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  1. Fantastic post mashAllah, I definitely need to get this app on my phone, I have been struggling with waking up for Fajr thanks for this amazing and honest review, would love to read more from you as i love this blog!!!

  2. I discovered this app last week as well and love it. But you know what? I can easily turn the volume down (phone volume button) and the adhan volume goes down. I’m not sure why you can’t turn it down. This is one of the major downsides of this app actually. Because “groggily hitting the snooze button” can be replaced with “groggily pressing the volume control” and the adhan is gone :(

    Hope they release an upgraded version!

    • Yes I’m sure with all the feedback the developers receive, they will continue to improve the app. Perhaps you could leave your phone far from your reach in the room so you don’t turn the volume down. I used to find this helps me when I used to use my phone alarms.

  3. Sallam, I’ve already downloaded the app, and in sha Allah it will wake me up in the morning. May Allah reward you and Productive Muslim team for your efforts.
    Mirza Čeliković ~ Bosnia & Herzegovina

  4. MashAllah, very productive post.
    i have a very innovative way to wake up too. and it never fails (unless i’m very v-e-r-y tired). i turn the alarm on one cellphone and leave it near me. i turn the alarm on a minute later on another cellphone and leave that on the dresser. i wake up with the first alarm and try to get my bearing when the second one goes off very rudely and loudly. since i need to get out of bed to turn it off, it becomes easy not to fall into the trap of shaytaan.

    • jazakAllah khayr ummrayyan and MashaAllah I like your innovative method too. May Allah swt bless us all in our struggles whatever they may be and continue to make us the people of muttaqeen inshaAllah. Ameen.

  5. This is indeed a great App!May Allah bless you for this great and enlightening article.
    I am guilty of missing Fajr prayers regularly.
    But from the past two months as my job starts very early I am doing it daily Alhamdolillah.
    Imagine you get up for work early but it is strange that we Muslims do not get up for fajr at its time,an obligatory commandment of The Almighty Allah.
    By the way my daughter’s name is Ammarah too.
    May Allah give us the strength to be Productive Muslims always and offer salah on time.
    Tasnim Faruqui

    • JazakAllah khayr for your comments Sister Tasnim. I agree, when I was teaching full time I found waking up for fajr easier because I had to wake up for work early in the morning too. InshaAllah as Muslims we should continue to make our days productive by beginning at fajr iA.
      Aww MashaAllah Ammarah is a lovely name :)

  6. I just downloaded the app yesterday and I already love it.
    First of all you get to wake up by hearing the adzaan and by the time you anwserd the questions or shaked your phone 20 times you will be awake to preform the fajr prayer.
    Thank you for sharing this app.

  7. Jazak allah khair,
    Since centuries Muslims around the globe are offering fajr and all prayers in masjid with congregation and takbeer uulaaaa. Alhamdoolillah.
    How many of us have missed their flight simply because the departure time is around fajr? The only formula is to sleep early to get up early. Islamic teachings say to announce whne you offer obligatory duites and conceal voutnarty ones. With this I post the information I have been offering prayers regularly since 11 years of age and am now 53 years. i can count how many times I missed is fajr. Not even 100 in his whole life. Alhamdoolillah.
    The solution is fear of Allah, fear of accountability, fear of loss if one is not in masjid with the congregation or else one can be on the group of munafeqeen.

    • Salaam Br Murtuza, jazakallah khair for your thougts. MashaAllah you are absolutely right, one of the best ways to easily get up for fajr is to sleep early to wake up early. May Allah swt make us of those who continuously remember him and fulfill our obligations in Islam. Ameen

  8. just my opinion. why we must stop the adhan? let the adhan continue till the end. it sound too harsh if we just stop the adhan as we want. wallahualam

    • I agree Hilmi. I let the adhaan fully play through once. Then as it repeats and starts playing again I attempt to shake the phone to switch it off as I’m getting out of bed by then alhamdulillah

  9. This looks like a very exciting app! Kudos to the team who came up with it mashaAllah ! May Allah put barakah in such efforts and enable us all to become better Muslims

  10. assalamalaikum.jazakkallahu khairan.its very true that the whole day is ruined if we miss fajr salah.and i feel extremely guilty and gets frustrated when i miss sha Allah this app
    will help me a lot.i needed a favour from you sister.i am not an arab and i find it difficult to read and recite Quran with tajweed.can u pls help me in this regatd.

  11. Jazakallahu Khairan this app helping a lot to wakeup for Fajr earlier every day i regret when i wakeup as that time i couldnt offer salah its too late.May allah grant his mercy on whoever worked and working for this app.

  12. Yes indeed it’s a very good application. the only thing is that I can’t change the setting of my location. does anyone know more about it ???

  13. Thanks for sharing this.

    I am currently having problems sleeping so it’s hard to wake up early. I’m confident that this app could help me. Insya Allah.

  14. Assalamu alaikum productive ..

    First of all thank you very much for clearing my doubts..
    really thank you for detail i know this app but i scared to download bcoz may be i cannot make it off , hitting it 10 imes may not work..lotz of doubts on it..

    i am leaving in sharing room so ,,little scared about it..

    quiz part was very nice…i love to go for i miss my fajr most..i try hard to wake up with alarms…

    jazakallah khairan dears..continue your good works.. keep us to do good deeds ..

  15. Aslamu Alikum Rahmatulahi Wabarakatu~!
    JazakAllah Kaseerun Sister Amarah!!! May Allah Subhana Tallah Bless You Enormous Reward For This Great Benefical Article! Seriously Saved My Headache Of Fight With Shaytan Over Fajar!
    Many Many Duas For Youh~ ❤️

  16. Aslamu Alaikum dear sister jazakah Allah khayrun may Allah (swt) make all your work be a beneficial for us all in this world and here after. I just download the app and insha Allah I know it will help me may Allah increase you with more strength and knowledge