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  1. Wonderful Series!!! Beneficial and effective. I plan to re-read them. Jazak’Allah Khair! And please continue with such great work:)

  2. I’m very interested in this great series. It’s very beneficial and creative.
    Thanks for this hard work. Jazakom Allah 5ayran :)

  3. I read the series and i cannot thank you enough. alhamdulilah, prior to my reading, i was so down, because of all these thoughts in my head alhamdulilah, i learned that we can do anything if we organize ourselves, work hard and keep our tawakkal on Him. JazakAllah khayr huge for being so productively beneficial. 

  4. We read great stuff, say they are wonderful and then we go back to our regular life.
    That is so me!
    I read all nice abt how to get things done, but I dont do it!!! May allah help me! Ameen

  5. Very helpful article. I’m working towards a new career ,you articles will really help me .zajakallah jahair

  6. Assalamoalaikum!

    Great article and so much that we know but do not do to improve our will power and motivation level. It is good to have a life coach however there may be times and instance when you are not able to find one reliable. I think in that case trust yourself and trust Allah (SWT) the supreme as the life coach help will also come from him only.


    • Assalam o alekum, JazakAllah ……………………… this article is really nice!!after reading I learned positive approach that I was seeking nowadays…. Allah bless your efforts :)