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    • Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah,

      Please note that the app is only available for iPhone users. If you are encountering any problems using the app, I’d recommend contacting the app creators directly through their website:

      Hope this helps, in sha Allah!

    • Salaam Muslimah – we tested the app again this morning and it appears to be working fine. Please send us a message on our Facebook page ( and we’ll try to help out!

    • Salaam Muslimah – we didn’t receive a note from you yet! Can you please reach out to us at or on our facebook page ( We’ve had hundreds of downloads the past few days and alhamdillah there have been issues with only one or two folks – we are very keen to figure out why it’s not working on your device.

      Please reach out to us when you can!
      Quran Star Team

  1. Assalaam alaaikum wa rahmatullah, i n use samasung s3 i don’t know if i can use that app also .
    Jazzakallah kheir .

  2. Too bad it’s for iPhone only.
    Either way, there’s another online service i’ve been using for memorization, alhamdoillah, i’ve memorized (and revised) most of the Quran with the help of this website. I’ve been using it since the year 2000. the URL is

  3. What a shame it’s only for iphone, I was about to purchase it. I will see the link Jarrarist gave. But your article was great with the pictures and all the explanations.

  4. Asalaam Aleykum
    mashallah..ingenius way To help in quran recitation especially for children
    If reading Quran for any of you is a load of work…one juz per day you can use th Four page system
    afyer or before every salah read four pages only! Amd by the end of Ramadan you would have ginished the whole Quran in shaa Allan
    se the Quran Jason an estimated 600 pages…four pages five times a day is 20 pages…multiply that by thirty and you get 600!
    Alhamdhulillah…and If yku have exyra could read 8 pages…four before salah four after salah and guess hw many times you ll have finished the Quran…2 whole times! Yeah..iknow…awesome right…put this into play and reap rewards from 3aza wa ja’l in shaa Allah

  5. Assalamoalikum. Please if this can be available on Android. I hve samsung tablet and S3 phone…….it is an excellent app, I have used it at friend’s house. Would love it on Android so can enjoy a home too. Appreciate it.