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  1. Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatu!

    Wallahi Wallahi our Rab is sooooo Merciful!! Alhamdulillah that I made intentions to get out of this emotional and physical rut I have been in for months.

    To the people who are responsible for this website, I want you to know….I will be implementing this program InshAllah Ta’Ala and I will be making dua for you and your families throughout and after InshAllah with the Help of Allah swt.

    JazakAllahu Khairan for your efforts to help your Ummah. May Allah swt reward you abundantly and make things easy for you. Ameen.

    Your Sister in Islam in this Dunya and the Next InshAllah.

  2. Assalaamualiakum, this series of article is amazingly good. I shared it with my friends and they really enjoyed reading it an some of them have started to work on it as well Alhamdullilah. My purpose for sharing was too help them in someway so it could bring a change in their lives and understand what they really need.
    My husband works as an Operations Manager in a BPO and he works 12-14 hrs due to excessive work demand, he liked this series on Motivation & will be trying to implement it in shaa Allah.
    Allah (swt) helps the one who really wants to change himself to be a better Muslim.
    This website is a source of hope and lessons to learn from, Alhamdullilah thanks to all the staff for your efforts for doing such an incredible job.
    ” may Allah(swt) Make the best day of our lives on the Day of Judgement that day when we meet Allah(swt)”, the day of Fear and people running around helplessly except for the ones who believed in Allah and His Messenger.
    JazaakAllah Khair.

  3. This was a really helpful article, Jazaka Allahu Khairan for sharing it with us,
    Since this is a series, can someone link me to the other parts, as I’m not able to find them, thanks!

  4. I think is ironic that I love reading on self development but Its actually making me less productive because I spend too much time reading articles like these even at work when Im suppose to be working and producing more ideas and solutions for the company..

  5. Mash Allah, I really enjoyed the article. I accidently found the website through searching “motivation through islam” and I definitely look forward to reading more.

  6. Assalamualaikum Faris. I like your book . It begins at the beginning and takes us through the straight path. I have been recommending it to all I see at the Kinokunia bookshop here in KLCC whenever I am there. Good stuff. May Allah bless you.