to the moment’ are words of wisdom! We really need to replenish our energies from time to time. This is a good reminder and very practical way out. Jazaakkillaahu khair sister.

  3. Alhamdulillah. We really thanks the almighty Allah for directed our heart to your articles for more enlightment. May the almighty Allah continues give you more wisdom and strenght for more enlightment to us followers! “Amin” . May we recaim our balance?

    • Walaikum has been really challenging for me.this year but Alhamdulilah all praise are due toAllah .He knows why certain things happen and put us on test.Masa’Allah.JazaakAllah for the reminders.As we are weak and its good that we are always reminded.

  4. Thanks for a very insight article. I particularly appreciated the range of areas in one’s life that needs attention and focus I.e ‘self’ being more important than family or community because we really do need a stronger sense of confidence and reflection before we begin to make changes in other areas. Thanks for emailing me this article, very useful. May Allah reward you all for your efforts.

  5. Jzakallah Khairen for always sharing the meaningful and easy to follow productive techniques.

    May Allah give you the best reward . (Ameen)

  6. Jazaakallahu Khairan for tips. Just came on hand since I always focus on the loved ones and I totally forget about my own self, which no one will do if I don’t do it myself.

  7. Jazaakillah khairan katheer, sis. I find myself multi-tasking almost all the time and you were right, this takes me away from the moment as I’m usually thinking about the tasks ahead.And so many other things you mentioned here too… very helpful piece in short! thank you so vey much. May Allah grant us goodness in our lives aameen. May Allah grant us Jannah

  8. Ma sha Allah. Great tips sis. This has come to me at a perfect time. Where I really need to de-clutter my mind. Jzk fr these amazing. Ideas

  9. assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuh
    Mashallah A right article at the right time.It really helped me to think and talk to myself .Jazakallah

  10. Machallah.Thanks for this article. i guess its what we really need. to understand what we are going through and learn how to deel with it. May Allah reward you for your work !

  11. Nice piece, jazakillahu khairan, may Almighty Allah continue to increase you in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, shukran.