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  1. Dear Brother,
    Agree wholeheartedly with everything you say though in my life I had to take some bold steps as I feel very disappointed in the digital gadgets and even religious Muslims’ dependence on and overuse of them. I withdrew from Facebook and it was the best decision. Constantly taking and disseminating photos is the reverse message of Islam. Islam is not about self-promotion but about Allah promotion. I also deleted TV from my life another great decision. This gives me more time for ibadat or other constructive things. Internet has good and bad messages. I pursue Islamic education and articles on the internet robustly. Presently I am very addicted to the news and this is my new goal. I particularly like to avoid the Murdoch press as it tends to be disappointing Islamically speaking. The internet can become addictive so I consciously avoid overuse of it.

  2. Salaam,
    I have to say the approach of switching your phone off voluntarily and consciously cutting contact off from the online world does have it merits. Also, putting your phone in another room and then conveniently forgetting about it works too.
    You start living like a normal human being.
    Thank you for the article. JazakAllahu Khayr.

    • There’s a hotel resort in Canada, the Fairmont, that advertises: no electricity! They insist that a truly rejuvenating experience happens when there are no distractions. A friend of mine who stayed there said while initially it was kind of scary without electricity, by the second day it really kicks in and it’s an amazing experience.

      Again, of course there are HUGE benefits to the technology we’ve been blessed with. It’s just a reminder for moderation and the potential awesomeness of constructive down time.

  3. Asalamwalaikum wa rahmatullahi qa barakatuh :)
    I apologize for not being able to reply to all your messages :(
    But allhumdullilah i make it a point to check them out… Something which will bring me close to Allah(swt) i wouldnt ignore. :)
    Jazak Allahu khayran for all your amazing messages :) They really are a lot of help.
    May Allah bless your efforts.
    I myself would like to help you if need be :)

  4. Great article! Jazzak Allahu khairan

    One of the things I’ve done is to uninstall Facebook from from smart phone. I saved a lot of time browsing on my phone or being tempted to post a picture

  5. You are very right brother. I have tried it once when I decided to visit the web once a week but this days we want to exhaust our subscription before it expires so it makes us increase the rate at which we surf the web. And another thing is that we might think we are loosing something when we take a break off it. But I have more accomplishments when I am off line. we pray Allah assist us on it.

  6. Ma sha Allah !! Great reminder fr us all !!
    here are some things i have tried-
    1. During ramadan, let Facebook Fast be a part of ur daily planner!! Absolutely no Fb and other SMs frm Fajr til Maghrib!! =) it helpd me ALOT !!
    2. Keep up with that habit aftrwards too!!
    3. Use internet with breaks if ur really addicted !!
    4. Go de-activate ur accounts fr a while every year
    5. Keep urslf loggd out of the Fb App . So that u wl feel lazy to log in

    hope the tips wud benefit smbdy!!

  7. Recently I tried disabling the net adapter or pulled out the lan cable so during the work I was to lazy to return it for a long while. This way I was able to work many hours without distraction. I share this experince hoping it might help anyone as well.

  8. Mä shä Allah great article by an inspiring man! I think in today’s day & age whatsapp has become the ultimate distraction. You can’t do anything for twenty minutes straight without checking your phone atleast once! Whether it be eating, exercising, studying or even reading Quran. There should be a whatsapp tarbiya session especially to the youth, seriously . My first tip would be switch off ALL group notifications & alerts, so that you aren’t consistent bombarded by the hundred group messages appearing one after the other like dominoes on your screen. I assure you it would save atleast a possible half an hour of phone checking online Mojo.

  9. Asaalamualeykum
    I’m very honored and thankful to all of you guys who have productive Muslim a reality
    I am very time conscious and am not trapped in the media hype that surrounds us in every which way you look
    I pray I fear allah subhaana taalah and am aware that I will have to account for the time that was given to me thank you all for I truly enjoy reading most of the articles that has been emailed to me once again thank you all

  10. Reality check….. lose your internet connection and you are lost, freaking out with the ISP or cellular provider, edgy with your family and more. This is what anxiety a short disruption causes.

    Question: Are we equally uneasy, unsettled and anxious when our connection with Allah SWT is entirely dead – the Sahaba could do surgical amputation without anaesthesia while in Salat and we are thinking about Facebook in salat.

    I am equally guilty and urge all my brothers and sisters to please down the distractive devices and use them very sparingly otherwise they are leading us away from our maker and ultimate success.

    May Allah SWT guide us all to make good use of the technology and give us strength to protect ourselves from the evil in it Ameen.

  11. AsSallaam Alaikum,
    As for myself, I do have a television, my phone is a simple low-income, I only used it to call or receive calls. Most of the time I have it on vibrate. No special features on my phone at all. The internet, is only 1 hour a day, that is to check my e-mails for spiritual lectures. I’m old school, and the first time I got on a computer, I did not know how to turn it on, and I thought that the computer spoke, directing how to work the machine. My grandchildren has taught me how to operate the machine. But, in the long run, I read and write my books that I buy from the Islamic store, they have so much information to keep me occupied. With lectures and being on the study circle with my Muslim sisters, my day is gone, its seems I don’t have enough hours in the day, to complete my studying. I do have solitude time with Allah, dhikhrs, and remembrance, and meditation. I volunteer at the Library for story time for children in Spanish, and helping at the HelpLine Center for translation for Hispanic families who do not speak English. I agree with the post, moderate your time, spend more time with Allah subhannah wa ta’alah, strive to be close to HIM. Because in a blink of an eye, you can get caught up in this Dunya.

  12. Assalamualiakum
    It is disheartening to note that we are swayed by the so called modern gadgets keeping us away from Amighty Allah.Let us pledge to be true muslim by commiting ourselves to Islam and only Islam.

  13. Assalam o Alikum!
    Indeed wonderful thoughts shared.I want to share a thing regarding the motion.what i observe now a days that not even adults but children or babies are also suffering from the very same disease and the fault is of the family

  14. 1. Keep the phone on you, but disable ALL phone notifications. That way the thing in your pocket won’t interrupt what you are doing. Enable only important notifications, and dedicate specific special notification tones so u know exactly if u should answer it or not. For me I disable whatsapp group notifications but enable 1on1 messages. I use Olark for my website and have a special ringtone specifically for that. A special SMS tone for my mom and dad, etc.

    2. Uninstall facebook from your phone. Instead, install something useful such as flipboard where you can choose design the content to useful stuff catering to your interests. Such as cat .GIFs, because hey sometimes u need it in your day.

    3. Use a productivity tool such as to keep important tasks/mini-projects at top of inbox and top of mind. That way they’ll bubble to top of mine when u have spare time and eventually u might just get some stuff done. These are the types of things that count but will never become urgent. Such as, call that old friend or purge the garage.

    4. Train yourself to put “the present” first, that means the people in front of you right now. Live in the moment. Don’t live in the memory of the phone. Especially when everyone else pulls out their phones and are checking statuses, or posting a photo… exercise restraint. It is a muscle that will grow in time. Tell yourself mentally that people in front of you are more important than the people on the phone. Train your friends to do the same by making snarky comments when they pull out their phones. It will negatively reinforce their behavior.. do it tastefully and humorously please.

    5. Get out of a job and get into entrepreneurship. Jobs make you lazy. When you have to earn your own money, you’ll not waste all that time on 25 useless cat video tabs. You’ll get off your rear and do productive stuff.

    may Allah bless the writers
    As salaamu alaikum..

  15. Asalamualaykum warahoumotulahi wabarakhatuhu.
    I must say electronic consumption is a bane if not controlled, i closed my facebook account because of this reason,even in the office i restricted my self to news and gogling Islamic site.
    Jazakhumlahukhairan for this article.

  16. Assalamu are absoultly right.Excessive use of electronic media is like an addiction.we have to set our priorities and limits its usage other wise we wil loose connection with our creator Allah SWT and on other side with people.

  17. As salam alaikum akhi;

    Very important point is discussed in the article. The importance of peace of mind is the paramount need of today’s generation to think about themselves. In my view the social media has taken away even the time to think about one own self. Its a way of addiction. Its rightly said:


    Social Media is affecting in a similar manner; its bonding the mind of a person. If addicted person is doing nothing else, he is definitely with a gadget in hand.

    End of the day he has no time to think to get out of his self made prison; no time for himself. Life goes on and on…..

    Hence, its a sincere request to brothers and sisters to think twice…. and be alert and focused while using two edged sward “social media”.

    As Salam Alaikum.

  18. Assalamu Aleikum and Jazaakallahu Khairan for the article. I have withdrawn Facebook and WhatsApp from my life and I have to tell that is the best decision I have made in my live. Now focus on the Quran and better my deen.

  19. Definitely keeping the device in another room or handing it off to a responsible family member. Anyone tried ‘antisocial’ and other such social network blockers. You set the time after which it will not let you access your choice of social media.

  20. Assallamu Alaikum,

    I just keep my mobile in another room when reading Salah.

    I forgot to take my mobile once when I went to work. Only when I got home did I realise my son was in a panic and why was I not responding to his calls and text.
    However, when I go shopping I just leave my mobile and just remember the times what we used to do before mobiles were so common.

    Jakallah Khair for your articles.

  21. One tip from me :

    Decide a time during a day for using internet,
    Turn off the internet data option on your mobile phone ,

    If you want get information about something or read an article etc then write it down on a note make a list of such things

    Turn on Internet at the time you alloted and do the things you have written in your list.

    After doing your work turn it off again.

  22. masha Allah I totally love this article.We really need to have less distraction or even no distraction in our ibadah or worship to Allah. Time will we will regret it using too much of electronic media..
    The shahabas were successful without all these alhamdulillah

  23. JazakAllaho Khairan, for a wonderful reminder ,
    We are in a time of information overload right at our fingertips however, are we able to make the best use of it ? Jumping from one website to another perhaps maybe reading a whole article.
    The experience of Reading a book cover to cover is completely different from reading bits and pieces online.
    Reading a book leaves some traces of it for days , weeks , months maybe even a lifetime can a online article do to that?
    Social media has made us anti-social we are in touch with the whole world but have no idea of what’s going on with the person next to us.

    Alhamdulilah technology is a blessing we need to learn to be able to use it in moderation and to be able to disconnect and connect to our family , friends the world around us.

  24. Jazakalah this the main proplem of our yangs her in africa my Allah protect us from this bipg fitnah we spend more time to elctronics

  25. Delete or unsubsribe from the people who post useless or uninteresting content on facebook. Quality of newsfeed will improve, more productive.

    • That’s a great idea. I totally agree, and I actively do it myself. Alternatively, if you don’t want to straight up delete something, like an email newsletter that you might one day use, you can possibly set up filters so that you’re not pinged every time they post — however, if you want to one day see the stuff they posted, it’ll be there for you in your filtered sections.

  26. Yeah really Sheikh I need this prescription more than anyone else. I spend my whole day online and discover at night that I have too much to do, reading books, preparing lessons and so more. Unregulated use of social media and Internet rendered me being an unproductive muslim. But now here I go Sheikh with your prescription. Being Free from Internet is really a battle for freedom at least for me!

  27. As salami alikum,very beneficial article , today the whole world has become the slave of social media and we have to fight against it to become the slave of allah.everbody is saying that time is running fast ,no time to do that and this ,all because of internet ,gadgets etc and it is true.My mother doesn’t know how to operate computers and gadgets only she can do calls and attend calls but she is really focused in her life ,she had a lot of time and mashallah away from stress and depressions doing her regular chores and in full peace.Inspite of studying and learning this much stuff sometimes I feel I have gained nothing compared to my mother.may Allah guide us.jzk

  28. One thing that jolts me back into place is seeing the usage log on my iPad and iPhone. It shows a list of the apps used and the percentage of usage they have incurred over the last 24 hours and last 7 days. When I realised that Quran Explorer and Hisnul Muslim were no where near used as much as Youtube and Facebook, I was scared about how I would face Allah with this on the Day of Judgment.

  29. Agree with the points in the article, Masha’Allah very beneficial in these times, when all you see on the bus, at work, at school, in the hospital, is people on their phones and tablets.
    A good way to stay productive on the Internet is to remember the hadith about worshipping Allah as if you see Him, if not then know that He sees you. Remembering Allah and thinking if this is going to please Allah should help us to stay focused, insha’Allah. May Allah help us to stay away from the fitnahs of this world. Ameen

  30. First of all thank you dear brother for the great article (God bless you), about my own way I apply the rule of separate room technique and make a distance between me and my rabbit hole, writing down what do you want do with social media, but sometimes you sucked in and lost. The main important technique that I start to do a while ago is to fix a regular time in my day for reading Holy Quran and for ibadat and obligated myself with this amount. Thank you very much hope you the best.

  31. Assalaam alaykum wa Rahmatul Llahi wa Barakatuh!

    Thanks Brother Muhammad for a very productive and awakening article. Since I read the book The Very Best of Productve Muslim I became more conscious with my time. Indeed Muslim have to do things in moderation as we learn a lesson from Sura Luqman; ‘Be moderate in your stride…’ Yes, we are living in the age of electronic media but one should not be wasteful and get addicted so that they even miss or delay very important duties like Swala. This is merely lahwal, we should refer to the Quran Sura A’raf 50-51 and Luqman verse 6.

    May Allah lead us into straight path, Aamen!

  32. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I deleted candy crush from my phone because everytime I went to pray I’d see the little candy balls in my head. Now they’re gone. Alhamdullilah!

  33. Thanks brother for reminding us. I’ve already deactivated my FB for awhile and been trying to do many activities in real life to stop me being addicted to the net. Alhamdulillah