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  1. جزاك اللهُ خيراً‎ . You’ve convinced me. I am a mom of two who just happen to be returning to work today when I came across this article. Still contemplating whether I can manage it all. إن شاء الله this course will benefit me since Allah has guided me to it just when I needed it ! سبحان الله

  2. assalamu alaykum wa rahmatu lah wa barakatuh
    thank u sister Lotifa Begum for sharing this ,i was very happy first when i read this ,and after seeing all the details in the link ;i felt like”waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wish see all the paypal cards burning that no one will speak about them” in my country there is no thing like that and if the meracle of finding somebody to transfer money by a bank card can happen of course it will take a long time and the event gone ,pleaaaaaaaaaase at least in coming events dont ignore those suffring of this problem and please make a consideration for this and discuss it at poductive muslim ;just try to understand the feeling of receiving daily e mails reminding the date limit of getting produtive muslim produts with the half price and can’t do nothing to get it :'( (it really hearts) thnx for reading this and please exuse my broken english it’s because i’m arabian :).

    • @ilhemolvilhem – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullahi wabrakatuh. Thank you for sharing your feelings. :) I completely understand how hurtful it can feel. We are working on trying to establish alternative payment methods to enable as many people as possible to make use of these courses, in sha Allah.
      The above course is offered by Sr. Saiyyidah Zaidi and not Productive Muslim. However, we will share this with her as well, in sha Allah.

    • Assalam Alaikum @ilhemoliihem, JazakAllah khair for your comment and your keenness to join the class. I know many students have an issue with Paypal processing payments. Alhamdolillah we have resolved this for many students. Please email and we will find an alternative way for you to sign up inshaAllah. The most important thing is for students to benefit from the class inshaAllah.