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  1. Nice talk, this fast paced world need more genuine spirituality.You’ve raised some good points there, but let’s not be too naive hereas that’s just one part of the equation to be productive, there are a lot more elements to it, intention, etc …Many people are early birds, wake up early and procrastinate for the entire day.

    If you look at the current Muslim/Arab  world, this translate (at his best!) into  mostly being productive in non-value added activities. 
    (ie: spending the entire day in coffee having meaningless talk in coffee shop)

    BTW, there’s a huge correllation between having a purpose ,meaningfull life and productivity.

    Food for tought :
    “Why Israel is currently the MOST PRODUCTIVE country in the Middle East ?”
    At least in terms of :
      – Technological innovation
      – Book Translation (into Hebrew)
      – Academical Research
      – Entrepreneurship (Israel is clearly the Sillicon Valley in the Middle East)
      – Nurturing some of the finest University in the world

    • @google-ac4d7d7c9f09a4256242946b98facce6:disqus Assalamu’alaikum, excellent points and I agree with all of them. There’s more to it than just praying if you want to become truly productive. But I guess my argument in the talk, is that all the necessary tools/concepts/ideas are embedded in our religion to make us truly productive but we need to stop thinking about religion as cultural habits but as divine wisdom with meaning and purpose. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment!

  2. Confident and well spoken brother! Indeed, Salah is a time management tool, plays a very important role by making us get up early. JazakAllah, hope to find more of your works aired on screen.