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  1. Alhamdulillah for such a beautiful article. Something that has helped me to keep in touch with my distant relatives is to call two of them every week. Between Friday and Friday I must call any two. There have been weeks that I called three or four, and weeks that saw me calling two on Friday back to back.I do this with friendships as well. As a generally shy person, it really helps me reach outside my comfort zone. Not that I don’t care for them, I’d give them my shirt if I knew they needed it. However, at some point I realized that I wouldn’t know they needed it unless I was in contact with them. And they wouldn’t be comfortable taking it unless they knew I cared for them.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatULLAHI wa barakatuHU wa maghfiratuHU,
    I have got a question: If one or more of your family members, say your paternal aunt and/or uncle has continuously slandered against you and your parents for years, say for 18-20 years or even more than that, they have even tried to kick you out of your home and falsely swore on the Holy Quran against you, and if after having done all of this, one day the paternal aunt calls you up and asks you to meet her just one time, and she cries on phone, is it fardh upon you to go meet her? Cant you just talk to her on phone to make her feel happy? Is it ok to choose not to go meet her in person, if meeting her will only make you remember all those bad things that she did? All i want to ask you this, one is not being sinful if one does not meet their relatives in person, right?

    • Assalamu alaikum sister. I am deeply sorry, but I dont know the answer to your question sis – whether or not it would be sin on you. Perhaps you could contact   inshallah – I hope inshallah they will be able help you.  
      When I saw your post,  I thought of how perhaps Rasulullah SAW must have felt when his uncles would publicly humiliate him and all the other terrible things they did against him – such as trying to kill him! I wonder how he managed to cope subhnallah!
      I guess when it comes to family matters, one has to try to be patient and try to never loose hope in the fact that Allah will be rewarding them inshallah for all their efforts and struggles. One might want to keep in mind that life is ultimately a test. A persons family can be a great test for them, but he/she may find it easier to cope and bear with them when they realise that Allah loves those whom He tests! 
      Inshallh please keep me and my family in you duas sis, Wasalamu alaikum.

  3. Every weekend I get up early and make breakfast, then I go wake up my family to come join me for breakfast. That way, I spend at least 1 hour real quality time with family, each day of the weekend.