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  1. Wa iyaki Yasmin. Praying that, if you’re in that situation, Allah helps you to find a way out of it and the test helps you to become closer to Him in the end!

  2. Jazakallah I feel as if u have written this atricle for me…same symptoms I feel it everyday which makes me feel bad about myself as I feel I am nt able to take benefits of Blessed month Ramadan..May Allah bless u..In shaa Allah I will try all these things in my life and I am sure I will b back to my normal life

  3. I am facing anxiety symptoms since four years and I left the fasting too… this.year so far I didn’t fastings.. after five fastings now I am feeling like.less.energitic…. I wanna continue my fastings till.the.end .of Ramadan…. my past life… jazakallah..

  4. I am sorry to say i do not agree with this insight into depression – firstly, your view that it is somehow ‘wrong’ to feel depressed because it is not how a believer should be? do you even know what depression is? it is not a choice, it is an illness, a disease, which needs time and cure – your article is very patronising and actually alienates someone that would like to turn to Islam for support. Also, your suggestion that fasting improves mental health, can you cite the sources of said research or are you just making sweeping remarks? Who were the participants, how long was the research, what factors were taken into consideration? I have taken anti depressants and i assure you, they are not simple drugs, you do not just ‘change the time’ you take the medication, it is so ignorant to even say this. So many muslims who suffer from depression will be seeking answers in Ramadan, with the hope of peace of mind from practising Islam, but this article makes it seem like we are at fault for being depressed – you should really do your research before publishing such rubbish

    • Sorry bro Imran, I think you need to calm down & read thru again. Seems u didnt understand her. She only cited some ppl opinion. Yes depressn is bad bt fasting helps.
      May Allah give u shifa & ease it 4u

  5. I very much agree with u sister Amal… ur ryt fasting does help aloot!!
    Its been my own experince for more than 7 times..! Out side Ramzan…wen im going thru a terible menta turbulence wen nothing comes to help my last optin is to fast…. it begins ryt from suhoor…n wen reaching Ifatr i feel soo damn rejuvenated..elated n at peace..! This can never be rubbish… i am a witness to my own self…! N you prooved it sister Ramazan can be soomuch more than..n it is! Alhamdulillah

    Yeah..a great tool to fight depression is to not be a pessimist too… be wilimg to try n be willing to belive..:)
    JazakAllah hu qair

  6. I’m really struggling with life. boredom, anxiety and depression have ruined my twenties. i’ve got no hope left. my only desire this ramadan is to pray for death. so sick of life. i wish i was never born. if only suicide was halaal..if only..

  7. I’ve heard that Ramadan is the suitable time to beat depression but I’m feeling more depressed in this month of Ramadan. If suicide had been halal I would have killed my self long ago

    • Allah tested us with a happy state and now he tests us through a sad state so? Allah created us we didn’t come into existence all by ourselves so why not just be grateful to Allah for putting us into existence and then loving us enough to put us through a little hardship and then if we are patient enter us into heaven where we will chill forever… Instead of being angry we should be so grateful and look at the easy life he has given us… Would you prefer a life where u had to fight disbelievers and pray while battling them? Could u handle that life? No because Allah knows he put U in a easier time so be grateful and be patient no bad time lasts forever

  8. Thank you so much 4 the article sis Amal. May Allah reward you. Please those of u feeling suicidal should seek help from your Doctor. U need help, dont try fighting it alone. Depression is a real illness, may Allah see u thru