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  1. Thank you for the great tips, mashaAllah!

    But let’s be honest here. We’re living in the day and age where technology is blended well with our daily activities. We don’t have to completely tune out from technology in order to do dawah. Some of us can actually go out and discuss about Islam in public, but to those who are more of a ‘shy’ type and more comfortable doing the ‘talking’ in chatrooms or tweeting or sharing stuff on Facebook, that can also be considered as dawah if done correctly inshaAllah.


  2. Jazakallahu Khair, may Allah richly bless you with your effort, mashaalllah very educative. May Allah increase us in knowledge

  3. it’s hard to observe Ramadan in a non-Muslim environment, but it’s even harder for reverts who have no family to support them and no Muslim friends around :(

    • This is a great point should be considered in our speech as daa’ya .. I’d like to be in touch with you directly to discuss and know more about that .. :))
      May Allah bless you ever, Ameen :))