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  1. Jazak ALLAH Abu productive
    Its just great and kindness feeling
    You Did and doing great Role for Us In Ramdhan Kareem.
    Please Pray for me always

  2. Jazakum Allah khair I totally agree with everything u said .you can be productive in Ramdan by see people at taraweeh prayers in meet anew Muslims n make a new friends n on Eid day aswell when we get all the Muslims together we can take sweets with us n give it to the Muslims n wrap some presents for our friends children so we can teach them about Eid since they are little n make them happy

  3. Assalamu Alaikum
    People can be socially productive by raising awareness via social media or writing to locally elected government officials/ raising money for muslims who are being oppressed world over like in Burma, Syria etc.

  4. جزاكم الله خيرا
    أسعد دائنا بقراءة وتطبيق مقالتكم
    Thank you so much .. May you find blessings in every work you do

  5. Jazakal kheir for the message.
    But sometimes its very hard living in western countries without families to realy enjoy Ramadhan but Alhamdullilah , I go to masjid for prayers and meet other fellow muslims.

  6. Helping out at home itself can be a form of ibadaah when you have the right intentions. JazakumAllah khair :)

  7. aoa
    read ur email right now i just wana say thanks a lot for making me feel that i am not alone there are my sisters and brothers in islam with yes i was in need of courage and support to act upon on religion your email gave me a good feeling i am glad and thankful to u and ofourse ALLAH