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  1. Good Article, it was Ironic how the picture says ‘mass destruction’ and those social media/website litter this website :/

    • @Ro, Good point! They have great potential of becoming “weapons of mass distraction” depending on our use of it. Moderation, control, and the purpose we use them for is what draws the line. ;)

  2. Jazakallahu Khaira for the awesome article. It was easy to understand and implement. I have been thinking about conducting online sessions with my friends on beneficial videos and collaborating with them. I haven’t got around to it yet but I will soon Inshallah. For this, I plan on using Google Hangouts to conduct these interactive sessions while watching youtube videos together…

  3. Well thought out because this is the reality we now leave with, in a bid to make islamic information be at our fingertips muslims are now face with a lot of confusing irrelevances, I only wish there can be an internationally recognised Islamic regulatory censor body to scrutinise what and what is worthy of post on net. May Allah continue to be our guide

  4. This is something I’ve always struggled with. JazakAllah for the practical tips on how to get the best out of youtube and other sources of information to benefit us. Thanks again!!! Definitely will print out this article inshallah as a reminder!

  5. This is an excellent article and very well written. Technology can really be weapons of mass distraction sometimes, Jazakilaah kheyr to sister Maryam Majahid for giving us such wonderful tips! Thanks:)

  6. Jazaak Allahu khyaran…….May Allah reward u sister in this life and akhiraah….i feel very happy ..n i thought all things which u written suits me well…May Allah guide us..Jazzak Allahu khyaran

  7. MashAllah.

    A very nice explanation. I see myself enjoying a lot watching short videos on YouTube and after a few days, I am really surprised when I come to the same video but don’t know that it is the same one that I have watched previously (I understand that I watched it from the green liked button that shows that I have liked that video).

    May Allah forgive us and bless our time and give us beneficial knowledge.

  8. jazakAllahulkhair for the effort marsha Allah very knowledgeble may Allah bless u and the whole muslim ummah

  9. JazakaAllah Khair :) Was really helpful
    Can I please request the Productive Muslim team to write similar articles for using facebook and other social networking sites productively Insha’Allah