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  1. السلام عليكم

    MashaAllah I really liked your post and found that as a sufferer of Anxiety and Depression I could implement some of these tips. Currently I have been having bad episodes of anxiety during Ramadan and have been trying to tackle death anxiety for a while, the “Fast each day as if it is your last” point actually caused me quite a bit of anxiety unfortunately as I feel like most the thoughts that enter my head are there helplessly and I am in no way in the slightest finding comfort in the thought of death as I feel like my thoughts have hindered my preparation for the Aakhirah, I know that no one normally likes the thought of death but as an anxiety sufferer this has been exacerbated to a whole new level. Nonetheless, all your other points were of great benefit Alhamdulilah and I pray you are rewarded for posting this article. Forgive me if you found any of this offending, I just felt the need to express my opinion ukhti.