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  1. assalamu alykum wr wb,

    alhamdulillaah, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the best part was i could easily pin point the factors where i felt i am lacking.
     jazakillaahu khairun wa ehsanal jaza =)

  2. MasyaAllah 

    Lots of thing i’ve learned here to being a productive muslim.Let us share with others friends  ! :)

  3. MashaALLAH. I totally agree and there is a lot more when it comes to achieving success; spiritually and worldly. The combination of the Will to Succeed AND The Love Of ALLAH (SWT) is the greatest, it is a balanced and blissful life. You get success here and the hereafter. Just the fire to win in the material world is not enough as it still leaves us empty within.

    Wish you would write some blogs/articles our new launched website; we need members such as yourself to contribute and broaden the horizons of the next generation.


  4. Selam Aleykum, sister Faiza Dean, I found your article useful, thank you for sharing it with us. I find myself sometimes as PERFECTIONIST, I find myself as a ALL OR NOTHING person, readers would appreciate to find something regarding this topic.

    Thank you very much.
    From Malaysia.

  5. Salam, Sister Your words are very insipiring and a great Naseeha for all .In my case, Some days go by so productively with perfect time management plus a lot of time to spare but then some days pass with a FULL STOP to productivity,and it takes some time to get back in shape .During this time I feel so bad that I am wasting time but still can’t seem to snap out of it that quick … Any suggestions .

  6. Salam sista,your article is awesome and every word is really important i really enjoy that,thanks for your post.

  7. Assalamuailakum:

    There’s a lot to digest in this article. May Allah be pleased with you . Inshaiallah I’ll be able to live the words in his article. Salam.

  8. Mashaa’Allah sister Faiza! May Allah reward you for your article and give us all the ability and inclination to act upon it fully! Alhamdulillah for the inspiration you have had in writing it!

  9. A very good reminder to avoid excuses and stay energetic & productive. Alhamdulilah for a website designed in accordance with the Quran & Sunnah. JAZAKUM ALLAH KHAIR.

  10. Alsalamu aleikum. That ayah 53:39 is referring to the result found in akhirah (which the ayahs before and after show). A person can become rich overnight from inhereting it doesnt mean that he had gotten what he he strove for. We have to be very careful when using Quran verses. They have to be used in their right context. There are men and women who work work work yet still only barely get by.

  11. it is really heart touching.i never had impressed as before,such sort of information is most benificial to youths.

  12. Mashallah! ! Very good article…I can figure out the things which im doing wrong…Inshallah will try to avoid those which make me unproductive…May allah (SWT) make me productive..aameen

  13. Keep it up!!

  14. Salam be unto the author.

    All comments by the author are real. And i pray may God (s.w.t) reward him.

    To me, i’m always lazy,waiting for somekind of miracle and magic to happen, but unfortunately nothing seems to work.
    That brought me to this web-site, and I’ve learnt all i’ve asked for. Glory be to God.

    It’s a very nice clue to believe in God and pray with sincere hearth and partake in good deeds.

    It also good to seek God’s intervention before taking a step towarz ur pursuit.

    A productive man always:
    work harder and smarter
    pray frequently and believe
    work towarz something and be hopefull
    be a different and wild ambition planner.
    Productive people always do thier best and leave the rest for God.

    Be thankfull and appreciate all that come your way either good or bad.
    Pick of others and not of your self.
    ‘i learnt of a proveb that”a fool always pick from his own experience…”. Learn wild, move on and never give up’.

    I thank Allah my lord and i wish he would help me out of my random challenges.

  15. MashAllah I loved reading this inspirational article. InshAllah it will help us improve our life everyday please Make dua for me and the rast of umah. That was quite good thank you may Allah bless And reward you for your efforts.