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  1. Salam,

    Internship is 4 months and deadline is 25th May inshaAllah. MAy I know when the internship would start roughly inshaAllah?

  2. Assalamualeikum
    I had earlier Also applied here but for some other post with my résumé..but I got no response..

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah Sufia,

      If you didn’t receive a response, it means you were not shortlisted in the process. Given the great number of applications we receive, we can only contact those we’ve shortlisted for interviews. (That’s why we mention this in the description above under “What to Expect” ;) ).

      But do try again. You never know which role your skills/experience may suit, inshaAllah. :)

  3. I Wanna Volunteer Too But I Don’t Understand What Skill Of Mine I Can Offer That May Be Of Use … < As I Won't Be Able Fulfill Some Requirements (Due To Instability In My Country) Given In This Post. '{ Although I Really Want Tooh~
    I Really Pray That I Get The Chance To Offer My Skills Here At Productive Muslims~ Cause This Site Was Literally Answer To One My Prayers. Many Many Many Duas And Prayers For You Abu Productive~