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    • thanks for reading it! your work looked quite original (and floral!), may Allah reward you for leaving something for his sake. :)

      • Assalamu Alaikum, JazakaAllahukhair for writing this good article, your advice is awesome!
        My hobbies are painting, collecting stamp and coins, writing (developed recently)

    • Assalamu Alaikum wr wb, I am so happy to know that you have given up potrait art for the sake of Allah. Even I have given up cartooning as it is forbidden. I have taken up still life paintings as my specialization and i am self taught artist like you. you have a great blog!

    • Great to hear that, let us know what you have chosen ;) InshaAllah it will benefit you both in this life and the hereafter =)

  1. well i love to write and im writing a book at the moment i don’t really know if people will even bother to read it but im still writing it as that is something which i truly love (though im studying biomedical-engineering)…i think its a good-enough reason :) do u guys have any website which can help to enhance  one’s writing skills or has tips on writing effectively? if u guys do have kindly forward it to me thanks :)

    • WaAleikum AlSalam,
      someone forward me this piece(Thanks Lotifa!!) and it personally helped me a lot, hope you’ll find it useful too. Know that the most essential thing is the will, the skill will develop as a consequence, don’t stress yourself and simply enjoy what you are doing. Never mind people appreciation, you should be satisfied with it knowing you have given your best with pure intentions(self growth for example)which is what will really matters =)

  2. my hobby is research.. When ever someone tells you something, always research.. Be it about food, cosmetics, designing, planting, etc… Also try to remain updated about facts.. For example.. If some one tells you don’t pull a grey hair or else three new grey hair will grow… Thn always do research… And you will find out its a myth… (by the way one should not pluck grey hair… Cause their is a related health about it)

  3. awesome article, I have two hobbies so far: trying new dishes and experimenting with cooking and  writing poetry, I have also taken an interest in home decorating, (influenced by HGTV network)…In the future, my desire is to take up photography and gardening.

    @e50bda7a90a4c0d035745b505516d3a6:disqus  I loved your your handmade cards, they are elegantly adorable.

  4. Subhanallah, that’s great article. That’s really suitable with my hobby which have value (philosophy) inside. But sometimes everyone forget about what the valuable from hobby. My hobby is parkour, from that, I learn many things, like a to be strong and to be useful. Also avoid the competition from each other. Masya Allah. I really love this article so much. :)

  5. i have quite a number of hobbies; photography, playing musical instruments (guitar, violin, piano), reading books (novels, religious, leadership, management, medicine), squash, volunteerism. these keep me active, lively and in positive feeling. but i’m not sure if it is ok to have too much hobbies since i might not develop focus n determination from them.

    • Musics of guitar violin piano are HARAAM u should avoid that,why in the need of productivity you are engaging yourself to sins.