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    • Jazakallah for the positive feedback. May Allah grant us all the ability to act upon the good in it :)

  1. MashaAllah very nicely written. I needed this advises. May Allah swt make it easy for us inshaAllah

  2. JZK for sharing these very practical advices,being a physician,mother,wife,daughter,I agree with these,although we r tempted to do multi task,it does actually slows us.

  3. assalamualykum
    Thank you so much for this post. Even though I didn’t get to the fourth point reading the third point relieved me so much. I am trying to finish an essay but it requires alot of time and i was freaking my self out on finishing it in one day. A bit random but thank you for your post and keep em’ coming.

    • Wa alaykumus salaam. Barakallah, I’m glad it did you good. May Allah make your work light for you :)

  4. The article is very productive, in sha allah Will try the best to follow it….shukran jazhakallah kheir..!

  5. Jazakumullah khair Masha Allah very useful article I used to read an article Entrepreneur now I am happy to get this based on Quran and sunnah!