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  1. Jazakallah Khaair … These are just great tips … I love all of them! As i have to say, i am a very organized person, and i always loose track of stuff when things get out of schedule … I try really hard to stick to rule 4 … i like t finish all my chores by afternoon,so that i can nap and start working till magrib. however I would like some advice on living with a joint family. Its tough to keep up with everyones timings. I am a freelancing web developer and newly wed Alhamdulillah… I dont have kids of my own, but i have nephews to baby sit or pick up from school from time to time … and sometimes, lunch starts cooking at 12pm … and everything gets delayed, and you can imagine the rest … 

  2. @2975af47928c8bd0df229900613f6c77:disqus maybe you could discuss your routine with the joint family, and see if you could come to some happy arrangement. If it means the whole household is more productive then it’s a win-win situation. Of course there will always be delays, and the author makes a very good point about being realistic about your goals.