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  1. Salam Un Aleykum,

    Mashallah so true. Great article as always and great insights.

    How are you finding Saudi?

    all my Saudi friends rave about a fast food restaurant called Albaik, which essentially serves fried chicken, but they cant stop talking about it.

    Remember me when you visit it inshallah




  2. excellent masha’Allah – really needed this instant pick-me-up reminder n get back to some serious work and study – jzk and may Allah (swt) reward you immensley in this world and the next – ameen! keep these posts coming through – for truly there are alot of people who benefit from them alhamdullilah!

  3. It’s nice to know that there is someone somewhere has the same thoughts as you.. I like the story very much, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Al hamdo l allh I have the same concept and was discussing it with a friend a while ago, he was talking about how tired he feels and he wants to rest, suddenly i found myself telling him what you wrote in this article, now am glad to know that i wasn’t rambling and that how we should live.

    Thanks again for this nice article and this nice way of pulling us back to the right path.

  4. salamoalikom and jazakom allaho khayran
    we need this article in this hardtime that dounia and akhira are confused in our mind, and we need it more to renew our ultimate objective who is jannah
    i think the best way to get daily reward, and stay conscious for our deen, is to have a good intention for either the things that we used to do ” sleeping, eating, going to work”
    “” and sorry for my bad english”

  5. A real inspiring story.Let us all throw away that sentence from our lives”I m Tired”Instead all the time our slogan should be “Labbaik”and accept the challenges thrown upon us by saying Alhamdulillah……….

  6. mA, short, sweet and to the point– I loved this article! isA, I pray that Allah blesses everyone of the people who works for and/or contributes to– that the reward that may come as a result of any good performed by those of us who are inspired to be more productive Muslims as a result of this site, extends to each and every one of you… isA.

  7. I can hear my kids saying in the car..Are we there yet!…..GPS does not show how long more but we are on the right track reading productive Muslim.

  8. My Granny used to say: We will relax when we die, but she is an orthodox christian. mashallah i converted and inshallah will make her believe in Allah too…

  9. wow mashaAllah, uplifting and much in needed story. true, we do relax too much. sometimes, maybe some people, like myself, want to give back to ummah, but do not know how….but just rely and ask Allah for guidance and accpect in whatever we do to be accpected in akhira. 

    sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes it’s from our lifestyles. like, over eating, over excerising, over sleeping, over-time it just becomes a bad habit and lazy. :( 
    may Allah guide us all who are trying to purify our souls for Allah’s sake. (ameen)

  10. what a beautiful article..whoever wrote this..thank you very’ve helped me..may Allah Bless you:)

  11. You really waked me up…..i see now that we are going to relax after we work hard in Dun-ya. Although Dun-ya is not more than a few days we spent rather in a good way or a bad one. Well, i hope after all we are in the right track(i trust you for this).I pray we can hold stood still to this track & that you are always there to help us keep going. Jazakom Allah khairan .