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  1. Really nice! I try to do this a lot but get no appreciation or anyone to do the same to me :[ this is disheartening what to do?

    • May Allah reward you for doing so! Seek appreciation and recognition from none but Allah (SWT); and more importantly, do good for the sake of none but Allah (SWT). Keep your intentions sincere and you’ll never be disheartened by Him. :)

      And keeping intentions sincere actually requires consistent effort. As the early Muslim scholar Yusuf bin Asbat said, “Keeping one’s intentions always good is more difficult for doers of good deeds than perseverance in a good course.”

      The key is to always keep our intentions in check.

      • Salam brother, JazakAllah khair for your message in the comment box. It motivated me. i know this before. But it is good to read or hear from someone saying like this, it makes me to renew and refresh my thoughts.
        May Allah reward you for you efforts.
        Please do Dua for all.
        Eid mubaarak in advance.:)