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  1. Jazak Allahu khayr for your practically, implementable plan.

    May Allah accept our fasts and deeds this Ramadhan, and enable us to make it as productive as we can, Inshaa ‘Allah.

  2. Practical and inspiring speech, may Allah (SWT) reward u abundantly and may He grant us the blessings of the holy month. Ameen

  3. JazakAllah khair. This article is very helpful indeed. May Allah increase our Iman and guide us towards Jannah. Ameen.

  4. Assalamualaikum. Beneficial article, but one thing I need to clarify: Is it considered illegal to download the books offer, since we can also buy them in bookstores near us? (Copyright issues, etc.) May Allah reward you this Ramadan. Jazakallah khair!

    • Walikum salaam wa rahmatullah,

      The preferred thing is to buy them from a store but there are some books which are not available in all countries. It is then when one will opt for the online version. I believe Kalamullah being an Islamic site has a permission to do this however I have no knowledge of this. You have raised a valid concern :) In sha Allah will look into it.

      BarakAllah feek.

  5. MashaAllah. Jzk. However I think its the ideal schedule for a person who is not working & have all the time for himself. Perhaps something more practical for working, parents who have small kids & also maybe the old & not so literate? BarakAllahufeekum

    • Dhikr is light on tongue but heavy in our records. That is something that everyone can do. Try to remember Allah throughout the day and night when you’re doing your chores or lying on bed and pray to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to put barakah in your time, in sha Allah you will be able to accumulate lot of reward. And read some portion of Qur’an during the day.

  6. Salam ‘alaikum,
    Wow, mashaAllah… Thanks for this… I have to admit this article made me feel inadequate and a little sad, I don’t think I could ever live up to this! I ask Allah to grant us all the strength to take full advantage of Ramadan inshaAllah…

  7. This article has changed something in me.
    BarakaAllahu feekum.
    I love productivemuslim. Really, it’s like.. my life was a mess before you guys.
    May Allah reward you with AlJannah for your efforts. Amin

  8. SubhanAllah. You shared a very nice post for those who still confused in few things. I agree with you if we do these things in the month of Ramadan I believe God will shower his blessing on us.

  9. JazakAllahu khairan sister for the very informative article. I am a revert and this is my 3rd Ramadan. Trying to improve each year, inshaAllah. Please explain what is masnoon duas and what is juz. Salaams

    • Asalaam Alaykum,

      JazakiAllahu khairan for your kind words. Masnoon du’as are the du’as that the Prophet sallAllahu aalyhi wa sallam taught us for every occasion. Here’s a link for you

      The Qur’an is divided into 30 sections for the sake of ease. Each section is called a Juzz.

      May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept your fasting and efforts, aameen.