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  1. ammmmmmmazing article maa shaa’ Allah!
    the ayah journal is something I have been searching for years..something that would help me reflect upon the ayaat…
    may Allah swt immensely reward you for your efforts..ameen!

    • Most important is that start your own ayah journal, setting personal ayah missions! Benefit from the post Ramadhan zeal to start off this lifelong HABIT insha Allah!
      There are some examples on

      • I still need abit of guidance to start off with my own ayah journal, Its hard for me to get the productivity points from the ayaat… Productivity is a bit new concept for me… I follow and the Ayah journal to learn more about productivity so that in shaa’ Allah I get hang of it…

  2. SubhanAllah! Amazing! Ive had a terrible day, and this post is like a sign. To get over my thoughts and to do something about it instead. I can’t describe how happy I am now. My day turned out good after all, alhamdulillah.

  3. Thank you very much. sometimes we linger too much in the past and deeply hurt every second we came accross something which reminds us of those memories. I sincerely seek Allah forgiveness, it sometimes hurt, but it always help keep myself in check of not doing the same thing ever again. Wallaua’lam. good advice. Jazakallah!

  4. I’ve a regret,yesterday my neighbors sent me mutton curry,I found hairs on mutton n I sent back n showed them I regret y I did that…I m having guilt too

  5. I have made a lot of wrong mistakes will choosing my career in my life……… but Allah and Rassol’s know the best for me i have to be strong because i want to give a lot of happiness and a good life to my parents and my sisters. a lot of thing that i have done or other people have done hurted my parents . so for know on i want to give my parents and my sisters a good life.and i am always happy of the decision that Allah had made for me.