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  1. mashallah very nice nowadays fathers r so very busy, they dont have oatience with kids,inshallah by gettingole educated like this,they can play a very good r

  2. Indeed, it’s an honour to be chosen by Allah as a father. May Allah help us to be worthy of this. May Allah help us fulfill this honourable role by giving us knowledge, good health and patience, amine. Jazakoum Allah khair for this reminder and nasihah

  3. Alhamdolillah a great and relevant article.
    With family values dwindling, this is one area which needs a lot of effort and attention.
    The bedrock to a good society is a pious family whose important pillar is a father.
    I have been lucky to have a great father.
    Please do pray for his good health and remember me in your Doa.
    Tasnim Faruqui

  4. Masha’Allah, this is such a beneficial article. It shows the mutual benefit of the father and child relationship within the home. It’s also a wonderful reminder that fathers have a very important and essential role within the household, and it shows how much of a blessing having a father can be..

  5. JazakAllah for all the positive comments everyone. May this article be a reminder to myself, first and foremost, of the many blessings bestowed upon me as a father.

  6. Very well-written insight on a topic which is very relevant these days; given the fathers’ preference to become a workaholic for the sake of their families, the articles helps one to review his preferences and make a better informed decision,